Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week – 4/1/2018

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I didn’t take a lot of photos last week.  I almost think I need to make this list in real time sometimes.  By the time the week is over, and if I didn’t hardly take any photos, I’ve forgotten all the things that made me happy! 

Here’s what’s making me happy:

  • Sunny and 70’s weather all week!  San Diego returns to form!20180326-2018-03-26 07.02.22_blog
  • Got trained at work on our new financial planning system.
  • Todd’s cooking:  the sweet & sour chicken with fresh pineapples and noodles, and meatball marinara from scratch!  Yum, yum, yum!20180329-2018-03-29 18.43.48_blog
  • Daily free bagels from Panera for two weeks!  I’m a rewards member and they sometimes give me offers.  I got daily free bagels for the entire month of November before!
  • Working from home on Friday.  I hardly ever get to work from home anymore due to my meeting schedule.  Sigh.
  • Noodle getting obsessed with his puffy bed that I bought him over six months ago!  Sometimes it takes cats SO LONG to decide that they actually like something!20180329-2018-03-29 17.00.30_blog
  • Opening Day of the 2018 Major League Baseball season!
  • Hour long walk at the beach, followed by our favorite pizza!  It actually was quite cloudy on Saturday, but I LOVED the long walk and getting out for fresh ocean air!20180331-2018-03-31 12.09.41_blog
  • Finally submitting our taxes and getting large refund back due to our solar panel installation in 2017!  We were waiting on Todd’s corrected W2 from his work.  We celebrated with Creamistry ice cream!20180331-2018-03-31 17.28.04_blog
  • Pitch Perfect 3 – I still love it, even though it’s so cheesy.  I love the singing and it’s still funny to me. 
  • 20180401-2018-04-01 15.08.04_blog
  • Getting invited to our next door neighbors’ house for Sunday rib dinner.
  • Dyed my hair purple with just shampoo.  (See ice cream photo above.)
  • Finally getting paid the rest of my annual bonus.  When they paid me the bonus two weeks ago, it was less than I had expected.  Turned out they only paid me a prorated 7 months of bonus for 2017 instead of 10 months.  They “forgot” to calculate my bonus for Oct – Dec, when I returned to work from my leave of absence.  Super-lame, but glad I got the rest paid to me.
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