Friday, October 24, 2014

Oregon Trip | Amy & LUke Got Married

20141017-2014-10-17 15.19.11-1_blog

Amy & Luke got married on Friday, October 17th in Oregon at Aunt Diane’s house on the McKenzie River.  And yes, the photo above is the most epic wedding photo ever.  Amy had seen a similar photo online and wanted to re-created it.  So Todd, Luke, and all of Luke’s brothers played the roles.  Epic.

In the morning the ladies had appointments at Bello Salon for manicures, hair styling, and makeup.  My hair isn’t really this red.  It’s actually medium golden brown, according to L’Oreal, ha ha.  But in some lighting it looks really red, like here.  I had gotten my nails done and my hair done, and was sitting in the makeup chair.

20141017-2014-10-17 11.07.20_blog

20141017-2014-10-17 11.31.53_blog

It was noon by the time we got out of the salon.  The wedding was supposed to start at 1:30 but everyone was running late, so we delayed it to 2:00.  The perks of having a small wedding!

Aunt Diane’s upstairs bathroom served as the bridal room for getting ready.

20141017-2014-10-17 13.37.04_blog

Linda and I took a selfie.  Linda is Amy’s best friend since high school, and the maid-of-honor.

20141017-2014-10-17 13.37.17_blog

One of the wedding photographers took this photo of me and Todd with our camera.


When your family used to play in a band together, your brother and your dad are handy with the sound equipment, LOL!

20141017-2014-10-17 13.42.13_blog

The wedding day was the only day it rained while we were in Oregon!  But despite the rain, Aunt Diane’s deck looked absolutely lovely. 

20141017-2014-10-17 12.53.22_blog

A selfie on the river.

20141017-2014-10-17 13.57.44_blog

The wedding about to start.  Luke’s family sitting on the groom’s side.


Todd in charge of the music.


The cake on display.

20141017-2014-10-17 13.42.43_blog

The groom, Luke, and his brother Sam, the best man, waiting to walk to the front of the ceremony.


The moms walking down the aisle and dispersing flower pedals.


The maid-of-honor Linda walking down the aisle.


I caught this moment of Amy and dad, right before dad walks her down the aisle.  Uncle Les (Aunt Diane’s husband) holding the umbrella for them.


Amy walking down the aisle.  This is one of my favorite photos that I captured during the wedding.  Todd’s dad Tim smiling behind Amy.  Amy’s radiant smile and happiness as she sees Luke.  Precious.


The pastor gave a lovely sermon.  Then there was exchange of vows and rings.


And finally the Kiss.


After the wedding there was a lot of photo-taking with the professional photographers.  We stood around waiting for our turn to be in pictures.  Everyone relaxed.  It was so great to have the wedding at Aunt Diane’s house, because we all just sat around, ate snacks, and relaxed afterwards! 

Todd’s dad Tim prepared a lovely slide show featuring childhood photos of Amy & Luke, and got the parents and family involved in telling the stories.  It was paired with music and it was really great.  I didn’t catch a photo of it, but the slideshow was in the living room and everyone gathered around the couches and chairs and it was quite fun.  Tim really put a lot of time and loving energy into it.

Pretty soon, around 5pm, it was time to make the one-hour drive to Pfeiffer Vineyards in south Willamette Valley for the wedding dinner!  We had a joke amongst ourselves that everything is one-hour drive away from Aunt Diane’s house.  You’ll see in my next post what we mean. 

The winery was beautiful.  Everyone gathered around the fireplace with the owner of the vineyards, Robin Pfeiffer.

20141017-2014-10-17 18.37.53_blog

20141017-2014-10-17 20.15.21_blog

Our party occupied a big long table.



We had either steak or shrimp for dinner.  I somehow forgot to take photos of the food.  Pfeiffer Vineyards are known for their Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.  I had a Pinot Gris with my shrimp dinner.

20141017-2014-10-17 18.45.57_blog

After dinner there was cake-cutting.

20141017-2014-10-17 19.34.43_blog

And cake-eating.

20141017-2014-10-17 19.35.12_blog

Amy & Luke prepared gifts for family. 


Amy & her best friend Linda, the maid-of-honor.  They couldn’t talk about each other without crying.


Todd gave an impromptu speech/toast.


Family merriment.


Amy telling dad Tim how much he meant to her and giving him a gift.  No dry eyes in the house.


Amy giving mom Sylvia her gift.


There happened to be a gypsy jazz band playing there that night.  They were quite good and we enjoyed the music a lot!


Amy & Luke asked them to play the Etta James song, “At Last” for their wedding dance.


It was beautiful.


The splendid wedding day ended and we were all so happy but tired.  We drove back to the hotel and crashed.  Stay tuned for Oregon Day 3!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oregon Trip | Hello Rivers & Mountains


Last Thursday (10/16) we flew to Oregon for Todd’s sister Amy’s wedding weekend.  Amy & Luke got married at Aunt Diane’s house on the KcKenzie River.  It was a destination wedding, since none of us lived in Oregon except for Todd’s mom’s sister Aunt Diane. 

Our flight was around 9am out of San Diego, which meant we had to leave pretty early for the airport.  The good thing was there wasn’t any morning commute traffic yet.  The shuttle from parking to the terminal was a bit slow.  Todd got randomly selected for further screening at security.  Got to the terminal and I got an egg, cheese, and sausage breakfast sandwich at The Counter.  Also got Pannikin coffee.  It was a big sandwich!  We were Group B on Southwest so we got to sit together.  The flight was about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

We have matching noise-reduction headphones!

20141016-2014-10-16 09.03.51_blog

We decided to fly into Portland because it was a direct flight on Southwest Airlines.  We could have flown into Eugene and saved the two hour drive, but it wouldn’t have been a direct flight and would have been more expensive.  Besides, I’ve never been to Portland (or Oregon for that matter), so I wanted to see what this PDX hype was all about!  I’ve been to all the Western US states except for Oregon.  Even Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, etc.  But never Oregon.

Getting out of PDX airport took forever.  First we had to get our baggage from baggage claim and that took forever.  Then Budget rental car totally lied.  Todd had booked the car rental with them because he had looked up on the internet and they were supposedly inside the airport.  Total BS.  We had to take a shuttle to the rental car and it took forever.  Not only that, the line at the counter was SUPER long!  We waited half an hour in line to get our car.  It was egregious.

On the drive from the Portland airport to lunch.

20141016-2014-10-16 12.53.34_blog

20141016-2014-10-16 12.53.44_blog

20141016-2014-10-16 13.05.07_blog

We drove to Olympic Provisions for lunch.  I found the recommendation on Kelly Purkey’s blog

20141016-2014-10-16 13.11.58_blog

20141016-2014-10-16 13.12.09_blog

I had parsley pecorino sausage on polenta.  

20141016-2014-10-16 13.21.27_blog

Todd had bratwurst with sauerkraut. Both were quite delicious!

20141016-2014-10-16 13.21.19_blog

Next we had to pick up some doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnuts.  Todd had been to Portland on a business trip before and gone to Voodoo Doughnuts.  He went at 9pm though, and there was no line.  NOT the case this time!  We had to pay for street parking.  Then we had to stand in line for about 20 minutes to get our doughnuts.

20141016-2014-10-16 14.11.34-1_blog

They have all kinds of doughnuts!

20141016-2014-10-16 14.22.11_blog

20141016-2014-10-16 14.22.25_blog

20141016-2014-10-16 14.29.43_blog

We ended up getting apple fritter, Portland Cream, Bacon Maple Bar, Lemon Powdered Sugar, and Raspberry Romeo.

20141016-2014-10-16 14.30.10_blog

This one I moved the Portland Cream so you could see the apple fritter.

20141016-2014-10-16 14.30.20_blog

We shared the first three and saved the rest for the next day.  I felt sick from eating so much donut! Blegh!

After doughnuts we drove two hours down to Springfield/Eugene to Aunt Diane’s house.  It is in the country on the banks of the McKenzie River.

20141016-2014-10-16 18.34.20_blog

20141016-2014-10-16 18.34.30_blog

Like, literally, ON the river!  This is the view from the deck of the house.

20141016-2014-10-16 18.37.49_blog

Todd, Amy the bride, and me!  Photo taken by their mom Sylvia.


We had a really nice homecooked dinner out on the deck.  Luke’s family (his parents and his three brothers and their wives) were all there.  Todd’s parents and Sylvia’s sisters and BILs were there too.  The house belongs to Aunt Diane, Sylvia’s sister.  Oh and Amy’s best friend Linda was there too.

After dinner we played a game of Family Feud.  Amy & Luke put the game together and it was one family versus the other!  Luke did a great job MC’ing the whole thing.


First the dads went up against each other on the buzzer.


Then the moms.


Then the brothers.


We all got turns and it was fun.  We lost though. 

That concluded day 1 in Oregon for Wedding Weekend!  We drove back to the hotel in Springfield and got some good sleep.


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