Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friends and Music

Last Saturday night (9/4), we got to hang out with friends, enjoy some good food, and hear some music.

We met up with Stacy and Sally at Parkhouse Eatery for dinner. We had a certificate for $10 off, which we kept meaning to use. Parkhouse Eatery gives you gigantic portions, so Todd and I shared a dish (halibut). They even split it for you onto separate plates.

Just my half of the halibut dish.

The meal came with really nice bread and olive oil dip.

We also got some panko potato cakes and mac n cheese. I guess the mac n cheese really was for me, since Todd doesn't eat cheese.

Except that Sally ate almost half of my mac n cheese. :-|

Stacy and Sally shared a salad and shrimp pasta.

Todd took a photo of the girls.

After dinner, we walked over to Swedenborg Hall and enjoyed a concert with musician/singer/songwriter Randi Driscoll. The reason we all heard about the concert is because Todd's acquaintance Noah Heldman plays percussion and guitar with Randi. We just found out via Facebook a few weeks ago that my high school friends Stacy and Sally are also friends with Noah. Small world! The venue, Swedenborg Hall, actually was a pretty nice place to see a small concert. Randi et. all played lots of songs and Todd ran into more people he knew.

Randi and Noah on stage.

Most of the time Randi played the piano and sang.

It was a fun evening of food, friends, and music. :)


  1. Who doesn't eat mac & cheese? Todd is crazy!

  2. yummy food pictures again!

    Has Sally a new haircut? Looks great

  3. I just want to add that the Mac n' Cheese at Park House may be the BEST Mac n' Cheese in the world! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Angelika - yes, Sally got a new haircut! You are so observant!

    Alice/Cindi - the Mac N Cheese at Urban Solace in North Park is also excellent!

  5. Oh, I love the Parkhouse Eatery! It seems like ages since I've read your blog (due to being without a computer for several days). I will look forward to hearing all about Todd's big adventure Saturday when I return from my trip.


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