Monday, September 5, 2016

Best of August 2016

August sure was a good one!  We took a week off work for staycation in our own city and had so much fun.  We did some new things and did some of our old favorite things. 

We went to the Summerfest in La Jolla, the annual free La Jolla Music Society concert at La Jolla Cove.  Todd’s friend Cecile joined us.

20160803-2016-08-03 19.14.51_blog

Open air concert by the ocean… so good.

20160803-2016-08-03 19.06.42_blog

Todd continued to play at his work’s chamber music club.

20160805-2016-08-04 17.30.48_blog

Todd put up a shelf with hooks in our office so I could hang up my work backpack and purse, which makes everything neater in our home office.

20160807-2016-08-07 17.03.24_blog

STAYCATION – We took a week off work and staycationed here in San Diego. 

Peppermint & Tom came to visit for a few days during that week. 

20160815-2016-08-15 14.49.21_blog

20160813-2016-08-13 19.57.26_blog

Where they were here we:

  • Ate carne asada from El Nopalito
  • Watched several episodes of Mr. Robot, the Olympics, and movies Brothers Grimm and Spy.
  • Shopped at Nordstrom Rack, Costco, Saks Off Fifth, Sprouts.
  • Ate at Burger Lounge.
  • Went to see Jason Bourne at the recliner theater.
  • Ate at Phuong Trang and went to The Boba Bar.
  • Walked around Pacific Beach.
  • Had cupcakes from Pure Cupcakes.
  • Played puzzles.

It was low key and laid back, just like we like it.

The rest of staycation included:

Barnes & Noble date.

20160816-2016-08-16 13.50.13_blog

Breakfast at Original Pancake House.

20160817-2016-08-17 08.12.12_blog

Daytrip to Oceanside.  Lunch at Brooklyn Boys Pizza.

20160817-2016-08-17 12.11.45_blog

A visit to Old Mission San Luis Rey, which we had never been to.

20160817-2016-08-17 13.31.11_blog

Visiting the California Surf Museum.

20160817-2016-08-17 14.26.43_blog

Walking the length of the Oceanside Pier, which we had never done before.

20160817-2016-08-17 15.25.45_blog

20160817-2016-08-17 15.06.53_blog

20160817-2016-08-17 14.44.56_blog

20160817-2016-08-17 14.51.11_blog

Mariposa Ice Cream at the base of the Oceanside Pier.

20160817-2016-08-17 15.15.41_blog

Chef’s Tasting dinner at Veranda at Rancho Bernardo Inn.

20160818-2016-08-18 19.27.31_blog

20160818-2016-08-18 19.41.53_blog

20160818-2016-08-18 20.10.03_blog

Lunch date at Bottega Americano downtown, where I had the best mussels ever.

20160819-2016-08-19 12.52.26_blog

Visiting the Central Library in downtown San Diego for the first time.  Quite the architecture and it’s huge.

20160819-2016-08-19 13.33.35_blog

Going to Hotel Del Coronado and having ice cream at Moo Time, our favorite ice cream in San Diego.

20160819-2016-08-19 15.29.15_blog

20160819-2016-08-19 15.29.41_blog

Eating the Triton Fries at Supernatural Sandwiches, which was everything I had imagined it would be.  Good French fries topped with shrimp, scallops, lobster, cheese sauce, and guacamole. 

20160821-2016-08-21 11.44.01_blog

Besides Staycation, there were other fun things this month.  We made some yummy food at home.

20160807-2016-08-07 17.57.03_blog

20160821-2016-08-21 17.53.36_blog

We made milk tea with bobas (tapioca balls) at home.

20160821-2016-08-21 17.51.59_blog

Todd got a new MacBook Pro at work, so he gave me his 1.5 year old personal MacBook Air!

20160816-2016-08-16 18.12.45_blog

Todd got a new car… a 100% electric car!  He has free charging at work, so it makes sense for him.  I get to drive his old Subaru now, and we’re going to sell my 17 year old Honda Prelude.  It’s been quite a month of inheriting hand-me-down things for me! 

20160827-2016-08-27 17.02.37_blog

Todd ran a corporate 5k challenge race and PR’ed at 21:40!

20160827-2016-08-26 21.23.10_blog

We ran at Miramar lake.

20160828-2016-08-28 10.02.25_blog

We got to see the Ira Liss Big Band Jazz Machine again at Bernardo Winery.  Magical, as always.

20160828-2016-08-28 19.44.32_blog

20160828-2016-08-28 18.09.14_blog

A couple of cute Noodle shots.

20160817-2016-08-17 11.12.31_blog

20160818-2016-08-18 17.48.51_blog

I’m not sure that September can top all this fun in August.  But fall will be here and we’ve already seen the first weekend of college football.  This is the most exciting time of the year for Todd!  I had planned to photograph my new craft room but didn’t even get to it in August.  I spent no time in there.  Maybe when it cools down in Sept I will want to spend time in there.  Hopefully I’ll do a post of the craft room re-do soon.

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Best of July 2016

It’s hard to believe that another month has gone by already!  Summer is flying by!  Time for another “Best Of” monthly post!

Todd’s parents came to visit and we took them to Coasterra for dinner. 

20160701-2016-07-01 19.15.24_blog

20160701-2016-07-01 19.12.14_blog

On the same day, we went to the San Diego Symphony’s Bayside Summer Nights “Star Spangled Pops” concert on July 1st.  Lots of patriotic music and fireworks afterwards!

20160701-2016-07-01 19.59.04_blog

20160701-2016-07-01 21.39.38_blog

Todd’s parents got to hear Todd speak at the annual American Mensa conference, which happened to be in San Diego this year.  Todd gave a talk about how to make friends as adults (because we all know how hard that is!)  They were so proud of him!

20160702-2016-07-02 14.51.45_blog

20160702-2016-07-02 14.49.04_blog

We also walked at Miramar Lake.

20160703-2016-07-03 17.18.02_blog

20160703-2016-07-03 17.20.26_blog

Wore these heels to work.  I don’t normally wear heels at all because I hate being uncomfortable, but these 3” heels are actually quite comfortable. 

20160707-2016-07-07 08.43.17_blog

Went running at the coast.  Oh San Diego, how we love you.

20160709-2016-07-09 11.02.20_blog

20160709-2016-07-09 11.03.16_blog

Todd participated in the “Cake Off” contest at work with his chocolate caramel cake.  Sadly he did not win.  I’m pretty sure it was rigged.

20160712-2016-07-12 22.23.25_blog

We tried out a new-to-us restaurant called “Brothers Provision”. 

20160713-2016-07-13 18.04.19_blog

20160713-2016-07-13 18.04.04_blog

20160713-2016-07-13 18.04.09_blog

We had a weeknight movie date to see “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, because we love Miyazaki’s animated movies.

20160713-2016-07-13 18.55.50_blog

We got a new refrigerator.  Our old one came with the house when we bought it in 2001.  It was time.  Todd was very excited!

20160715-2016-07-15 11.53.25_blog

20160716-2016-07-16 09.30.02_blog

You might be wondering, why are they buying and upgrading and re-doing all these things around their house?  Well, we’ve saved up some money, and we believe that things around the house should enhance our everyday experiences rather than annoy us.  So, as much as we’re able to make our house a place of comfort, that’s what we’re doing.  New windows?  We’re enjoying them so much.  Opening them every morning and every night is a great everyday experience and huge upgrade from our old windows.  New office?  LOVE the experience of being in it now that it’s open, airy, organized, and bright.  New fridge?  It’s big and all the food is organized and it’s energy-efficient.

We donated the old fridge (still works), two bookshelves, and a big filing cabinet.  Todd had to take the doors off the fridge and got help from our neighbors Tyler and Fred in order to get the fridge out our front door.

20160726-2016-07-26 19.50.37_blog

Todd officially joined the San Diego Triathlon Club.  He went on two bike rides with them, plus a couple of ocean swims (but I don’t have pics). 



I took a Friday off and spent the 3-day weekend painting my craft room and hauling all my boxed up stuff back into the craft room and organizing it.  Here’s a peek, but I’ll blog the craft room makeover later in August.

20160723-2016-07-23 07.10.01_blog

20160725-2016-07-25 17.27.45_blog

We tried a new Hawaiian poke place called “Poke Go”, not too far from us.  I deemed it pretty good.  Nice to have poke not too far away.  It’s a decent closer-by choice for sure. 

20160724-2016-07-24 12.10.52_blog

We went to a concert at Open Air Theater and we saw Howard Jones…

20160720-2016-07-20 19.37.30_blog

OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers In the Dark)

20160720-2016-07-20 19.58.10_blog

And Barenaked Ladies (our 5th or 6th time!)

20160720-2016-07-20 21.55.11_blog

It was like re-living high school and grad school all over again!

20160720-2016-07-20 20.06.09_blog

Todd went salsa dancing with some co-workers.  He’s in the Swing Dance Club at work, but this was different type of dance.  They got lessons too!  Next time I’ll be joining him.

20160729-2016-07-28 23.05.34_blog

I printed out photos for the first time since last September (10 months ago!).  I’ll be scrapbooking again soon, now that I’ve made over my craft room.  For various reasons I haven’t scrapbooked since 10 months ago.  I feel like doing it again.

20160729-2016-07-29 11.46.03_blog

Dad & Shelly came to visit and we celebrated their combined birthdays with lunch at Duke’s La Jolla.

20160730-2016-07-30 12.49.22_blog

20160730-2016-07-30 13.26.47_blog

Followed by a walk around the Cove.

20160730-2016-07-30 13.48.39_blog

Went to the Padres game downtown at Petco Park with AJ & Meera.  They ended up beating the Cincinnati Reds 2-1 in 10 innings.  Love hanging out with AJ & Meera!

20160730-2016-07-30 17.45.33_blog

20160730-2016-07-30 18.40.58_blog

20160730-2016-07-30 19.28.17_blog20160730-2016-07-30 18.41.09_blog

Cooked a bunch of great meals at home.

20160712-2016-07-12 18.25.57_blog

20160721-2016-07-21 18.00.07_blog

20160726-2016-07-26 18.29.33_blog

We helped Noodle celebrate his 6th birthday by letting him lick some Cheetos.

20160724-2016-07-24 12.52.57_blog

Some more Noodle antics in July:

20160701-2016-07-01 14.34.10_blog

20160702-2016-07-02 12.39.35_blog

20160709-2016-07-09 21.16.31_blog

I didn’t take any photos, but I got to have lunch with my scrapbooking friend Pearl and also visit her new house.  I loved it, and loved spending time with her!

I’ll blog my craft room makeover in a couple of weeks.  We are SO looking forward to August because we’re taking a week off work and just staycationing here in San Diego.  It’s our favorite thing to do! We love San Diego and living here is a dream.  And also, Peppermint will be coming to visit! 

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