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2010 Year-In-Review

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    It has been my tradition since 2008 to create a Year-In-Review scrapbook page, along with a blog post that highlight the year. (You can see the 2009 Year-In-Review here, and the 2008 Year-In-Review here.) This year I had a lot of fun going through my photos to pick the ones I wanted to use in my scrapbook page. Seeing all the photos made the memories of good times all rush back, and I was able to relive those moments again. That is one of the things I enjoy the most about creating a page like the Year-In-Review page. I enjoy the process itself because I get to remember all the great times with family and friends, and all the adventures I had this year. This process also made me realize that I didn't blog about everything this year, like I did last year for Project 365. Thank goodness I did have photos of almost all our fun events, so I don't think I forgot anything.  I've always said, "If there's no photo, it didn't happen!"  The process also made me realize that I didn't scrap as many pages as I would have liked to have done in 2010. That's something I hope to improve in 2011 as I embark on my New52 adventures.

    2010 Year-In-Review

    • 1/1:  Went to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, followed by the Rose Bowl football game, where our Ohio State Buckeyes played the Oregon Ducks.  Buckeyes won!
    • 1/2:  Went to the beach with Todd's parents.
    • 1/3:  Chargers vs Redskins at Qualcomm Stadium.  Loved Lee's famous chicken wings!
    • 1/9:  Signed up to run the San Diego Rock N Roll Half Marathon.
    • 1/14:  Todd went to jury duty but didn't get picked for a trial.
    • 1/23:  I took an Adobe Illustrator class and made some stuffs.  Went to dinner with Sally at Tofu House.
    • 1/28:  Todd got some "pepcorn" in the mail from Peppermint.
    • 1/30:  Ran 5 miles at Point Loma and Harbor Drive and it was gorgeous!
    • 1/31:  Photoshoot in Balboa Park, followed by dinner at Cafe Sevilla.
    • 2/5:  Todd's birthday dinner at Ortegas.
    • 2/8:  I made a new dish, Bucatini with Mushrooms, and it was delicious!
    • 2/11:  Had dinner at Barrel Room with Pete and Cassandra, super-fun!
    • 2/13:  Ran 4 miles on Coronado Island with West Coast Road Runners.  Gorgeous views!
    • 2/14:  Went to visit my mom's resting place in LA with Todd, dad, and Shelly.  It's been three years since she's been gone.  Valentine's Day hasn't been the same since.
    • 2/15:  Took day off and went for a walk at the sunny beach, followed by eating at Beach City Cafe, which we had thought closed for good!
    • 2/19-2/21:  Weekend in San Francisco for Uncle Sol's birthday reunion.  We ate at Scomas, went to the reunion, and ate at Scomas again!
    • 2/22:  Dinner at Pho Cow Cali with Sally, just us girls.  Lots of chatty fun.
    • 2/26:  Got some layouts printed at two different places and made comparisons.
    • 2/27:  Embarked on a huge closet-cleaning spree and gave away a bunch of clothes to charity.
    • 2/28:  Todd made homemade artisan bread; we went for a run at Miramar Lake, and went to The Rock Church with AJ and Meera, and Monika.  Afterwards we went to Vietnamese food together for dinner.
    • 3/10:  Last day of my 30's.  Made a list of stuff I did in my 30's.
    • 3/11:  My 40th birthday!  Todd made me ebelskivers for breakfast.  I took some self-portraits.  Todd took me to dinner at Bernard'O's.  Fantastic day!
    • 3/14:  Birthday dinner with my friends at Dumpling Inn!
    • 3/17:  Todd found out that he got the advanced certification!  Celebrated with dinner at On The Border.
    • 3/18-3/21:  Todd whisked me away for a long weekend in Santa Barbara.  We ate at Four Seasons seafood buffet, hung out on State Street, went on a winery tour, and went to the spa and ate pizza.  Best weekend ever, planned by the best husband ever!
    • 3/25:  Pete and Cassandra came over for dinner.  Pete and Todd cooked some delicious food, and we played Rock Band!
    • 3/26:  We took the day off for a Go Car Tour of San Diego.  Super fun with lots of photos!
    • 3/28:  Todd and Ashley competed in the Muddy Buddy!  Afterwards we went over to Anne and Gilbert's for dinner.
    • 3/30:  Went to Shimbashi with Yaiza and Karsten for dinner.  Met Karsten for the first time.  Also the 20th anniversary of when Todd and I first started dating.  :)
    • 4/3:  Went to dinner with Dan and April and the kids while they're visiting San Diego.  Also saw a huge public pillow fight downtown.
    • 4/5:  Todd and Pete went rollerblading at Miramar Lake.  We had carnitas at Chile Peppers afterwards.
    • 4/10:  Ran 7 miles in Encinitas, followed by breakfast at Potato Shack.  The start of Todd's water-softener installation/plumbing project.
    • 4/12:  Lunch with Meera at Pho Cadao in RB.  Just us girls, pouring our hearts out.  I love her.
    • 4/14:  Dinner with Dejah and Roby at Dumpling Inn.  Their first time there and they loved it!
    • 4/17:  Ran 8 miles at Mission Bay, followed by brunch at Isabel's Cantina in PB.  Dinner at Outback to celebrate Todd getting his "Advanced Communicator - Silver" designation at Toastmasters.
    • 4/18:  Went to Point Loma Seafood with Monika, her first time.  Then evening church at The Rock.
    • 4/22:  Picked up pizza and went to AJ and Meera's house for our annual NFL Draft Party.
    • 4/25:  Todd took me on a picnic on Coronado Island.
    • 5/1:  Ran 10 miles roundtrip from La Jolla to Torrey Pines, all on the beach!  Great scenery. 
    • 5/2:  Went to the Hillcrest Farmers Market.
    • 5/8:  Ran 9 miles at Lake Hodges, very scenic.  Went to visit mom at the cemetary in LA, for Mother's Day.
    • 5/15:  Ran 12 miles roundtrip from Carlsbad to Oceanside and back.  Longest training run before the RnR Half Marathon.  Lunch at Beach City Cafe.  Went to Station Tavern in South Park with Sally and her friends to celebrate her birthday.
    • 5/16:  Went to dinner at Urban Solace with Roby and Dejah.  It was really good and they really liked it!
    • 5/26:  Todd got his new (to him) bike!  He was so excited!
    • 5/29-5/30:  Ran the last long run before the RnR Half Marathon, at Mission Bay.  Went wine tasting with Dejah and Roby at Vintage Wines.  Went to check out Sally's new house, then went to Bombay for dinner with her.  Went to the Hillcrest Farmer's Market again and did a classic Todd Shot of him and his big piece of cake.  :)
    • 6/5:  Todd and I went to brunch at Opera Patisserie and it was delicious.  I loved the omelettes there!
    • 6/6:  Todd and I both ran and finished the San Diego Rock N Roll Half Marathon!  My finish time was 2:33:06, while Todd finished in 1:53:49.  Afterwards we went to Red Robins and ate big burgers!
    • 6/12:  I attended a knitting/crochet meetup at Panera Bread.  I went out of my comfort zone to try something new!
    • 6/13:  Taste of Adams Avenue with Cassi and Dan.
    • 6/15:  Roby and Dejah came over for dinner.
    • 6/19:  Our last run with WCRR at Mission Bay.  Wine tasting with Dejah and Roby, plus a trip to the cheese shop and Nothing Bundt Cakes.
    • 6/24:  Todd sent me some chocolate-covered strawberries to my work, for our wedding anniversary.
    • 6/25:  We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary by going to Big Kitchen in South Park for breakfast.  Then we visited the Museum of Photographic Arts and walked around Balboa Park.  After that, lunch at Cucina Urbana.  It was perfect.
    • 6/26:  Lunch with Sally.  (Todd eats sushi now!) Then American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in RB, where we met up with Todd's musician friends and AJ and Meera.  Dinner with AJ and Meera at DiCrescenzos.
    • 7/1:  San Diego County Fair with Monika.  Chocolate-covered bacon, yum!  :-|
    • 7/3:  Dinner with Sally and her mom at her new house. 
    • 7/4:  Independence Day Padres baseball game with Anne and Gilbert.  Garlic fries!
    • 7/5:  Our neighbor Tyler came over for dinner.
    • 7/9:  More knitting/crochet projects in progress.
    • 7/10:  Dinner with Sally at World Curry, followed by Kool and the Gang concert with the San Diego Symphony Pops and fireworks.  Awesome evening!
    • 7/13:  Went to a Toastmasters potluck dinner social at Ellen's house with ocean view in Del Mar.
    • 7/14:  Todd went to his coworker Julie's wedding.
    • 7/17:  Lara's big birthday bash at Mission Bay, with a Star Wars cake and a taco stand!
    • 7/18:  I finished my crocheted airy sweater.  Todd forgot his water bottles on a long bike ride in the heat, so I drove them to him.  Todd took me to China Max for dim sum.
    • 7/20:  Went to Glen Ivy Spa with Sally and Stacy, to celebrate all our 40th birthdays this year!  We got in the red mud bath and were coated with mud!
    • 7/23:  Todd went swimming in the ocean at La Jolla Cove for the very first time, in practice for his triathlon in September.  He was so dedicated!  Afterwards we ate dinner at Burger Lounge.
    • 7/24:  Went to LA to celebrate dad's birthday, and picked white peaches from his backyard tree.
    • 7/26:  We took a day off and had lunch at Blue Water Seafood, followed by a visit to Old Town State Park, where we ate taffy candy and read books on our Kindle & Sony reader.  Then we bought some yummy olive oil.
    • 7/29:  I started walking on the trail around my work at lunch time.
    • 7/30:  Todd's second swim at La Jolla Cove.  He lost his wedding ring in the ocean, but didn't discover it until dinner at Sally's house.
    • 8/1-8/3:  Todd's parents came to visit and we took them to Point Loma Seafoods for the first time.  Afterwards we ran/walked on a nearby trail.  We also went to Panera Bread and Pacifica Del Mar.
    • 8/6:  Todd went swimming at La Jolla Cove again with the tri club.  Afterwards we met up with Cassi and Dan at Smashburger for dinner.  First time at Smashburger!
    • 8/11:  Joyce and Alex and the kids arrived in San Diego.  We took them to Rubios and they loved it!
    • 8/12:  Went to the beach and playground in Del Mar with Joyce & Alex and the kids.  Todd made Tuscan Potato Soup and Joyce couldn't stop eating it, she loved it.
    • 8/13:  Went to Hilltop park and the kids loved the playground.  Then went to Pizza Hut buffet for lunch.  Went to La Jolla Cove to watch Todd swim and Andrew remarked that "Uncle Todd is so white".  Ha ha!  Then we had dinner at Porkyland.
    • 8/14:  Dad joined all of us for lunch at Panda Buffet, then off to the beach at Coronado
    • 8/15:  Brunch at Potato Shack, then Moonlight Beach playgrounds.
    • 8/19:  Went to happy hour at Ortegas with Anne and Gilbert.  It was awesome!
    • 8/22:  Reunion picnic at Olde Poway Park with our previous Bible study group.  
    • 8/27:  Todd became famous for "Todd Shots" because of Peppermint's blog post.
    • 8/28:  Went to celebrate Dejah's success at the Miss Filippines CA pageant.
    • 9/4:  Went to Parkhouse Eatery for dinner with Sally and Stacy.  Then we all went to see Noah Heldman play music with Randi Driscoll.
    • 9/5:  Phil's BBQ for the very first time, with Dejah and Roby.  Had to wait an hour and 45 minutes for food!
    • 9/6:  Todd put up bamboo blinds on all the windows downstairs.  It took him many hours.
    • 9/9:  Our new Canon T2i DSLR camera arrived!  
    • 9/11:  Dejah and Roby came over for lunch and to watch Ohio State vs Miami football game.  
    • 9/17:  Went to the expo to pick up Todd's triathlon race packet.  Had Five Guys burgers for the first time.  Todd loved the cajun fries!
    • 9/18:  Todd finished his very first Olympic distance triathlon!  After months of training, he did so well as friends came to cheer him on.
    • 9/19:  Went to Donovan's Steakhouse downtown with Sally for Restaurant Week.  So delicious!
    • 9/22:  Todd and I went to A.R. Valentien at the Lodge at Torrey Pines for dinner during Restaurant Week.  Pretty good but not worth the price.
    • 9/30:  Dinner at Dumpling Inn with Shannon and Ryan, and Ashley.  The start of the "Asian Food Club"!
    • 10/3:  Went to visit AJ and Meera's new baby Keiji.  So adorable!
    • 10/4:  Finished crocheting Peppermint and Tom's wedding afghan gift
    • 10/8:  Todd's new Subaru Outback got delivered to our house.  Todd was very excited!  Also, Todd went swimming with Monika at La Jolla Cove to help her through her first open-water swim.  We went to Smashburger afterwards and Monika got chicken!
    • 10/9:  Left for our 8-day epic trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota.
    • 10/10:  Peppermint and Tom got married
    • 10/11:  We had Norwegian food for the first time at Norske Nook in Osseo, WI.
    • 10/12:  Went to Mall of America with Peppermint.  Also had lunch with Terry and Joan at Edina Grill.
    • 10/13:  Back to Eau Claire and lunch at Mogie's with Tom.  Took a walk on the Chippewa River Trails and enjoyed the fall sights.
    • 10/15:  Headed to Madison to check out State Street, U of W campus, and meet up with Todd's childhood friend Chris for dinner at Blue Moon Bar and Grill.
    • 10/16:  Buckeye football game at Wisconsin!  Todd got a photo with Brutus Buckeye.  Too bad the Buckeyes suffered their only loss of the season at the game we went to!
    • 10/17:  Long trip back to San Diego from Wisconsin.  
    • 10/19:  Todd got a Whirly Pop and has been in love with it ever since.
    • 10/24:  Chargers vs Patriots game!  We got to enjoy Lee's famous chicken wings again at the tailgate.
    • 10/30:  Todd did the Fearless Mini Triathlon with Monika.  David and I had to watch them in the rain and we got soaked!  Good thing it wasn't a long triathlon.  Afterwards Monika and David came over and then we headed up to pick up Phil's BBQ and went to AJ and Meera's house to hang out with them.
    • 11/1:  Todd made chocolate chocolate chip cookies and we went to Dejah and Roby's house for dinner.  Dejah made Filipino pancit.
    • 11/7:  Todd went for a bike ride along the coast and I waited for him at Pannikins coffee house.  It was really fun and nice weather to boot.
    • 11/13:  Todd ran the Krispie Kreme Challenge West!  He successfully ran 2 miles, ate 12 donuts, and ran another 2 miles without losing the donuts!
    • 11/15:  A second meeting of the "Asian Food Club" led us to Pho Cow Cali.  Went to Yogurt World afterwards and everyone was happy.
    • 11/20:  Sally came over after an early Thanksgiving with her other friends in our neighborhood.  
    • 11/21:  Went to Hodad's to check out the hype about their hamburgers and hated it.  Wrote a scathing review on Yelp.
    • 11/22:  Todd made homemade caramel apples for his work friends.
    • 11/24:  I cleaned up and reorganized my desk at home.  Started scanning documents with my new Scansnap scanner.  I'm going paperless!
    • 11/25:  Dad and Shelly came for Thanksgiving and we cooked our first Thanksgiving turkey successfully.
    • 11/27:  Buckeyes successfully beat Michigan for the 7th year in a row.  Todd celebrated the game by wearing his Jim Tressel vest shirt.
    • 12/4:  We made homemade chili and chocolate chocolate chip cookies.  Went to Anne and Gilbert's house to watch the ACC Championship game and had Gilbert's yummy homemade pizza.
    • 12/5-12/9:  We went to San Francisco for Todd to attend the Dreamforce conference. 
    • 12/11:  Todd's company's Christmas party "A Night of Surprises" at The Abbey. 
    • 12/12:  Heat wave hits San Diego.  We walked around in Balboa Park, then went to have lunch at Burger Lounge in Hillcrest. 
    • 12/14:  Our first annual "Elf" viewing party at our house.  Dejah and Roby, Anne and Gilbert, and Sally came for dinner and a movie!  Todd made caramel apple cider.
    • 12/15:  My work holiday outing to see the San Diego Maritime Museum and lunch at Fish Market.
    • 12/16:  My work holiday lunch potluck extravaganza.
    • 12/18:  Todd and I volunteered to be sweeper and course marshall at the Christmas Card Lane Fun Run that Anne organized.
    • 12/24:  Spent Christmas Eve at dad's house in LA.  Had great homemade dinner, followed by church, then the opening of gifts!
    • 12/25:  Christmas lunch with dad and Shelly, then dinner at our house with Sally.
    • 12/26:  Picked up Phil's BBQ and went up to watch the Chargers game with AJ and Meera.
    • 12/27:  Lunch date with Todd at Macaroni Grill.  Todd took the whole week between Christmas and New Year off and enjoyed every minute of it.
    • 12/31:  a quiet New Years Eve at home, with takeout Punjabi Tandoor, our new favorite Indian food.


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      5. That is one thorough review of your year. Glad we made the list -- and more often this year. Now to join you and Todd on some of your weekly adventures in the New52 Year.

      6. Great recap! I just did my own and although it took FOREVER, it was a very nice trip down memory lane. Congratulations on keeping up with your blogging and on your new Project 52!


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