Sunday, February 21, 2010

Raining in San Francisco

Today it rained all day in San Francisco. We watched the first half of the Cleveland Cavaliers game on TV at the hotel, then we checked out and walked to Scoma's for lunch. We decided on Scoma's again because it was raining pretty hard and the restaurant was very close to the hotel, plus we loved it Friday night.

Todd had a steak sandwich.

I decided on a dungeness crab sandwich, because it is caught fresh locally and in season. Where else could I get such fresh crab?

After lunch we called a cab and went to the airport to come home. We didn't get home until about 5:30pm. As much fun as I had, the weekend was emotional for me. Everyone felt my mom's presence missing. (The last time the family got together was three years ago at my mom's funeral.) My mom is the fifth sibling out of six, but she was the first to pass away. I felt obligated to represent at the reunion, thus adding more stress to myself. I enjoyed seeing everyone, but I'm glad to be home now.


  1. So much fun reading about your weekend! You did the right thing by's one of those things that you'll be glad you, you have all these fabulous pictures!!


  2. Another couple of tasty food pictures! I'm not that into crab, but Daniel loves it. And it it perfect food when it is in season.

    I'm sorry you had somewhat of a hard time seeing everyone, cause of the memories. Hope you could find some strength in the family anyway. And home is always home, it should feels nice to get there!

  3. I agree with Erika - but I love crabs.

    Here it´s raining, too (the last two days)


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