Sunday, January 9, 2011

Comfort Weekend

This January it has been cold and rainy for San Diego standards.  We were going to go running at Miramar Lake on Saturday, but the wind picked up during the day and it was a little too cool.  Well, Todd was going to run and I was going to walk, since I'm still in the middle of my physical therapy to get my leg rehabbed.

On Friday when I got home from work, I noticed that Noodle was congested.  It's pretty typical for a cat to develop an Upper Respiratory Infection while at the shelter, due to many cats being there and also their high stress level.  So Saturday morning, we took Noodle to the vet.  Noodle did so well.  He was scared but even the vet commented how he was a purr-monster and kept right on purring through the exam.  They sent us home with some antibiotics for him, because many times when cats get URI, they develop a secondary bacterial infection.

Noodle slept a lot this weekend.  Scenes like these were typical at our house.

Today we went to lunch at Phil's BBQ with Dejah and Roby. It's a favorite place for the four of us. We went early to avoid the long wait. When we got there at 11:15am, we walked right in and ordered! What a difference since last time, when we waited an hour and a half in line to order our food. Phil's BBQ is just SO good!

After lunch Todd went back to Dejah and Roby's house to watch the last two episodes of "Caprica", because our DVR had problems and never recorded it. SyFy had aired the last five episodes all at once and our DVR recorded none of them. Todd watched three episodes online and saw the last two with Dejah and Roby. I stayed home and scrapped. :)

So the weekend has come to a close. Any weekend that involves friends and food is a good one. And our first weekend with Noodle was awesome. Can't wait until he recovers from his cold.


  1. Aww, Noodle is soo cute :) Hope he feels better soon!

  2. 'Purr-monster' very sweet!

    That's some good lookin' BBQ..

    As I've said before, there's no waiting for good BBQ in my neck of the woods.. ;)

    But, it is cold and snow is on the way. There better be snow. It's just a waste to be this cold without snow.

    I think I need some coffee. Have a great Monday!

  3. Noodle is so cute! And I just love your hew header!!

  4. Of course that food looks yummy but is it worth standing in line for an hour and half? LOL :) I'm glad you didn't have to wait this time.

    I love your blog header. Perfect pictures!


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