Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's Sunday morning and I'm playing catch-up on my blog again. Life has been really busy the past few weeks, although filled with lots of blessings and good things. Just not been around my computer as much during non-work hours, LOL!

Last Sunday 8/22 we went to Olde Poway Park and met up with our awesome old friends for a picnic lunch. These are all friends from our small group Bible study that used to meet at our house. God had put us together for a reason back then. Even though we are no longer a group that meets regularly, it's awesome to see God's blessing and growth in them. Things have changed a lot over the last 6-7 years.

Everyone brought their whole family and the group is so large now!

I love this photo.

It really touches my heart how much God has blessed all of us in different ways. Sometimes in ways we don't even understand. We got to meet Mike's new girlfriend Jennifer. Mike's wife (and our friend) Barbara passed away of breast cancer in April 2009. Since then we had seen Mike and the kids a few times. Even though the sadness of missing Barbara was still there when I saw everyone at the reunion, I'm really happy for Mike, that he is finding happiness with a woman who also loves the Lord. I walked away from the picnic with a full heart. Just thankful to God for all the awesome and encouraging people he's put into our lives.


  1. How wonderful for Mike!!

    Love the picture of the whole reunion-family

  2. That last picture is awesome.

    It's wonderful that Mike has someone in his life. I'm sure it's still hard for everyone but how nice that he has someone.


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