Saturday, April 17, 2010

Longest Run since last June

So I actually didn't have a super-hard time getting up early to go running this morning! So unusual, ha ha. Todd said our start time was at 7:15am, so we didn't have to get there until 7am.

We get there, and I couldn't find my group. Turned out Todd read the start time for his group and mine was different. I was stuck running by myself, since his group is way faster than mine. For the first time in a long time (like years), I got really mad at Todd. I didn't get up this early to run with a group, only to find out that I missed the group and had to run by myself. I could have run on my own at Miramar Lake (closer to home) at a much more reasonable time, without having to get up so early. I was so angry that when I saw Todd's group stopped for a bathroom break about a mile into the run, I made a unhappy face at him. I didn't think he saw me, but later he said he did and that he was shocked, because he hadn't seen me this mad at him in years. I told him that I was so mad that I thought about turning around and going back to the car and driving away. The good thing about our relationship with each other is that we are pretty honest with each other. I was pretty mad, but he sincerely apologized, and I got over it pretty fast. I can't really stay angry at him for very long. He never purposely tries to antagonize me. He always purposefully has my best interest at heart, and I know that.

So back to the run. I felt pretty good and energetic. The route was easy (around Mission Bay), so I didn't have any fears of getting lost running on my own. About three miles into the run, I barely escaped getting majorly pooped on by a big bird. Seriously, I was about a foot away when a bird made a huge poop from a street light. Glad I dodged that! I found my group at around 3.2 miles, they were running around Fiesta Island. I told them I would just go ahead and run the straight route to Sea World to get to 4 miles, and then turn around. So I did. The trail ran right into the Sea World parking lot. It's not the best side of Sea World, but you can see two of the rides in there.

Sadly, that was the only photo I took during the run today. I was running alone and it wasn't good weather. And I was angry half of the time, LOL.

I ate my GU energy pack at around 4.5 miles. It was like getting a 100 calorie shot of energy! I ran the second half of the run faster than the first (called a reverse split in running), which is pretty usual for me. This tells me I have energy reserves, so I could run faster if I wanted to. But I don't really care to be faster.

Location: Mission Bay
Distance: 8.01 miles
Time: 1:29:52
Avg time: 11:13/mile
Calories: 812

This was my longest run since last June 27th, when I ran the Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon! I've run a few seven milers here and there, but never got to 8 miles until today! I keep track of my runs on Daily Mile. (Although obviously that's a misnomer for me, since I don't run everyday.) If you're a runner and wanna be friends on there, you can add me here

After the run, Todd and I went to breakfast at a place called Isabel's Cantina in Pacific Beach, recommended by Todd's friend Shannon. It didn't disappoint. We had to wait 10 minutes to get a seat. The inside is spacious and warm at the same time. It is Latin fusion cuisine. I had the soy chorizo scramble and it was pretty darn delicious.

It came with black beans, crispy rosemary potatoes, and a fresh tortilla.

Todd had the strawberry banana pancake with vanilla sauce special.

We had leftovers at home for lunch. I wasted away the afternoon not doing anything, which is sometimes really good. I spent hours last night finishing up my things for Week 2 of the Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Program. I needed to relax!

Todd did his 12th and final speech this week to obtain the "Advanced Communicator - Silver" designation/certificate for Toastmasters International. I'm really proud of him! Usually when he gets a new designation in Toastmasters, I take him to Outback Steakhouse. So we went there tonight.

Unfortunately for me, the food there isn't as good as I remembered it. This time around I found the food to be quite mediocre. Todd enjoyed his steak though, and that's what counted!

Since Target was practically in the same parking lot, we went there after dinner to pick up a few things. Like Rold Gold twisted pretzels. So that I could dip them into nutella! If you are my Facebook friend or Twitter follower, I'm sure you've seen my nutella talk this week, and might have even participated in a little pretzel-nutella love of your own. My friend Erin even took a photo of her pretzels and nutella and tagged me on Facebook, ha ha! If you've never tried dipping pretzel sticks in nutella, you NEED to!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that a lot of food photos show up here. Some may find it strange. Turns out, according to my friend Leslie, I am a woman ahead of my time! She showed me this link in the NY Times about the trend of people who take photos of their food. And I don't even take photos of EVERYTHING I eat, like some of those people!  In the same week, I found this related article about taking pictures of your food on Real Simple.  I think I do this because a lot of the memories that I have with people is related to eating together.

Like this past Monday, when I had lunch with my BFF Meera. We hadn't gotten together just the two of us in a while, and it was the best heart-to-heart time!

And also this past Wednesday night, when we had dinner with Dejah and Roby at Dumpling Inn. It was my first time meeting Todd's Toastmasters friend Dejah and her boyfriend. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos. Could this be ominous for our new relationship? LOL!

It seems like I had more to talk about in this blog post, but now I can't remember what in my old age. I guess I'll just stop here, since the post was long enough already! Have a nice rest of the weekend!


  1. In all my time reading your blog this is the first time you've ever been mad at Todd. I'm glad you made up quickly. I like the unhappy face remark. :) Sorry you had to run by yourself. I'm glad you kept going. I would have gone home. I'm a wimp.

    I can't wait to see your round 2 design for LDD. :) Still trying to find time to scrap your first one.

  2. I feel like I see Christi almost's like having a 'bloggy comment' friend...that you've never communicated with. :D

    OK, so I would really like to see what 'mad Christine' looks like. And..I would have sat in the car, with a dozen doughnuts, and pouted..but you are a bigger person and chose the better option. ran EIGHT miles and had wonderful breakfast.

    Wanna know what I was doing while you were running with your sad face? I was sitting at this computer trying to figure out how to delete a song off my son's ipod nano. I am the number one Itunes dork. Still didn't get it to work, had to say the dreaded phrase "wait until your dad gets home".

    BFFs are the greatest.

    Have a restful Sunday!

  3. Old age? I've got like 10 years on you so what does that make me?


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