Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day After Christmas 2010

On Sunday, we went up to visit our great friends AJ and Meera, and their kids Andon and new baby Keiji. The Chargers were playing in Cincinnati, so we decided to go up and watch the game together. We called in our order for Todd's favorite, Phil's BBQ, and picked it up on the way to our friend's house. The food was YUMMY, of course, but you know what warmed my heart more? Time with our good friends AJ and Meera. I just love spending time with them. They've been a blessing to us ever since we met in our home fellowship Bible Study back in 2002.

Meera and I and baby Keiji.

We brought some gifts for the kids, which Andon gleefully opened. He was so cute and enthusiastic! One of the gifts was for both Andon and AJ. When AJ saw that it was a San Diego Chargers Cleatus Robot, he said to Andon, "Oh, you can't play with this one. This one is daddy's." Oh it cracked all of us up!

AJ's company gave every employee in the company in iPad. So now the boys have matching iPads, along with their matching Chargers shirts.

Unfortunately, the Chargers lost to the lowly Cincinnati Bengals, and were eliminated from the playoffs for the first time in years. But fortunately, we got to spend an awesome afternoon with our dear friends whom we love so much.


  1. Happy NEW YEAR to you and yours and all the best wishes for 2011

    Hope to see more beautiful pictures

  2. Hee Hee the 2 boys with their ipads. It's cute.


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