Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Card Lane Fun Run

Todd and I got up real early yesterday (12/18) because we volunteered for an event that our friend Anne put together for the San Diego Track Club called "Christmas Card Lane Fun Run". It was cool but not cold, around 58-59 degrees. But it had rained earlier in the middle of the night, and was still slightly drizzling when we pulled up into the parking lot. The light misting was not going to damper our enthusiasm!

My role in the event was a course marshall. I was stationed at the summit of the first big hill that the runners had to climb. I took photos of some of them. Then after everyone passes that point, I drove down the hill to a crucial intersection to ensure that people turned there on the way back.

Todd's role in the race was the "sweep". He would run slowly and be the very last person in the run. His arrival at the various stations would signal to the volunteers that they could leave their stations and return to home base. So Todd had to run the five miles much slower than his usual pace.

I took photos with Anne's camera. Then all the photos containing me or Todd were taken by Anne.

At the summit.

Todd "The Sweep" at the summit. Oh yea, all volunteers got to wear Santa hats.

At the end of the race, we all formed a tunnel for the last runner to come through, so we could cheer him on.

The last runner, and Todd "The Sweep"!

Photo with Santa.

And photo with Frankie, who works with the organization that made our commemorative mugs.

You can read more about the race, as well as Frankie, on Anne's blog post here.

Close up of our mugs. Each volunteer got to take two home, so we have a whole set! :)


  1. Interesting to see you guys on the other side of run. LOL Love these pictures.

  2. I can't thank you two enough for getting up at the butt crack of dawn to help out. Your pictures were spot on too. Use those mugs with pride.

  3. YOu didn't get a fancy plastic orange vest like I did when I course marshalled! :o)


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