Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday Market

On Sunday Todd and I made our first trip to the farmers market in Hillcrest this spring. I don't know why we don't go more often. The farmers markets around here run year-round. The Hillcrest one is well-known as a good one. We tend to go about an hour before closing, so we can get discounted prices, LOL. Last summer when we were there, we got this HUGE clamshell container of super-big and sweet blackberries for half price because it was almost closing time. There are bargains to be had!

We were super-hungry when we got there at 1pm. So we looked for food right away. I was in line at the Thai place when I saw the woman in front of me had this yummy-lookin' sausage stuffed into a french baguette. How brilliant! I shook off all pride and embarrassment and was all, "hey, where did you get that sausage?!" She first pointed me in the general direction, but then graciously walked me all the way to the sausage booth. Mmm... it was some sort of slow-aged prime meat sausage or something. I decided to give it a try and forked over my $6. I watched the man dig into the baguette with a small tong to remove some inside breading. He made a long hole into the bread. Then he stuffed some sauerkraut and mustard in there. Lastly, the sausage went in. I was excited to try it!

Well, it did not disappoint! I was most impressed by the innovative way they stuffed it into the bread though. So clever!

Todd found some carne asada tacos and scarfed them up so fast that I didn't get a photo of them.  He was still hungry though, so off he went to the Argentinian Empanada place.

He got two chickens and a beef one.

Unfortunately, they looked better than they tasted. He wasn't super-impressed.

Next we found that our favorite bakery, Bread and Cie, had a booth there. So of course Todd had to buy his favorite brownie in San Diego. I forgot to photo it. :(

We walked around with our grocery bags and bought a bunch of fresh vegetables: carrots, green beans, tomatoes, and asparagus. I'm bummed to find out I also have no photos of them.

Finally, Todd stopped by a dessert booth and got this delightful neopolitan dessert. It's got flaky dough with real cream in between, and raspberry sauce. We shared it and it was more than yummy, LOL.

It was fun at the farmers market. We need to go more often! Next time we'll try the Little Italy one, I hear it's really good!

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  1. Does Todd's shirt say "I 'heart' MARS" ?? hahahahaha

    You are very brave to eat the sausage baguette.

    I totally agree about visiting the farmer's market. I have NO IDEA why we don't go..but, I do plan to go pick strawberries in the near future. That is, if Heather and her crew haven't eaten all of them! :D

    Have a delightful Thursday!


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