Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kool and the Gang

Todd found out that Kool and the Gang was coming to the Embarcadero to play with the San Diego Symphony Pops on Saturday, July 10th, so he got tickets for us.  Who doesn't like to "Celebrate" and "Get Down On It"?? Todd emailed some of our friends to ask if anyone wanted to come with us. Sally ended up being the only one who could go, so the three of us made a date last Saturday.

First we had dinner together at World Curry in Pacific Beach. Sally and I had gone last year with Lara for our girls get-together last year, but Todd had never been.

I had chicken tikka masala.

and it was yummy.

The naan was sort of weird and buttery, I've never had naan like that before!

After dinner we piled into Sally's car and drove downtown. We hit a few dead ends (literally), but finally made it to the parking lot next to the convention center. Then we walked down to the Embarcadero Marina to enjoy the concert. What we love about this venue is that you are allowed to bring in food and drinks, as long as there are no glass bottles. We got general seating and brought a blanket to sit on. Todd made homemade caramel popcorn and it was SO delicious, Sally and I couldn't stop eating it. We also brought some salt and vinegar potato chips.

Sun starting to set when we got there.

The stage after dark.

Sally and I on our blanket, enjoying the music.

We actually did stand up and dance most of the time!

The stage and the San Diego skyline at night.

Guess who?

At the end of the concert, Kool and the Gang played their famous "Celebration" song, and there was a fireworks show over the bay.

It was really beautiful!

We try to go to one San Diego Symphony Pops summer concert per year, because the tickets are very reasonable, it's great fun, and there's always fireworks afterwards. :)

If you're not familiar with Kool and the Gang, here are some of their songs. They were still great at this concert, after being together for 35 years!


Get Down On It

Too Hot

Jungle Boogie


  1. KOOL AND THE GANG!! I found myself standing in the middle of 'the gang' at the airport in Atlanta. I saw the limo guys carrying signs for the group, so I started looking around for them...found them..right beside me.

    I said, "hey, are y'all Kool & the Gang?" They said, "yeah." I said, "Cool...your limo guy is over there."

    Spent the rest of the day singing 'Celebration'. :D

    And that's my Kool & the Gang story.

    Have a delightful day!

  2. That's a hilarious story, Tracey! Good one!

  3. oooohhh...chicken tikka masala. Yum. Starting to 2nd guess my sushi date tonight for Indian.

    When I was little and took tap classes, we did a dance to Celebrate.

    What a fun night at the concert! Loved the SD skyline at night. So pretty.

  4. Very cool! You always do such fun stuff. I'd have to say you are much cooler than Kool & The Gang! LOL


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