Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh Yes He Did!

Have you ever heard of the Krispie Kreme Challenge?  It originated in North Carolina in 2004.  Well, we've got our own here in San Diego:  Krispie Kreme Challenge West.  It's not nearly as big as the one in North Carolina, where the Krispy Kreme doughnut was invented.  But it's here in San Diego.

Sometime during the day on Friday, Todd excitedly IM'ed me and said he just found out that there's a Krispy Kreme Challange in San Diego the next day, Saturday.  However, registration had already closed.  He was sad, but he emailed the race organizer anyways, hoping he could still get in.  Lo and behold, they let him in!  He was SO excited, LOL!  All he had to do was bring an unwrapped new toy (to benefit Toys For Tots) and $10 registration fee (to cover the dozen donuts) on Saturday morning.  So Friday night we went to World Market and bought a toy to bring to the event.

On Saturday morning, we got up around 6:15am so that we could make it to the 7:30am Krispy Kreme Challenge West start.  The race took place at Hospitality Point at Mission Bay.  What did the race consist of, you ask?  You run 2 miles, then you eat one dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, then you run another 2 miles!  That's the classic division.  If you enter the "Doughnut Man" division, you have to run 2 miles, eat a dozen donuts, run 2 miles, eat a second dozen of donuts, then run 2 miles to finish.  Only 3-4 guys entered into the Doughnut Man division, and Todd was not one of them.

Upon arrival, Todd picked up his "bib" number.  Well what do you know?  It also doubles as a barf bag!  :p

Officially, entrant #28 of the Krispy Kreme Challenge West!

Boxes upon boxes of dozens of Krispie Kreme donuts, waiting for the race participants to eat them.

The start of the race.  The race organizer gave a pep talk, which included a count of the amazing cast of participants.  Among them are some 100 and 150 mile ultra-marathoners, and one guy who has done EVERY SINGLE Ironman Triathlon in the world!

More pep talk. 

And the race starts!

Todd still looking energetic and happy.

Todd finished the first mile with a time of 7:46.

Some of the fast runners already got their donuts and started eating.  The area with the pink tape is the donut corral, LOL.

Todd finished 2 miles and got his dozen donuts.

The first couple of donuts tasted good, he was hungry!

Nom nom nom... a donut Todd Shot!

Halfway done... 6 donuts left!

Go Todd go!

The last four donuts were the hardest.  By now he's hating donuts.

Forcing the donuts down.

Only one more bite left!

Yes, for the win!

Todd turned his empty box in and started running again.

It took him over 16 minutes to eat a dozen donuts.  Kobayashi he was not!

Here's one of the men who entered the Doughnut Man division, and he's eating his SECOND dozen of donuts!

Todd finished the 3rd mile!

And finally, he's done!  And he didn't even throw up!  So happy!  Way to go, Todd!

I took this a few seconds after he finished.  Todd's offical finish time was 48:32.

Here were the top three finishers.  The guy with the sheep outfit was the overall winner.  He finished in 31 minutes.

From left to right:  top male finisher (and overall), top female finisher, and top under-18 finisher.

A happy Todd after the finish.  What a fun race and what a feat to complete!


  1. hahaha - that's funny! go todd! i worked at a donut shop in high school - 20 years ago - and i still cannot stand donuts :) so, ummm, not the race for me LOL!

    i really love the girl winner's outfit! i want a skirt like that! :)

  2. Yay Todd! The greatest accomplishment of this race is to finish without barfing!

    I think y'all should come here and run the one in Raleigh. Todd could run..we could eat doughnuts.

    (What's up with the sheep guy?)

  3. Now that's stamina! I love the progression of expressions as Todd moves through his dozen donuts.

  4. There was a whole group of matching outfits - to which the female winner belonged.

    The clothing comes from

  5. Todd rocked it! Hard, but funny run with the Donuts...
    ... I don´t like Donuts - they are not my taste...

  6. All right. February 5th. Krispy Kreme Challenge East. Let's sign up.

    I'll make a medal. Sort of like those Disney coast to coast medals.

  7. Gotta love Todd for finding ways to make running fun. LOL

    At first I thought the guy in sheep outfit was running in his underwear with a jock strap on his head. :)


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