Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Pageant Queen

Todd's friend and fellow Toastmasters cohort Dejah was a finalist in the Miss Philippines California 2010 pageant. Todd and the other Toastmasters folks helped her practice interview questions a few times prior to the pageant yesterday. We were not able to attend the actual pageant. However, when we saw on Facebook that she had been selected a runner-up and she texted Todd about a small party getting together at their house, we went along to celebrate. After all, Dejah and Roby are our faithful foodie friends. :)

When we got to Dejah and Roby's place, Dejah was still decked out in her pageantry wear.

Dejah was going to take a photo with me, but I was like, "No way I'm standing next to a pageant queen by myself, in my tshirt and shorts!" Heh hee. So Todd came in the picture too.

Dejah's mom made genuine Filipino pancit and we ate lots of it. Well, that and other goodies and treats too. It was awesome. Congrats Dejah!


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