Thursday, March 26, 2015

Evalicious | What’s Cooking?


Good morning!  I was on the Evalicious blog yesterday with a page documenting my cooking adventures this year.  One of my goals for 2015 is to cook a new recipe every week.  Todd is usually the chef of our little family.  He has mad cooking skills.  But me? Not so much!  My goal with cooking something new once a week is to force myself to learn this life skill, and to also feel a lot more comfortable in the kitchen and gain confidence in my cooking skills. 

I used a woodgrain background because it reminds me of a dinner table.  Clever, eh?  ;)  I made a photo collage of my favorite dishes I’ve cooked so far this year.  If you want to see what I’ve cooked, you can go here to my Pinterest board.  It’s where I’ve been keeping track of everything I’ve cooked each week, and has my notes and takes on the recipes.


I used a wood veneer from Field Notes at the top center of my composition to add interest.  And to guide the eyes to the photos below.  I also used a circle wood veneer “Fig. 1” to embellish the middle of my photo collage. 


In the middle of the page, I used a Photo Shoot Large Tag to house my journaling. 


To balance it out, I diecut another 3x4 patterned paper with holes on the edge and hand-sewed some baker’s twine through the holes.  I added interest to the card with a snip snip label and a circle tag.  I also scattered some gold puffy stickers around my page.


I hope you enjoyed a look at my page documenting my new cooking skills!

Thanks for stopping by.


Evalicious Products Used:

photo shoot large tags

photo shoot round tags

field notes snipsnip labels

field notes wood veneer

round arrow shape clips

Gold Misc Shapes Puffy Stickers
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Big Island Day 3: Mauna Kea

20150317-2015-03-17 18.34.05_blog

Above:  At the 13,796 feet summit of Mauna Kea for sunset above the clouds.  Yes, that’s snow in Hawaii!

On Tuesday 3/17 we got up and went over to Akule Supply by the Keauhou marina for breakfast.  We got there around 8:20 and it just opened at 8:00am.  We sat with a view of the marina and people going onto boats for snorkel trips.  

20150317-2015-03-17 08.14.19_blog

20150317-2015-03-17 08.14.48_blog

I had their special which was turkey egg and cheese sandwich, and a big Kona coffee.  It was good!  

20150317-2015-03-17 08.21.15_blog

Todd got a chocolate muffin and yogurt, because they didn't have anything else for him to eat.  (He hates eggs & cheese type of breakfast.)

After breakfast we hung out at the condo.  For lunch we went to Umeke's downtown Kona for ahi poke.  

20150317-2015-03-17 12.54.29_blog

It was rather good!  I had avocado poke with brown rice and seaweed salad.  

20150317-2015-03-17 12.36.50_blog

Todd had the grilled mahi.  It was good.  

20150317-2015-03-17 12.38.05_blog

20150317-2015-03-17 12.38.12_blog

After lunch, we went to Island Lava Java so Todd could get some brownies.  He was so excited because they were delicious.  Then we walked over to Scandinavian Shave Ice.  We shared a large shave ice with toasted coconut ice cream and three flavors of shave ice (mango, dragon's blood, and cherry).  It was rather good but really big!  

20150317-2015-03-17 13.28.55_blog

20150317-2015-03-17 13.39.24_blog

After that we walked back to the car and drove over to Hawaii Forest & Trail at 2pm for our Mauna Kea summit tour.

We signed in and waited around for half an hour for everyone to gather up.  Our tour guide was Greg.  He was a grey-haired guy who kind of reminded me of Jack Hanna.  He was good.  We got into the tour bus and he went over the itinerary with us.  We went over to Hilton Waikoloa to pick up a couple going on the tour with us.  Then we drove into Waikoloa Village to Island Lava Java to pick up our hot dinners and brownies!  Brownies from Island Lava Java again!!!

After the food pickup, we drove over to the new Saddle Road and made a stop on the side of the road to check out some lava flow from a long time ago.  We got to stand on the stuff.  

20150317-2015-03-17 16.05.58_blog

20150317-2015-03-17 16.06.17_blog

20150317-2015-03-17 16.07.41_blog

We took photos, then drove on.  We made it to the sheep ranch at 7000 feet and Greg set up dinner there for us inside a tent with picnic tables.

20150317-2015-03-17 16.20.23_blog

The weather had turned cooler already at 7000 feet.  And the trees and fauna changed.  This used to be a working sheep farm like 100 years ago.

20150317-2015-03-17 16.20.09_blog

20150317-2015-03-17 16.20.13_blog

20150317-2015-03-17 16.23.27_blog

I actually used the porta-potty there!!  

20150317-2015-03-17 16.23.37_blog

Then we had our BBQ chicken dinner.   It was not that yummy but was a utilitarian dinner.  

20150317-2015-03-17 16.31.21_blog

We chatted with the couple from Oceanside, as well as the couple from South Carolina.  The guy was a veterinarian and a long-distance runner.  We had fun chatting.  Then it was off on the road again.  We made a stop at about 12,000 feet and it was above the clouds already.



20150317-2015-03-17 17.44.50_blog

So glad the tour provided these parkas.  Because otherwise, who brings parkas to Hawaii??!





We made it up to the summit 13,796 feet about 15 minutes before sunset.  

20150317-2015-03-17 18.07.59_blog

There was a ton of snow up there!

20150317-2015-03-17 18.08.36_blog

There are 13 observatories up at the summit of Mauna Kea. 

20150317-2015-03-17 18.24.36_blog






20150317-2015-03-17 18.26.37_blog

Todd had to use the porta-potty up there too.  Then we watched the sunset over the clouds and all the snow, and observatories.  It was majestic and wonderful.  

20150317-2015-03-17 18.26.48_blog

20150317-2015-03-17 18.34.05_blog

It was really COLD up there!  We had our parkas and it was still cold.  The wind was biting.  


After the sunset, we drove back down to the visitor center at 9000 feet and parked in a parking lot.  Greg got the brownies and hot chocolate out and we enjoyed those.  He set up a telescope so he could show us stars.  We saw Venus and Jupiter, along with several stars up close.  There was so many stars in the sky it looked like we could see thousands.  We saw the outer edge of the Milky Way.  It was a new moon so we did not have light from the moon.  It was so clear, cold, and dark up there!  It was fun to learn so much about the constellations.  We also saw satellites and comets.  After a while I felt so cold.  I was glad when we finally got back into the bus to get warm.  Todd got a t-shirt at the visitor center.  Then we headed down Mauna Kea and I fell asleep.  I woke up in Waikoloa and it was hot because I was still wearing the parka, ha ha.  We got back into the Hawaii Forest & Trail parking lot around 10:40and drove back to the condo.  It was exhausting, especially with the low oxygen at the high altitudes.  But what a fun day!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One Little Bird | Demystifying The Hybrid Process


Hi Everyone!  I am on the One Little Bird blog today, showing you how I put together my hybrid scrapbook page using One Little Bird digital products.  “Hybrid” can be a mysterious term and not all crafters/scrapbookers know what it means.  The simple meaning is just using printed out digital products on physical projects.  I will show you in this post how I go about doing that.

First I will show you the end product of my hybrid page.  I used Better Together and At Week’s End digital kits.


The first step in my process is to do a mock up of my layout in Photoshop.  I do this without adding shadows to the layout, because I will have to print each item later.  Doing a digital layout in PS/PSE first allows me to resize each element to the correct size relative to each other.  It also makes it easy for me to determine what size my photo should be printed at.


Next, I hide all the layers except for the ones that I’m going to use to print onto my background.  In this case I wanted to print the “i love it when we get together” digital stamps and my typed journaling onto the background cardstock.  I save it as a jpeg and then printed it onto my Bazzill white cardstock.  You can also just print it straight from PS without saving it as a jpeg first.


In the next step, I drag the photo from my layout onto a new 4″x6″ canvas in Photoshop so I can print it out separately onto glossy photo paper.


Next, I hide the photo and all the dimensional elements that I don’t want to print out for my layout.  I will use all real embellishments in place of those items.  That leaves me with just the items that I want to print and cut out.


Then I drag the pieces onto a new 8.5″x11″ canvas in Photoshop and line them up in the middle of the page.  This creates the print & cut file.  I save the file on the right as a 8.5″x11″ 300 dpi jpeg file so I can open it in my Silhouette Studio software.


My hybrid process involves using my Silhouette to cut out my digital items, but I want to stress that anyone can do this and hand-cut the items out with scissors.  I open the file up in my Silhouette Software.  Then I use the Trace function to create cut lines for each element.  Sometimes the trace function is finicky, so you sort of have to play with the sliders.  In general I uncheck “High Pass Filter” and just play with the “Threshold” slider.  Once you see the objects are yellow, you can click on the “Trace” or “Trace Outer Edge” buttons to get your cut lines.  You can also use the Offset function if you want your cut-out shapes to have a white border.  Before printing, make sure you click on the Registration Mark window and click the box to Show Reg Marks.  The registration marks are the black “L” shaped items in each corner of the page (except the lower right) that helps the Silhouette’s optical scanner determine the location of your items to cut.  You have to send your page to your printer with the registration marks showing in order for it to print out with the marks.


After you print your page, put it on your Silhouette mat and load it into the machine.  Silhouette Studio software should ask you if you want to detect the registration marks automatically and you say yes.  Once registration marks are found, you can proceed to cut.  Here are my items after my Silhouette cut them out.

20150307-2015-03-07 12.07.27_OLB_CN

Now I’m ready to assemble my layout!


I love how much dimension you can give a hybrid layout just by using different sized items and adhering them with foam adhesive to pop them up, or use staples to attach them.


I like to add some items of different textures, such as the gold thread and the wire mason jar.


Being able to print the digital stamps and journaling right onto my cardstock background really makes me happy!


Final touch I added some sequins to create interest and draw the eyes around the page.


I know this post was long, but I hope you enjoyed a look into my hybrid process to turn digital items into physical items to make a hybrid scrapbook page!

One Little Bird digital kits used:  Better Together digital kit, Better Together journal cards, At Week’s End digital papers.

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