Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–3/11/2018

20180308-2018-03-08 21.28.53_blog

This past Sunday was my birthday!  Due to daylight saving time, I only had 23 hours of birthday, ha ha.  I made the most of it.  Another trip around the sun and I couldn’t be more grateful for my family and friends. That’s what life is all about.

Here’s what’s making me happy this week:

  • Talking to my sister Joyce on the phone on my birthday.
  • My birthday lunch at Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad.  Some may think it strange that’s where I went for birthday lunch.  But I’ve always wanted to try this deli ever since they catered Oktoberfest at my work.  20180311-2018-03-11 13.05.52_blog20180311-2018-03-11 13.30.41_blog
  • Ordering stuff from the internet, using my bonus money. 
  • My new Old Navy denim jacket.  I’ve discovered that since I don’t like to button my jackets, it looks nicer and more fitted if I get one size smaller than my normal size.  So I got a small in this jacket and I like the fit much more.  Returned the medium.  20180309-2018-03-09 19.12.28_blog
  • Taking naps.  Seriously the best.
  • Dinner with Dejah & Roby at Tasty Noodle House.  Miss them so much since they moved away!  Awesome conversation and great food.20180305-2018-03-05 19.16.25_blog20180305-2018-03-05 18.28.06_blog
  • Signing up for the PMT Spring 2018 Style Challenge and buying the few pieces of clothing that I didn’t have yet.  I love spring colors and will LOVE Audrey telling me what to wear everyday for 5 weeks starting on April 2nd!  You can find out more about it here.
  • Lunch with the ladies at work at Cheesecake Factory.
  • Chris Botti concert at CA Center for Arts in Escondido.  Was a nice week night out.20180308-2018-03-08 19.42.11_blog20180308-2018-03-08 21.28.53_blog
  • Todd’s “Cake-Off” contest at work, and his chocolate prune cake entry.  He saved a piece for me.  Todd squared off against Meenal.  Todd won for taste, and Meenal won for decoration.  Todd does not decorate his cakes, but they are always super-tasty!28872650_149155772422698_2232493428883587072_o_blog28958662_10155105970442511_1595857298362007298_n_blog20180309-2018-03-09 16.51.38_blog
  • Doing a Jessica Smith workout.  I haven’t worked out regularly in two months, for various reasons.  Felt great to move my body.20180310-2018-03-10 09.58.58_blog
  • All the birthday posts on my Facebook wall and birthday texts from family & friends. 
  • Bringing banh mi sandwiches to Jon & Kameran’s house for dinner on Saturday night.  We got to hang out, catch up, and Kameran made delicious cake and coffee for dessert.20180310-2018-03-10 17.56.55_blog
  • The birthday breakfast burrito that Todd made me on my birthday.20180311-2018-03-11 08.43.12_blog
  • The homemade beef stroganoff dinner that Todd made me on my birthday.20180311-2018-03-11 19.33.07_blog
  • The white chocolate raspberry bundt cake for my birthday.20180311-2018-03-11 19.53.18_blog

This week’s post was full of food, ha ha.  I indulged on my birthday week.  Better get back to eating well and eating less this week, heh.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week – 3/4/2018

20180226-2018-02-26 20.19.39_blog

Late edition.  Because work has been so busy that I haven’t had time to breathe.  After work and on weekends I just want to lay around on the couch!

Here’s what made me happy last week:

  • Weeknight concert date at Belly Up to see Snarky Puppy.  I enjoyed it for the first hour.  It made me happy to hear good music and go out with Todd.  But I wore too warm clothes for the venue and was really uncomfortable in the second hour.  And we found out that we’re much too old to enjoy general admission, LOL.  All that standing for two hours and getting bumped by people with body odor and I was over it.  But I was glad to to with Todd because it’s one of his favorite bands!  And who doesn’t love a disco ball and sparkle lights.20180226-2018-02-26 19.52.05_blog20180226-2018-02-26 20.26.45_blog
  • This shower cap.  Yes, it seems a bit pricey for a shower cap, but it’s lined with terry cloth and keeps your hair COMPLETELY DRY when you shower, thus guaranteeing you don’t have to restyle your hair.  I only wash my hair twice a week so I needed this awesome shower cap!
  • We had a pizza & cake party at work to celebrate January to March birthdays and I was one of the ones celebrated.  It feels special to take time out at lunch to enjoy the celebration with work friends and build comraderie.  I thought it was special and fun!20180227-2018-02-27 12.04.55_blog
  • This cute face and two-toned nose!20180227-2018-02-27 21.47.50_blog
  • Todd bought samosas and Chinese bakery items for his book club movie watching at lunch with his work friends.  He is my hero for making daily life fun.  I’m only 1/3 as much fun without him in my life!  He makes everyday fun and special.20180228-2018-02-28 11.36.58_blog
  • I finished my 14th month of putting together outfits and tracking what I wore in my Stylebook app on my phone! 20180228-2018-02-28 17.42.16_blog
  • Trying out a new-to-us burger place called Grub.  And my yellow striped cardigan.  20180303-2018-03-03 12.12.41_blog
  • New coffee place next to hamburger place called Mostra.20180303-2018-03-03 12.14.54_blog
  • Black Panther movie!  We enjoyed every second of it!  And stayed for the looooooong credits to see the extra scene at the very end.  Highly recommend that you see this movie in the theater!20180304-2018-03-04 09.17.51_blog
  • Church on Sunday with a great message and communion.20180304-2018-03-04 11.01.58_blog
  • Indian lunch at Curry And More with Todd, my favorite eating partner.20180304-2018-03-04 12.22.39_blog
  • Spring colors in my wardrobe.  In particular this pair of pink jeans I scored for $15 at Old Navy.  If you buy it, size up one size because the legs are tiiiiiiiight! 20180304-2018-03-04 16.41.13_blog
  • I posted this on my Instagram account.  I would like to share with you here too.  And if you want to follow my outfit posts on Instagram, my private account for that is @listgirlwears.  I will approve you.  Here’s today’s outfit: Comfy dress and cardigan for church, lunch, and returning stuff at the mall. Today I have a little pep talk for you, about returning clothes to the stores, and about women’s clothes sizing. Never be afraid to return clothes that don’t fit right or aren’t flattering. One of the things I’ve learned on this fashion journey is that if a piece of clothing doesn’t fit you correctly, or is unflattering, or is annoying or uncomfortable in some way, then you won’t wear it. It will sit in your closet and be a waste of money. Wouldn’t you rather have a closet full of clothes you love to wear? Don’t settle! You deserve clothing that fit your CURRENT body well and flatters you. Don’t wait until you lose weight to buy clothes. You deserve to dress your body well today, the way you are. If you don’t love something, return it. Also, clothing sizes are ARBITRARY. Never let your clothing size dictate how you feel about yourself. See my dress? It’s a Large. I’m not normally a Large. Do I feel bad about wearing a size L dress. NO. Does it look flattering on me? YES. I wear tops from XS to L. I wear pants from size 4 to size 10. Sizing is inconsistent between brands and even in the same brand. Buy the size that fits and flatters. Who cares what size it is?! #ootd #fashionover40 #fashionphilosophy #lookgoodfeelgood20180304-2018-03-04 10.18.56-2_blog
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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–2/25/2018

20180218-2018-02-18 14.46.06_blog

Oh my this week had its moments.  There were some tough things at work, and some good things.  Every night we came home, had dinner, and basically fell asleep on the couch from exhaustion.  But the week ended well and we bounced back. 

Here’s what’s making me happy this week:

  • One of the VPs that I support at work (managing his $30M budget) wrote me a thank you card.  And enclosed an AMEX gift card.  I never take people appreciating me for granted.  Finance people are usually not valued at my work, so to have a good relationship with my VPs and them knowing the value that I bring to the table makes me happy.
  • Surviving a tough week at work.
  • Cold weather and wearing winter(ish) outfits.  On Tuesday I woke up to 37 degree weather and wondered where I was!  I think I wore boots all week.20180220-2018-02-20 07.05.16_blog20180219-2018-02-19 08.55.29-2_blog
  • Trying out Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot.  I’ve had Taiwanese hot pot plenty of times, but this was Mongolian hot pot.  The flavors are quite different and new to me.  You choose a soup base and ingredients that you want to cook in the soup base.  We liked it well enough but it’s probably not something we would go often.20180218-2018-02-18 12.51.32_blog
  • This pink bike.  I can see myself riding along the beach boardwalk on it.
  • My new Franco Sarto leopard mule slides.  It was too cold to wear this week, but I will be wearing it soon!
  • Finding out that my company’s results for 2017 means a 111% target bonus payout for us.
  • Day off on Wednesday.  I take one day off per month for my mental health.  I need to reset from the work stress, relax, and just have a general “Me Day”.  It’s always my favorite day of the month.
  • My new pink hair all over.  All my women friends love it.  The men at work don’t know what to think of it, ha!  Todd likes it though, and he’s the only man that counts.  I’ll do a hair post soon and talk about what was done to get this look, and what my stylist taught me about it.  I did have pink hair back in the summer during my leave too, but it wasn’t all over my head like this.  #pinkhairdontcare  20180221-2018-02-21 14.57.33-2_blog
  • Impromptu dinner out at Phil’s BBQ on Wednesday night.  Blurry photo but good memories!20180221-2018-02-21 17.37.43_blog
  • This.  I’m a super-spreadsheet nerd and this makes me happy!20180224-2018-02-23 19.35.47_blog
  • 2.5 mile “walk & talk” at Miramar Lake.20180218-2018-02-18 14.46.06_blog
  • Laundry/utility room organizing project.  I’ll do a post with before and after photos.20180225-2018-02-25 12.22.14_blog
  • Reorganized my closet so that my fall/winter shirts are in color order again.  As you can see my favorite colors to wear looks to be red, blue, black, and gray.  Will do a closet post soon again.  I also put all my cardigans into the left side of Todd’s closet (he doesn’t use that side), with my boots underneath.  Also, these awesome things keep your tall boots upright and together.  Love them!
  • 20180225-2018-02-25 11.22.15_blog20180225-2018-02-25 10.15.49_blog20180225-2018-02-25 09.40.43_blog
  • A clean(er) oven!  There was some good build-up in our oven such that every time we turned it on, the entire house smelled like burned oil.  It was gross.  We cleaned it out this weekend.
  • My organized shoe rack.  It was in disarray but now it’s organized.  Todd gets the last two tiers and I get the rest, ha ha.  It really stores a ton of shoes, especially if you put the left shoe upside down against the right shoe.  I also turn my flip flops and sandals sideways so I could store more that way.  I seriously love this thing.  We keep it in our laundry room so that when we come in from the garage we can immediately take our shoes off and not wear shoes to the rest of the house.  I tried to purge some shoes but only got rid of three pairs this time.20180224-2018-02-24 15.58.20_blog
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–2/18/2018

20180218-2018-02-18 09.07.02_blog

Although lots of things happened this week that were obviously not happy, or rather sad and frustrating, I choose to still make this list.  Because even amongst sad things in the news and frustrating things in our lives, it’s still worth remembering all the little things that give us joy.  I’ve been making this weekly list for a couple of years now, in my paper notebook.  This year I’ve decided to share my list on the blog.  I hope that it inspires you to make your own happy lists.

Here’s what’s making me happy this week:

  • My “tower of pens” on the shelf on my desk (photo above).  I cleaned up my home office and my desk, and rearranged some stuff on my desk for workflow and process improvement, and now I can see my pens on the shelf.  The clear organizers are these from Amazon.  They come with clamps so you can clamp them together and they don’t fall over. 
  • Kristin Ess hair products from Target.  They smell great and work really well.  I have the shampoo, conditioner, dry texture spray, and the rose gold spray color.
  • Queer Eye reboot on Netflix.  I watched the original Fab 5, and I love the new Fab 5.  The episodes make me cry, because they don’t just makeover the man’s outsides.  They really care about the person and make the men feel worthy and worthy to be loved.  It’s actually quite emotional.  And apparently I am not the only one who cries while watching.20180218-2018-02-18 06.52.28_blog
  • Matty M blazers from Costco for $19.99!  I found these blazers online at Costco.com and they are exact dupes of the Caslon knit blazers that I got from Nordstrom for 3x the price!  I loooooove wearing them to work, because they look sharp like blazers, but they actually feel like sweatshirts, they are so comfy!  I usually wear M on top, but got a size S in both the Nordstrom and the Costco blazers.  They run big.  The black and gray ones are Matty M, while the olive and the navy ones are Caslon.20180214-2018-02-14 12.18.01_blog20180218_blazers
  • Finishing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book (#4).  Wow, Harry & his friends are maturing into young adults!  This book had a ton of character development and dealt with a little more mature themes than in the previous books.  I enjoyed it a lot!  We watched the movie last night and I really enjoyed all the boys’ moppy long hair.  I can’t remember if that’s how teenage boys had their hair back in 2005?? 
  • Noodle snuggling on Todd.20180213-2018-02-13 19.29.39_blog
  • Todd going to Taqueria Revolucion in San Ysidro.  Todd applied for Global Entry and had his interview scheduled this past Wednesday.  He had to drive all the way to their office at the last US exit before the Mexico border.  I told him he should Yelp and find a good Mexican place down there to eat lunch, so he decided on Taqueria Revolucion.  He also got some churros from Churros El Tigre!20180214-2018-02-14 11.42.58_blog20180214-2018-02-14 12.08.58_blog
  • Jazz concert the library.  Todd was very excited to see this band that we saw at the San Diego Jazz Festival a few years ago.  We got there a couple of minutes late and it was completely PACKED!  We had to stand in the back, there were no seats left.  And as you can also see, we were the youngest people there, even though we are NOT young!  Todd’s musical taste has us being the youngest at concerts still, ha ha.20180214-2018-02-14 18.29.56_blog
  • Todd finally meeting up with his friend Ryan, after not seeing him for years.  They kept making plans but it just hadn’t worked out.20180216-2018-02-16 14.55.27_blog
  • Noodle lying in the sun, sunning his belly.20180217-2018-02-17 08.55.16_blog
  • Chinese New Year lunch with work and ex-work friends at the Chinese buffet.  I haven’t seen some of these people in a couple of years.  So good to catch up!  Some of them have retired and I got to hear their retired life and be inspired.  Not that I need any more inspiration!  I got a taste of it during my 10 week leave of absence last year and I cannot wait to retire!20180217-2018-02-17 09.11.55_blog
  • Valentines gifts from my girl friends at work.  They made me feel special.  I am so fortunate to have friends at work!20180217-2018-02-17 09.13.09_blog
  • Todd finishing his birthday puzzle, with some “help” from Noodle.  I got Todd two puzzles for his birthday, but it turns out he already has one of them.  So he played the other one this week.  He LOVES puzzles.20180216-2018-02-16 16.46.33_blog
  • Taco salad at Mendocino Farms.  We had this yesterday and we BOTH thought it was SO good!  The funny thing is, we didn’t even know it was vegan until I found the link to it this morning for the blog post.  I thought it was real meat.  Even the dressing was vegan, and it was delicious.20180217-2018-02-17 12.27.34_blog
  • This guy draws new heads to put on people he sees on his commute.  It’s hilarious! 
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