Monday, January 10, 2011

New 52 | Week 1: Scrapbook Page

Tues 1/11/11: I wanted to add that links for Week 1 are now closed. In the future the links will close on time on Monday night at 9:00pm US Pacific time. I just figured out how to close the links so a few stragglers were allowed in. :) Go Week 2!

Credits: New 52 Template #1 by Listgirl Designs (me, Christine Newman); Innovative, Boardwalk, Beige Like Me, and Along These Lines v. 02 by One Little Bird @ Oscraps.

I made a digital layout template for this New 52 Week 1 layout, and I was thinking about this... I am totally in love with reading about your New 52 adventures, and I really want to give a small reward to those that are participating on time. So, I've decided to give a free download of my template each week to participants who link up their New 52 blog entries of the week by the deadline. Here are the "rules". (I hate to call them rules, they're more like guidelines. But if I didn't have any guidelines, this thing could turn into an ugly mess, LOL.)

To receive your free template download for that week, you'll need to:

  1. Link me up to your New 52 blog post using Simply Linked at the end of my New 52 blog post for that week. Simply Linked will take me to your blog to read about your new adventure of the week, plus will provide me the email addresses necessary to send the free download to you.  Please only link up your post for the CURRENT week.  (In other words, if my post is for Week 2, please only link up your Week 2 post.)  Please use Simply Linked to link up to your blog post instead of leaving a comment on my blog.  (Although blog comments are welcomed, of course, but the link back to your blog entry should use Simply Linked.) 
  2. I am planning to post my weekly New 52 posts on Wednesday nights.
  3. I am planning to do the layout on the weekends and post it by Monday night. You will have between Wednesday night and Monday night 9pm (ish) U.S. Pacific time to link up your New 52 blog post from the previous week to be eligible for the free digital template. The deadline is necessary so as to reward people who are following along with the project and keeping up. I cannot keep it open indefinitely due to lack of time to administer this. If you fall behind or didn't have a New 52 that week, there's always next week. Plus, you can purchase the template for just $1 in my personal store,, if you so wish.
So, my New 52 post last week has 6 links so far in Simply Linked.  Those six people will be receiving this template in their email as a free download.  You have until 9pm Pacific time tonight to use the Simply Linked at the end of my last week's post to post your Week 1 links and still receive the template for free.  If you miss the deadline, OR if you are not doing New 52 but would like the template, you can purchase it for just $1 in my personal store.


  1. Oh Christine! This is so nice of you. I saw an email pop on my blackberry and I wondered what you had sent me. I was so surprised to find out it was this template. :)

    Thank you so much!

  2. Oh thank you for the template. I am going to miss posting for the for a week or so because I am off on a camping holiday. I have this weeks one done. I cant believe it.

  3. Hi Christine, I got a lovely surprise when I logged into my email today. This is so generous of you ... thank you soooo much. And what a fabulous incentive to keep me on track! Hugs, sue.falstaff

  4. I tried to link up my blog yeterday and I can't get it to work.
    I tried again this morning too.
    I am not sure what I could be doing wrong.
    I usually can figure these things out.

  5. Great layout! I love everything about it!


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