Sunday, January 21, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–1/21/2018

One thing that I’ve been doing for a couple of years in my paper notebook is making a sort-of-weekly list of things that are “Making Me Happy This Week”.  I thought I would start sharing them here on the blog, because we could all use some reminder of what makes us happy.  Maybe it will inspire you to make your own list regularly. 

Here’s what’s been making me happy this week.

  • Grace & Frankie on Netflix.  Season 4 just dropped on Friday.  We are still in Season 3.  I love that there’s a show that portrays the complex lives of women in their 70’s.  It’s a terrific show, but contains adult themes and language.  (So be careful about watching in front of children.)maxresdefault
  • Making someone else happy.  We gave our old 52” TV to Todd’s friend Gwen.  We also freecycled an old Roland synthesizer to a stranger.20180119-2018-01-19 16.33.57_blog
  • Scented wax melts in my Ohio State Scentsy warmer.
  • Walking outside.  One of my goals this month is to walk outside at least a few minutes every day that I’m at work.  We also do a longer walk outside on the weekends.20180121-2018-01-21 13.46.20_blog
  • Purging and organizing the closet space under the stairs.  We have an awkwardly shaped coat closet under our spiral staircase.  It was filled with stuff we didn’t use or love anymore.  Things were just piled in there.20180120-2018-01-20 15.06.13_blog20180120-2018-01-20 15.06.36_blog
  • I took inspiration from this IKEA photo and we’re going to try to put up some shelving and more flexible storage.
  • 20180121-2018-01-21 08.54.20_blog
  • But for now there’s a lot less junk in there, and the shelves are an extension of our pantry, since our pantry is very small.20180121-2018-01-21 11.04.41_blog20180121-2018-01-21 11.04.56_blog
  • Noodle loves to nap on the Santa rug that I got from Target.  I need to find the exact same rug except not Santa so he can use it all year long!20180120-2018-01-20 11.36.45_blog
  • The free organ concert at the Spreckles Organ Pavilion every Sunday afternoon.20180114-2018-01-14 14.05.06_blog
  • Walking through the Prado at Balboa Park.20180114-2018-01-14 13.59.07_blog
  • Trying out a new to us sandwich place in Hillcrest called T-Deli.20180114-2018-01-14 13.15.32_blog
  • Week of Putting Me Together Winter Style Challenge outfits.  (Except the last two. I usually only dress up for work.)20180121_weeklyoutfits
  • Weather cooling down for cozier clothes.
  • Our new silicone wedding bands!  I read about them on a style blogger’s blog.  Apparently when people travel, they sometimes wear these as wedding bands instead of their real rings so they don’t lose them or get robbed.  We loved the idea so much that we bought some just to wear them. Neither one of us wore our original wedding bands anyway.  My finger got too big for my band.  Todd lost his swimming in the ocean.  He had been wearing a titanium ring that we bought him a few years ago, but the metal is very hard and he was always afraid he was going to get it caught on something and rip his finger tendons.  (This happened to someone he knows!) So now we are both wearing the soft silicone rings.  They are so cheap too!  And you can change colors when the mood strikes or according to outfit.  Also we can workout with weights and it doens’t bother us.  This isn’t for everyone, but we don’t care about jewelry so this is a really great solution for us.20180120-2018-01-20 14.41.41_blog
  • My old boss who left us for another job in December texted to say, “Have I told you all that I miss you??!! My new team is no where close to your performance & quality. I miss you.”
  • Takeout dinner from Punjabi Tandoor.  My favorite Indian food in San Diego.20180117-2018-01-17 18.09.15_blog
  • I finally upgraded to Lightroom 6 for the facial recognition. Lightroom thinks Todd looks like white Jesus. I just about died laughing.20180117-2018-01-17 19.41.24_blog
  • Trying out different plain yogurts (w/o added sugar).  I tried Islandic Provisions, Fage, and Yoplait.  I think so far my favorite is Yoplait, but it has 30% more calories because there’s more fat in it.  It figures that’s why it’s my favorite so far.20180121-2018-01-21 15.54.50_blog
  • Todd’s chocolate prune and rum cake.  Sounds weird but super yummy and gluten-free.20180119-2018-01-19 10.17.36_blog
  • Noodle snuggling on me.  Always.20180119-2018-01-19 19.05.46_blog
  • Banh mi sandwiches from Cali Baguette.
  • Monthly and weekly goals.  Yearly is way too long on me.  I feel like I can stick to monthly and weekly goals better and it’s working for me.  I use the Ink & Volt planner for it.
  • Trying out Trello for my personal project management and to-do list.
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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–1/14/2018

One thing that I’ve been doing for a couple of years in my paper notebook is making a sort-of-weekly list of things that are “Making Me Happy This Week”.  I thought I would start sharing them here on the blog, because we could all use some reminder of what makes us happy.  Maybe it will inspire you to make your own list regularly. 

Here’s what’s been making me happy this week.

  • Rain.  Lots of rain.  Rare rain.  Rainbows!  Saw this view from my office window at work.20180109-2018-01-09 12.56.49_blog
  • Sunshine & warm weather.  It’s been in the 70’s this past week.
  • Walking at the beach.  Fresh ocean air is my favorite!20180113-2018-01-13 11.40.40_blog20180113-2018-01-13 11.18.47_blog20180113-2018-01-13 11.19.48_blog
  • Watching the “Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban” movie.  As with the books, I thought, “Yay, it’s finally getting good!”  I didn’t like the 2nd book and thought it was boring.  It was finally after reading the 3rd book that I said, “Now I see why people like this”.
  • Not spending money on crowded categories in my life.  By “crowded categories” I mean categories of things in my life where I already have more than enough.  Categories such as clothing, shoes, pens, notebooks, etc.  It makes me happy to USE those things and not just collect them and waste money on MORE of them.
  • In depth, heart to heart, honest conversations with a good friend.
  • Yoga with Adriene – I started this 30 day TRUE program on Youtube (free!).  I haven’t done it every day, but will try to do it 4x per week.20180110-2018-01-10 15.16.21_blog
  • Nutrition adjustments going well.  In January I’m not eating candy.  And I haven’t eaten any candy!  Between that and eating well and eating smaller portions has made a big difference in how I feel, my mood, and general well being.  Not to mention effective weight loss.
  • Week 1 of the Putting Me Together Winter Style Challenge.  Audrey tells me what to wear each day!  I started an outfit Instagram account @listgirlwears.  You can follow me here.20180109-2018-01-09 08.58.49-2_blog
  • Quiet times at work because all our VPs are gone at our demand generation conference in Spain.  Smile
  • I’ve been making my own breakfast sandwiches at home and then wrapping them in parchment paper and bringing them to work to eat.  It feels fancy and like a treat that I purchased!20180108-2018-01-08 09.29.17_blog
  • Noodle snuggles.  In this photo I was wearing my leopard snuggie that my dad’s wife gave me.  Noodle climbed onto me for snuggling.  I feel like he was saying, “Now you look and feel like my real mom!”  Bwahahaha.20180110-2018-01-10 13.48.06_blog
  • These dual-tipped cotton cosmetic applicators.  My friend Patsy at work gave them to me, and after using it once to put gel eyeliner on, I said to myself, “Where has this been my whole life?!”  It sure beats the stupid little useless brush that comes with the pot of gel eyeliner.  Use these!20180111-2018-01-11 08.46.04_blog
  • Todd’s new Indian clothes (I think it’s called a kurta).  His friend Asmita at work returned from a month-long trip to India and bought these clothes for Todd as a gift.  He works with many colleagues of Indian decent and now he can fit right in!  I like it.20180112-2018-01-12 10.53.14_blog
  • Todd texting me random selfies with Noodle.  It delights me.  Here Noodle is mastering the “faraway gaze”.
    20180113-2018-01-13 07.58.34_blog
  • Donating a bunch of old electronics to free up space in our house.  We are going to systematically declutter this year and surround ourselves with only useful and delightful things.
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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–1/7/2018

One thing that I’ve been doing for a couple of years in my paper notebook is making a sort-of-weekly list of things that are “Making Me Happy This Week”.  I thought I would start sharing them here on the blog, because we could all use some reminder of what makes us happy.  Maybe it will inspire you to make your own list regularly. 

Here’s what’s been making me happy this week.

  • Our NYE tradition of staying in, eating homemade potato skins, and watching “Love Actually”.  This year we added playing “Sonic The Hedgehog” on PS4 together!20171231-2017-12-31 18.06.07_blog
  • Anne & Gilbert coming over on New Years Day to watch the College Football Playoffs (Oklahoma vs Georgia).20180101-2018-01-01 14.45.43_blog
  • Lunch at Point Loma Seafoods and waterfront walk afterwards.20171231-2017-12-31 13.48.23_blog
  • My new lipstick.  I’m trying out a bolder color because for the last few years all I’ve worn have been nude or barely there lipsticks.20171230-2017-12-30 14.23.09_blog
  • Going back to the office after almost two weeks at home (working 2 days from home) and not losing my mind or hating it.
  • My new Ink + Volt planner.  I bought the PDF download and printed January out myself at home.  I put it in my Staples disc-bound notebook.  It is perfect!
  • My new Instagram account for my outfit of the day sharing.  It is private for now, but if you want to follow, I will approve you.  Unless you’re selling me supplements or anything else, then no.  I’m @listgirlwears.20180104-2018-01-04 09.04.11-3_blog
  • Sunny & warm weather when the rest of the country is a frozen tundra of bomb cyclone.20180104-2018-01-04 14.21.54_blog
  • My new diffuser and essential oils Christmas gift from Peppermint.20180106-2018-01-06 09.41.38_blog
  • The breakfast scramble from Jack In The Box.  (Big enough for two breakfasts!)20180106-2018-01-06 08.01.46_blog
  • Successfully NOT eating candy this week.
  • Todd’s homemade brown sugar cookies.  (I had one yesterday and one today.  Because homemade cookies are NOT candy.  Todd gave the rest away.)20180106-2018-01-06 09.23.29_blog
  • Watching Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets on HBO.  HBO has all the Harry Potter movies from now until July.
  • My diet going well (I really should call it lifestyle adjustment).
  • Being productive and getting things done.
  • My new elastic invisible belt.  It is LIFE.CHANGING.  Because of my body shape, jeans/pants always fall down on me.  I can’t even tell you how many times per day I have to pull my pants up.  With this flat buckle elastic belt, it’s invisible and I no longer have to pull my pants up, even when I sit down and stand up multiple times!  It’s a miracle.
  • My back feeling much better.  My back had been sore and I discovered it’s because of my sub-optimal ergonomic setup at work.  I’ve fixed it and now my back is recovering.
  • Organized my closet for the PMT Winter Style Challenge!  Starting tomorrow for the next 5 weeks, Audrey is going to tell me what to wear every day!  Yay!
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Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Favorites | Part 3

See Part 1 and Part 2.

Favorite Photo with My Sister:  In front of a restaurant in Dallas.

Trip report here.

20170914-2017-09-14 13.00.04_blog

Favorite 10 Weeks Ever:  My Leave of Absence from Work

I can’t wait to retire!


Favorite Finish Line:  Todd at the San Diego Tri Classic

20170909-2017-09-09 09.28.24_blog

Favorite Display of Work Friendship:  Sticky notes on my monitor the day I returned to work.

20170925-2017-09-25 08.34.47_blog

Favorite weather:  Sunny & 75

I was able to take a screenshot like this in EACH of the 12 months in 2017!  We do have lows in the 40’s and highs in the 100’s, but that’s rare.  Sunny and 70’s is the norm around here all year.

20170926-2017-09-26 18.02.39_blog

Favorite New-To-Us Restaurant:  Tasty Noodle House

Love the noodles and dumplings there!

20171007-2017-10-07 11.40.48_blog

Favorite Selfie:  I still had my pink highlights, and stumbled on good lighting.

20171018-2017-10-18 12.08.06-2_blog

Favorite Buckeye Football Win:  Big close win vs Penn State.

20171028-2017-10-28 16.24.30_blog

Favorite Todd Selfie:  Riding on the Coronado Bay Bridge

20171111-2017-11-11 07.11.47_blog

Favorite Noodle And Me Selfie:  Hanging Out

20171120-2017-11-20 08.31.04_blog

Favorite Cat Under the Tree:  Noodle

20171128-2017-11-28 21.36.51_blog

20171222-2017-12-22 15.55.57-2_blog

Favorite Christmas Concert:  The Winters, featuring Todd on piano and trumpet!

20171216-2017-12-16 19.32.53_blog

20171217-2017-12-17 08.44.26-2_blog

Favorite Christmas Beach Selfie: 

20171224-2017-12-24 13.29.22_blog

Favorite Imitation of Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer:

20171224-2017-12-24 13.38.04_blog

Favorite Lee Family Selfie with Santa:  In front of Kyoto Buffet on Christmas Day

20171225-2017-12-25 13.29.19_blog

Favorite Gift Given:  Newman family vacation to Oahu photobook, for Christmas

I created a photo book of our April trip to Hawaii with Todd’s family. We gave it to them for Christmas and it was a big hit. Reliving happy memories together really is the best! We had planned this Christmas gift even before the trip, so our secret mission was to take many photos and write down all we did each night while we were there. Todd did the nightly journaling and that really helped to pull the book together in November, 7 months after the trip when we would have forgotten all the details. Very proud of our collaboration on this project and the resulting book!

20180101-2018-01-01 08.43.13_blog

Happy 2018 to you!  Hope to write more memories and content on this blog in 2018.  Thank you for still being here and reading after all these years, even when I took a big crafting hiatus.  I really hope to get back into the craft room in 2018.  Cheers!

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