Sunday, January 30, 2011

He Keeps Us On Our Toes

The other day I got a blog comment from one of my blog friends Christi that made me chuckle.  She said on one of my posts that it was the first time she's seen me be "Debbie Downer".  I was surprised, because I didn't know I was coming across my blog as so happy go lucky.  In my mind, I am "Debbie Downer" quite a bit in real life.  I just didn't realize people don't know that about me by reading my blog.  I am a worry-wort.  I have anxieties and worries when life doesn't go as I planned or expected.  I have stress.  I have personal thoughts that I don't put on my blog.  I think it's natural for people to assume that my life is always so great from what they're reading on my blog, but rest assured that my life is most definitely not perfect.  Granted, life is pretty good.  I enjoy many things in life and have much to be thankful for.  But on my blog, where I myself go back to read my own entries, where most of my memories are kept, I CHOOSE to concentrate on the happier things in life so that when I look back on my life, I remember the better times.  I do the same on Facebook.  I try to post mostly positive, amusing things, not total downers.  Because I myself don't like to read my own Debbie Downer status updates.  For what it's worth, I don't like to read status updates of people who complain about everything in their lives on Facebook.  It's not fun.  It's not what I CHOOSE to surround myself with.  I am also grateful to have a husband who is the exact opposite of a "Debbie Downer".  He really is someone who sees the great and positive in life and never dwells on the things gone wrong, the bad things, the worries and anxieties.  He helps me keep perspective on life when I'm down. 

On Friday night we had dinner at Punjabi Tandoor, our favorite Indian restaurant in town nowadays.  Todd's friend Cassi from work introduced us to it, and we've been seriously in love ever since.  Although, this was the first time in a month that we had gone there.  Buttery Indian food is just not Weight Watchers friendly.  Although, on Friday I ate less during the day and really saved up my points for it!  :)  Also on Friday nights, we like to relax from a week of working and being busy.  Around 10pm I found these two guys all pooped out on the couch. 

Yesterday morning we had to take Noodle to the vet again. (Third time in four weeks.) I discovered he has tapeworms. Don't ask me how I discovered. Ugh! I didn't know what the dried up tapeworm segments were, but after googling around I knew. So off to the vet he went to get the medication. Within 24-48 hours, the tapeworm should be dead and dissolved. It explained many mysteries surrounding Noodle, such as why he was so hungry for a few days there, his diarrhea, and those dried-up worm segments in his bed that look like sesame seeds. I know, SO GROSS! Man, shelter cats are NOT cheap nor free at all. They all come infected with something, or multiple things, and after all is said and done with the vet bills, they are as expensive, if not more, than purebred cats. But we are now Noodle's "hoomans", and he is our "kitteh", so we do all we can to make sure his life is great.

One lucky spoiled cat.

But we got lucky with him too. He's very friendly and wants to play together or cuddle almost all the time. He always wants to be NEAR us. This morning after I played "Cat Charmer" toy with him for like 20 minutes, I had to go into my office to get some things done. I closed the door to the office because I didn't want to be disturbed. Later I looked under the door and saw a shadow. I peeked and saw him just outside the door, waiting for me to come out. It's touching how he wants to just be near us.

After the vet and getting Noodle back home, we went out running at the beach. Because that's what you do when you live in San Diego and it's 70 degrees, low tide, and gorgeously sunny at the beach.

The tides were so low that you could see the reef near the shore at Swamis.

I did a combination of running and walking, and my leg felt really good. Nothing hurt except for being out of running shape, LOL. I ended up with a total of 3.1 miles.

We also had lunch at Bongiornos. I had a salad and one slice of pizza.

In the evening, Todd made one of my favorite dishes, Swedish Meatball made with chicken meatballs. He makes this from scratch from the Cooking Light recipe. We put the meatballs and gravy over some leftover lemony mashed potatoes.

The rest of the evening was my NEW thing this week, so I 'll talk about it in a few days for my New 52 post.

Today Todd is on a 40-mile hilly bike ride while I try to catch up on some stuff. I will feel better about myself when I can check off a few of these things on my agenda off my list.


  1. Oh Christine, I love you! You are just always so positive. You always find the best in everything. You can worry all you want because I know that deep down under that worry is the where you find the positive.

    BTW, that picture of Noodle is gorgeous!

  2. See..I told you tapeworms were GROSS! (I learned all I ever needed to know about tapeworms at the 'Grossology' exhibit..afterwards, I asked my friends how would one know if they had a tapeworm. They assured me that I would have a hard time absorbing nutrients..from the numbers on my bathroom scale, I can promise you I don't have a problem absorbing ANYTHING. sigh.)

    Anyway..Debbie Downer = ditto everything you said. My comfort place is seeing the negative..but I try my best to surround myself with the positive. Life is just better than way.

    Food photos = fabulous.

    Noodle kitty = sweeeet!!

  3. I really applaud you for adopting Noodle and giving him a good home. I have adopted a few rescues myself, and fostered many more--and they are exposed to so much. Bless you for adopting a rescue cat. Think of all the obstacles they have to overcome to find such a great home. Noodle is one lucky boy!

  4. Life's too short to be negative. Stuff happens ... it's how we choose to deal with it that makes us who we are. I choose to look on the bright side of life (did I just hear someone whistle?) & consider myself to be an optimistic realist. Why frown, when a smile is so much more attractive? :-) ... see? How pretty is that? Oh and one other thing, I'm curious to know how often you eat out each week? Once, twice, three time? For me, eating out (or getting take-away) probably happens once a fortnight, but I get the feeling it's more of a day-2-day thing in the US ... am I right or just imagining it?

  5. Sue - I would say on average, we eat out or take out three times a week. It mostly happens on the weekends. We like to do stuff out and many times it's just not possible to prepare meals and eat at home when we're out already on the weekends. We try to cook and eat in on the weekdays. Right now with Weight Watchers we're eating in more, but that'll probably change later.

  6. Soon after I moved to San Diego I discovered that kona had a tapeworm which made me just about lose it. I'm a major germ freak that also hates bugs. I started googling around to determine it was a tapeworm, but then to figure out how she got it. Most sources pointed to eating a flea... which then made me look at both dogs and realize Mika had FLEAS! Mika got dipped, my apartment got bombed, and I neede shock therapy to get over dealing with the experience alone. AHHH! So .. I feel your pain.

    On the debbie downer thing, I have people say to me all the time that my life seems so much fun... which always suprises me. I think its just becuase I post about the fun things. I have plenty of lonely and boring days as well sprinkled with freak out stress times and sad bouts. I just dont chronicle those.

    I love your blog and enjoy reading your posts happy or sad!

  7. I agree with Sue´s comment! It´s how we choose to deal with it - makes us who we are - and you do it in the right way!


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