Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm The Oasis

Last Sunday 7/18 Todd went on a 30 mile bike ride. It was his normal route with the San Diego Cycling Meetup group. I had a general idea of where they start and their route, but not any details. Todd mixed his electrolyte water the night before and put the bottles in the fridge so they're cold. Sunday's forecast was for a hot day.

He left for the bike ride and I was on the computer. About 40 minutes later I went to the fridge to get some breakfast and saw that he had left both water bottles in the fridge! I dropped my toast back onto my plate, quickly got dressed, and got on the internet to research. I found the meetup group's site, studied their route, and calculated where Todd would be (based on his pace) by the time I could drive to him to give him some water. Then I grabbed the water bottles and went.

I got to the intersection where I thought I beat him to, and parked in the shopping center parking lot. I waited at the intersection for about 10 minutes and lo and behold, I saw a guy fitting Todd's description turning left onto my road. There he was! I waved and waved and he stopped. He was so surprised to see me, but knew immediately why I was there. He had a water bottle he found in his car with him, but he was still very glad to get the bottle of refrigerated electrolyte water. I did my good deed of the day and went back home. For Todd's account of the story, see his blog here. He didn't tell me he had blogged about it, until I saw it in my Google Reader, LOL.

You know, Todd joked that I'm his oasis, but it's a symbol of what we try to be to each other in our marriage. Life is hard enough "out there". We try to be supportive and encouraging of each other so that we know our home is always a safe and loving place for each other. I find it very easy to do this for Todd, because he makes it easy for me.

So after he got home from the bike ride, he took a shower and we went to eat some dim sum. We had a $25 off $35 gift certificate that we purchased a few months ago, so we finally got to use it. I hadn't had dim sum in a LONG time so I was very excited. Todd doesn't like dim sum as much because there's too many shrimpy things.

Our big spread:

Lots of radish cake, dumplings, sesame balls... all yummy!

A fish dish, some veggies, and more shrimp dumplings.

A shrimp and crab fritter. This was my favorite, it was so delicious!

Beef stuffed noodle, red vinegar, and BBQ pork buns.

Todd enjoying the non-shrimp food.

After lunch we stopped by Ranch 99 Market for some Asian supplies. Todd was super-excited to discover that his favorite red bean cakes were being made. They have a very limited schedule and most times when we go they're not making them. These are like Chinese ebelskivers.

Armed with these and an iced boba milk tea, we went home. Oh and lots of leftovers for dinner, LOL. :)


  1. We purchased 6 red bean cakes. I ate 5 of them. I think listgirl feared for her fingers.

  2. Gilbert doesn't do dim sum for the same reason. Maybe he should try toe red bean cakes. (And you are such a good partner to have done that for Todd.)

  3. You guys are so sweet! I LOVED reading about being an're so RIGHT on Christine!! Marriage IS suppose to be where you can and SHOULD be a soft safe haven for your partner to come home too...I got a bit teary eyed...imagining Todd's surprise seeing you standing there with his water...That's such a simple yet poignant moment. Love it! Ohhh...and YUMMY...I love Dim Sum! Where is this restaurant? I'm hungry! :))

  4. Heather and I talked about your post while we were 'enjoying' our run this morning.

    So.very.sweet. And very convicting for me. I need to work on being more of an oasis and not so much of whatever it is that would describe me these days.

    Thanks for sharing!


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