Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Inspiration Related to New 52

I came across two articles the past couple of weeks that really touched me and inspired me about my New 52 life project this year.

The first is a NYT article written by Oliver Sacks called "This Year, Change Your Mind".  It is astounding to think that no matter what age you are, you can change, rewire, and strengthen your brain.  The last paragraph really spoke to me in regards to why New 52 would be good for me.

"Whether it is by learning a new language, traveling to a new place, developing a passion for beekeeping or simply thinking about an old problem in a new way, all of us can find ways to stimulate our brains to grow, in the coming year and those to follow. Just as physical activity is essential to maintaining a healthy body, challenging one’s brain, keeping it active, engaged, flexible and playful, is not only fun. It is essential to cognitive fitness."

The second article I found via my friend Anne's blog.  It's called "Regrets of the Dying" on a blog called Inspiration and Chai.  It's not directly related to New 52, but it's encouragement to live an authentic life.

If you are doing Project 365 this year (which I completed once, in 2009), or want to join in for New 52, be sure to listen to this week's episode of the Paperclipping Digi Show #031Peppermint (One Little Bird) was a guest on there and got to talk about New 52!

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  1. Oh my, is that Noodle trying to do a Todd Shot in your new masthead?!

    Thanks for mentioning the blog post that I too found highly inspiring.


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