Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tropical Holiday: The Potluck

Sorry about the number of new posts. I'm trying to catch-up!

Our work holiday potluck extravaganza was last Thursday, 12/16. The theme was tropical holidays. In the past I have always cheated at potlucks. I usually bought something, or brought something that Todd made. This time I decided to make a dish myself. But what to make? I remembered the Crunchy Asian Slaw recipe that my friend Leslie shared on the Vanilla Bees blog. Bingo! That's what I'll make! The whole Flock raved about this in the CT forums behind the scenes at One Little Bird, so I decided I must make these for the potluck. Plus, it looked easy enough! :p

I replaced the pecans in the recipe with sliced almonds, because I love almonds. I toasted the almonds and sunflower seeds at home, on the stove, the morning of the potluck.

Then I brought the toasted almond and sunflower seeds in a container. In another container was the dressing I mixed up. Separately, I brought a tub containing all the broccoli slaw and chopped up green onions.

Then I put everything in the refrigerator at work, until it was time to bring the dish down to the potluck. Then I put the toasted almonds and sunflower seeds into the big container already filled with slaw and green onions. Next I crumbled the ramen noodles and sprinkled those in. Finally, I put the dressing in and mixed everything in the bowl until all the ingredients were evenly coated.

I doubled the recipe, so this was a large tub!

A close-up. So yummy!

I got down to the potluck and the tables were full of food already! Long, long tables filled with goodies.

Someone brought homemade streudel.

Mmm...Chinese food.


Since there were 200 participants and not everyone brought something, people who didn't bring anything paid $10 to eat. That's fair.

My plates.

Yes, this is why I looked so fat in the group picture. :|

After everyone's eaten, there was entertainment, contests, interspersed with prize raffles.

Hula contest, which brought endless laughter and enjoyment!

In the end, my whole tub of Crunchy Asian Slaw was eaten. Sucess!

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