Friday, August 6, 2010

Somewhere Out There

in the vast Pacific Ocean, lies Todd's wedding ring.

Last Friday (a week ago), I went with Todd to the San Diego Tri Club group swim at La Jolla Cove again.  He wanted more practice with swimming in the ocean, because the first week didn't go so well for him.  I'm amazed at Todd's resolve in this triathlon training.  I will never swim in the ocean.  Sure, I've floated around by the shore while boogie boarding.  But I cannot imagine swimming out 1/4 mile from shore into the deep dark ocean.  Todd has not missed a workout since he started triathlon training in June, after the Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon.  He swims twice a week, bikes twice a week, and does one or two runs.  Seriously committed he is.

The good thing about the Friday evening swim with the tri club is they conduct a beginners swim with swim leaders, so you are never alone.

Here goesTodd down the stairs to the water.

The guys in yellow swim caps are the swim leaders.  They make sure everyone is doing okay in the water.

Todd's group ready to start.

There they go.

I stayed there and watched Todd swim out.  After a while I couldn't see him anymore.  They were going to the 1/4 mile buoy.  After about 22 minutes, I saw Todd swim back.

When he got out of the water, he was dizzy and couldn't walk straight.

After about 5 minutes, he felt ok.  There are many theories about why someone would get dizzy swimming in the ocean.  One of them is that cold water in the inner ear causes balance disturbance.  Todd's going to try swimming today with some waterproof earplugs I bought him from Target.  We'll see if that helps him.

After the swim, we headed to Sally's house for a BBQ. It was her first big get-together with friends at her new house. We sat around in the backyard, eating appetizers first.

Suddenly, Todd said, "I think I lost my ring in the ocean." Some people looked alarmed, but I wasn't. I smiled and said, "I guess now we can get matching new rings." Todd said, "I knew you were going to say that." When we got married 16 years ago, right out of college, we were poor. Our rings were cheap. They matched and there was nothing wrong with them, so we just kept wearing them. But now, we have a chance to get a new set of wedding rings. Although, we're still not going to get expensive rings. I would much rather have good travel and good food than expensive jewelry, as would Todd.

Sally and me.

Friends around the table.

Sally served some kabobs, grilled corn on the cob, and some hamburgers. (Not all pictured.)

We were the first to go home. We were tired after a long week of work, and Todd's swim, plus he had to get up early for a bike ride on Saturday. It was really awesome to get together with Sally's friends again. They're fun people and there were some awesome stories. Hope to do it again soon. :)


  1. Maybe Todd's ring and Randy's ring will somehow show up on the same beach someday! Or maybe the same fish will eat love shiny things..

    Although for that to happen, it
    would require some serious traveling..Randy lost his 19 years ago in the Gulf of Mexico..6 months after we were married.

    The food looks delightful. Always nice to see Sally :D

  2. Oh no! I can't believe his ring fell off! (My finger is growing around mine - that sucker's never coming off!)

    Have fun shopping for new ones. :D

  3. I could see that happening. When I get cold, my wedding set is a LOT looser and slides off fairly easy (not accounting for my knobby knuckles--they are the reason why I don't lose rings). If Todd was really cold out there maybe that was all the extra space the ring needed. We finally got Scott a new ring a couple months ago. His original one was too dainty for his giant-sized paws. It made me feel better because I got new rings as an anniversary gift 4 years ago. Have fun ring shopping!

  4. so sorry about the ring! but as you say so you´ll both have a chance for new rings.

    can´t wait to see them!

    Yummy food pictures as always!

    Congrats to Todd, for swimming in the ocean and his triathlon training

  5. That dude in the speedo sticks out like a sore thumb. LOL

    Hooray for new rings. :)


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