Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grandpa Comes To Visit

Last Saturday (8/14), Todd and I got up extra early to get a run in at Miramar Lake, because the forecast was for hot weather. Summer had finally hit in San Diego! So we got up early and went running for about 75 minutes. Todd ran almost 9 miles while I walked/ran about 6.3 miles. When we got home, my dad arrived at the same time. It was only 9:30am, we didn't know he was coming so early. My sister, BIL, and the kids were just getting up and eating breakfast. My dad joined in on the breakfast, while Todd and I showered and cleaned up.

All of us went to Panda Buffet for lunch. It's not my favorite place, but my dad, Joyce, and Alex seemed to like it. And Todd liked it more than our original plan, which was to go to dim sum. So overall a win-win!

After lunch, we headed down to Coronado Island for some beach fun. The views from the bridge were gorgeous.

We had to find parking when we got down to the Hotel Del Coronado area. It was a beautiful and warm Saturday, so it was pretty packed.

Everyone got busy building sand castles when we got to the beach.

Andrew still at the age where he smiles at the camera.

Alex, a big kid, still likes to build sand castles.

Andrew, grandpa (my dad), and Alex busy at work.

Andrew and grandpa proud of their work.

Grandpa, Andrew, and Todd in front of their fort.

Alex and Xander headed off to find a restroom. We walked down the beach to admire the scenery at Hotel Del Coronado.

Unfortunately, we lost sight of Alex and Xander. Alex didn't have his cell phone with him, so we could not reach them. We walked around for about an hour and decided to take an ice cream break at Moo Time, our favorite ice cream shop in SD. Uncle Todd bought Andrew some chocolate ice cream, and he kept reminding Uncle Todd that he wanted sprinkles. He was very excited!

Finally we walked back to the car for the second time and found Alex and Xander there. So we headed home.

Todd went and picked up In N Out Burger for everyone for dinner. Before grandpa left, the boys got to open up the gifts from grandpa and Shelly.

Grandpa got a big hug of appreciation from Andrew.

And a kiss from Xander.

Both boys were very excited about their new toys.


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