Sunday, August 8, 2010

In-Laws Visit

Last Sunday 8/1 Todd's parents came for a short visit from Ohio. Todd's dad Tim had a conference in San Diego for a couple of days. They arrived on Sunday morning, right before lunch. Of course, Todd had to take them to Brett's BBQ, because it's Todd's favorite. I've been vetoing it because I'm so sick of it, so Todd will take any opportunity to eat at Brett's. I forgot to take any photos there, but everyone really enjoyed their food, and we even got a bread pudding dessert to share.

On Sunday afternoon Todd's mom Sylvia, Todd, and I played Rock Band on PS3 a lot. Sylvia had never played Rock Band before, but she did surprisingly well! She played drums, guitar, and bass. I had never done better on the guitar and bass either. Everything just clicked I guess. It was really fun, and I even got a blister from drumming so much. :p

In the evening we took Todd's parents to Point Loma Seafoods. We can't believe that we've never taken them there before, because we totally thought we had. It's our favorite seafood place here in SD! They close at 7pm on Sundays, so we had to go for an earlier dinner.

I splurged on the scallop sandwich and it was nommy.

Todd had a cod sandwich because his favorite halibut sandwich was not available this time. It was a shock because every single time we've gone before, the halibut sandwich had been the special.

It was decent, but Todd didn't like it nearly as well as the halibut sandwich that he always gets.

Sylvia got a grouper sandwich, while Tim got a soup bread bowl of clam chowder.

Everyone enjoying their food.

The scenery was spectacular, especially at this golden hour right before sunset.

After dinner, we drove down the block to go for a walk/run along the waterfront in Point Loma. Todd did his long run for the week, while I walked with Sylvia and Tim.

This is actually where Todd will be swimming in the San Diego Triathlon Classic in September.

View of downtown San Diego right before sunset. It was pink!

I walked two miles with my in-laws, then I ran the 3rd mile by myself. I don't know if I've mentioned on my blog yet, but my right leg is injured. Remember how my right thigh was always sore even before the half marathon in early June? Turns out I have an iliotibial band injury, just like Todd did last year. I don't think mine is as severe as his was, but my right knee, thigh, and side of my upper leg gets tight and sore. It's an overuse injury so I have not been running as much. If you're my friend on Daily Mile, then you'll know that I have been doing a lot of cross-training the last three weeks: walking, rowing, yoga, other exercise DVDs, strength training, etc. I am running a little bit too, but with walking breaks so I don't risk further injuring my IT band. 

On Monday 8/2, Tim and Sylvia drove up from downtown San Diego in the evening.  We went to Panera Bread for dinner and then hung out at our house.  We played Rock Band again.

On Tuesday 8/3, we met Tim and Sylvia at Pacifica Del Mar for dinner.  It is a really nice restaurant in Del Mar, with ocean view.

I had shrimp ziti and it was delicious.

Todd had grilled halibut.

He said it was super fresh and delicious.

Sylvia had salmon, as did Tim.

Photo right at sunset.

Downtown Del Mar at dusk.

After dinner, Tim and Sylvia left for the airport to catch a red-eye back to Ohio. It was a short visit, but we managed to fit some fun in!

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  1. You know I get jealous each time you blog about Point Loma. It makes me want to book a flight in just to eat there.


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