Sunday, August 22, 2010

Potato Shack and Beach Playground

On Sunday (8/15), Todd went for a 30 mile bike ride with his buddy Pete. After Todd got home, we all got ready and headed to The Potato Shack for brunch. They have really good breakfast food there. Oh and a ton of different types of potatoes.

We all had a fun time at breakfast, enjoying the food and the company.

After breakfast, we headed a few blocks down to Moonlight Beach, one of the most family friendly beaches in SD County. There's a playground on the beach, plus lots of bathrooms, and even a snack shack.

We got some ice cream at the snack shack. Guess who was excited?

It was a fun afternoon at the beach. We brought chairs to sit in, and the weather was really nice and not hot.

For dinner, we made homemade BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, with homemade BBQ sauce. Everyone enjoyed it!


On Monday (8/16), we were supposed to go to the San Diego Zoo, but Alex's back was hurting, so we didn't go. Instead, they wanted to go to Panda Buffet for lunch again, so we went. After lunch, Alex and Xander went home, while Joyce, Andrew, and I went to Nickel City to play some games so Andrew could collect tickets and trade them in for some small prizes. He was very excited to run around and play the games to collect the tickets. I made an observation while I was there: the environment was almost like gambling. Kids were so excited and greedy to play the games and get tickets. Some of the games were strictly chance games, which seemed like a kid-version of gambling to me. I didn't not like that aspect of it at all. But okay, enough commentary on my part. Andrew had a fun time and showed off his little prizes.

That night, we had dinner at Rubios again, because Joyce really liked it the first time. I think we at Mexican food like three times while they were here!

Joyce, Alex, and the kids left the next morning. It was such a nice visit and I was so glad to see my sister and her family. I don't get to see them very often because they live far away, so it was a real treat.


  1. love to see the joy in the childrens eyes!
    Glad you had time together with your sister

  2. The Potato Shack sounds like my kinda place. :)


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