Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One Little Bird | Traveler’s Notebook Scrapbooking


Hi everyone!  I was on the One Little Bird blog yesterday with a hybrid scrapbooking project in my Midori traveler’s notebook!  I love documenting life on a smaller scale like this notebook.  I find this type of scrapbooking easy to do and not at all intimidating.  Today I'm documenting a day off with my husband Todd to have lunch at the Hotel Del Coronado.  Going to lunch there has been a summer tradition for us for quite a few years now.

My first spread is about our tradition of going to lunch at the Hotel Del Coronado.  I used 2x2 photos so that I didn't overwhelm the page.


I used a 4x6 journal card from Agenda journaling cards as my background for the photo and my diecuts and stamping.  I also used various embellishments from the Agenda Elements to sprinkle around the page.  Since this was a notebook, I wanted to keep my scrapbooking relatively flat, so using printable One Little Bird elements was the perfect touch for my page.  I also used various elements from Ready Set Go and Scoop.




My second spread was all about the food we had at lunch at the Hotel Del Coronado.  I kept it very simple with the photos and journaling as the focal points on the page.  I love the journal card from Nosh so much, it was perfect for my page.


I added in two drink stamps from the Summer Vacation stamp set that Peppermint designed for Studio Calico.


Chicken sandwich, and three types of tacos.  Yum yum!


Per our tradition, we had ice cream from Moo Time Creamery after our meal.  Moo Time is probably my favorite ice cream in San Diego.  Peppermint's Scoop journaling cards and Scoop elements were perfect for my spread in my notebook!




I hope you enjoyed a look at my approach to stress-free smaller-scale scrapbooking!

Products Used:  Agenda journaling cards, Agenda Elements, Ready Set Go elements, Nosh journaling cards, Nosh digital kit, Scoop journaling cards, Scoop elements.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Cocoa Daisy | Summer Fun Pocket Pages


I’m the September guest designer at the Cocoa Daisy kit club, and I’m excited to show you a few pocket pages that I created with the September main scrapbook kit “Daydream”!  As you recall, I am documenting my summer fun with a Project Life 6x8 album this year.  I started the album in July and I’ve added a few pages.

This was a fantastic event we went to in July.  It was during the San Diego Comic Con and we rode the trolley into downtown.  We saw some awesome costumes!  We attended a concert by the San Diego Symphony Pops.  They showed the movie "Star Trek Into Darkness" and all the music score was played live by the symphony, coordinated with the movie!  It was really awesome and one of my favorite things we did this year.


The "San Diego Symphony" 6x8 page was a simple page with a stunning photo of the stage at sunset.  I layered two paper strips under the top and bottom of the photo. The flair button added dimension.


On the other two pocket pages, I included some patterned papers and Simple Stories phrase stickers.


I also stamped directly onto one of my photos using the OA roller stamps.  I'm a huge fan of those OA roller stamps!  I have several and they are just the right size and so convenient to add that little word art touch.


So now I’ve added a few more pages to my Summer Fun 2015 album!


Thanks for stopping by this week and taking a look at the projects that I created with the September Cocoa Daisy main scrapbook kit!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cocoa Daisy Scrapbook Page | Sun Kissed


I’m excited to be the September guest designer at Cocoa Daisy kit club!  Today I’m showing you another 12x12 scrapbook page I created using their September main scrapbook kit “Daydream”!

One of my favorite things to do, regardless of season, is to run at the beach.  I live in San Diego so I can do this any time of the year, although these photos were taken this summer. 


The sky was particularly blue that day, as was the ocean.


I cut up the triangular color blocks from the October Afternoon Heat Wave paper.  I thought that by cutting them up and placing them separately onto the page, it would create more visual interest.


I really liked the combination of the Simple Stories phrase stickers and the October Afternoon roller stamp to create words here and there that are at the same angle as the cut up papers.  Playing with angles is one of my favorite design tricks.



Thanks for stopping by!  I have three 6x8 pocket pages to show you later this week, using the Sept Cocoa Daisy kit.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Cocoa Daisy Sept Guest Designer


I’m the September guest designer at the Cocoa Daisy kit club, and I’m excited to show you a few projects that I created with the September main scrapbook kit “Daydream”!  I sat down on a Saturday night two weeks ago and was able to whip up two 12x12 layouts and three pages for my 6x8 summer fun album.  Today I’ll show you the first 12x12 page I created about Noodle’s birthday!


My cat Noodle recently turned five years old.  We celebrated him by giving him the trifecta of homemade whipped cream, some tuna, and licking a Cheeto!

Since it's a fun and light-hearted page, I decided to use the Pinkfresh Studio Geo Stripes patterned paper as a background.  I love the colorful circles, they look like confetti and add a whimsical and festive feel to the page.


The letter stickers from Simple Stories were really versatile to add my title.


I used a subtle patterned paper to mat my photo and I bent the paper slightly on top and bottom to create more dimension and draw the eye to the photo.


The entire sheet of Simple Stories patterned paper with all the cameras were perfect for cutting out and creating my own embellishment.



Some more letter stickers from the Simple Stories sticker sheet, and my journaling.


Hope you’ll check out the Cocoa Daisy monthly kit club.  It’s so fun to receive a happy crafty box every month!

I’ll be back with more project posts this week.  Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

What I Cooked | July 2015

Cooking sort of took a backseat in July.  Both because I got sick of picking out new recipes, and also because it was hot and I didn’t feel like cooking as much.  Plus the summer daylight meant we spent more time after work going out.  But I did manage to try out three new recipes.  You can follow my “Stuff I Cooked” Pinterest board for all the new dishes that I cooked this year so far.

America’s Test Kitchen | Singapore Noodles

20150712-2015-07-12 12.37.32_blog

I made this on 7/12/2015. I always thought Singapore Noodles would be hard to make, but it was fairly simple. Simple and delicious. Next time I would use less lime juice, it was slightly too sour.  The recipe is behind a firewall, so you’d have to register for free in order to see it.

Cooking Light | Summer Corn and Shrimp Succotash

20150714-2015-07-14 18.20.55_blog

I made this on 7/14/2015 – I used a frozen green bean, corn, carrot, and fava bean mix. Halved the recipe so I used 3/4 lb shrimp. Turned out tasty!  The broth is made by stir frying the shrimp shells and then adding the chicken broth to it.  After you make the broth you discard the shrimp shells.  This made the broth super-flavorful!

Skinnytaste | White Bean Caprese Salad

20150727-2015-07-27 17.49.43_blog

I made this on 7/27/2015 - I cut up some mozzarella cheese but they didn't turn out as pretty as the ones in her photo.  I also added roasted chicken to make it a meal. It was quite filling and delicious. For a no-cook meal, this was awesome.  Very easy for the summer!

So that’s what I cooked in July.  Lazy and easy, ha ha!

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Thoughts on Sharing

At the end of 2014 I quietly stopped sharing most of my personal life on this blog.  It was definitely a conscious decision on my part.  Sharing my life so publicly on my blog and on other social media has become a squeamish and undesirable thing for me.  There were several reasons I felt this way. 

I am now a middle-aged woman.  I like living my life joyfully but mostly anonymously.  I started to feel like sharing on my blog and on social media actually took away from some personal experiences that I want to savor for myself.  I like enjoying the experiences with family and friends with just those people and not plaster them on the internet for strangers to look upon.  I felt like people commenting on my experiences took away from them, rather than added to them.  This is a very personal thing that has changed for me.  I did not feel this way when I first started blogging 10 years ago.  But in the last year I’ve definitely felt this way, so I wanted to test the waters of NOT sharing for myself to see how it feels.  So far I like it.

What a lot of people don’t understand about online sharing and blogging is:  You are only seeing a SNIPPET of someone’s life, not their full life at all.  People think that just because I shared a lot about eating out that I eat out all the time, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We cook at least five dinners every week at home.  I don’t scrapbook every dinner I make at home, because it’s just not that interesting.  It’s mundane most of the time.  But I used to blog about eating out a lot, because those were special occasions to me.  People drew the wrong conclusions.  That was just one example.

One downside of sharing so much less of my life on this blog in 2015 is I sort of miss the connection with people.  For some reason people do connect with me when I share about my personal life, even if they don’t see the rest of my life and sometimes draw the wrong conclusions.  I’ve made some good online and even real life friends through this blog.  I’m somewhat wistful that this is less likely to happen now.  But really, many of my favorite bloggers have stopped blogging.  I can see that blogging is becoming less and less of a thing now, and I am a part of it too, without planning to be. 

You are probably wondering, hmm, what about the memory-keeping aspect of your blog?  You used to say that most of your memories are kept on the blog, and only a few of them get scrapped, and that’s ok with you.  The answer is, I have been blogging my personal posts on a private blog this year, where only Todd and I can post and see the blog posts.  My life is still documented and I very much enjoy looking at my personal posts about the fun things I’ve done this year.  There’s actually been around 70 posts on my private blog that I started at the beginning of 2015.  When I scrapbook I still reference those posts and sometimes copy and paste the journaling.  I still love blogging as a form of memory-keeping.  Just not publicly.

It is the beginning of August now.  I don’t know how I’ll feel about blogging personal life blog posts here at going forward.  I sort of enjoy my setup for now.  However, while blogging some personal posts at my private blog this weekend, I came upon some fun experiences that I may share on this blog selectively, from time to time.  We shall see.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Paper Issues | Project Life Summer Fun Album


Hey everyone!  I hope your summer is going well.  I’m on the Paper Issues blog today, showing you a few pages from my Summer Fun album!  Every year Todd and I make a “Summer Fun List” of all the things we want to enjoy during summer.  The longer days allow us to do fun things after work, even on week nights!  I started this album to capture all the fun things we are doing this summer.

I’m using a Project Life 6x8 album.  There are a ton of other 6x8 albums available in the market, including some Simple Stories ones in the Paper Issues store.  My title page was created using a page from the Simple Stories Summer Vibes collection.  I used the chipboard frames, chipboard stickers, and diecuts. 

On the back of the front page, I printed our summer fun list that I had in Google docs, shared with Todd.  I simply copied and pasted into a 6x8 document and printed it out, before embellishing the other side of the page.


The first page was created using the 3x4 and 4x6 Project Life Photo Pocket Pages 6x8 Design 3.  I used Elle’s Studio’s Let’s Eat collection, including the cute wood veneer and label, and This + That paper.



I love documenting the food we eat, so this Elle’s Studio Let’s Eat collection was right up my alley! 


This page was about our first time eating a lobster roll at Lobster West.  I used Let’s Eat Bits & Pieces, and wood veneers again. 


I typed up my journaling, printed it out on regular printer paper, and adhered it to my background.


We went to a new-to-us coffee house and it was awesome.  The best lattes are the ones where no sugar is needed!  So smooth!  I used Elle’s Studio Let’s Eat Best Ever and Yum papers, and journaling tags.




Of course, summer fun includes hanging out with friends and watching the NBA Finals, especially if you’re a Cleveland Cavaliers fan like Todd is!



You can use my code LISTGIRL for 20% off any purchase in the Paper Issues store, including Simple Stories Summer Vibes and Elle’s Studio Let’s Eat!


This is my last project for Paper Issues, my design team term ends at the end of July.  Make sure you use my discount code before then, because I don’t think it would be valid after I’m no longer part of the team.  Thanks for your support for the past 11 months, for Paper Issues and for using my discount code, and also for stopping by to look at my projects!  I really appreciate it!  :)

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