Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fab Forty Forever

So apparently when you turn 40, you get to celebrate it all year long with the women that you went to high school with, who also turn 40 in the same year.

On Tuesday I took a day off of work and joined Sally and Stacy for a girls spa day. It was another celebration of "Fab Forty". Stacy said the rule is you get to celebrate your birthday the whole year when it's a "decade birthday". No arguments from me and Sally!

The girls arrived at my house around 8:30am to pick me up. We stopped for Sally and Stacy to get some breakfast at Panera, then we headed north on the I-15 to Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona. (Seriously not to be confused with Glen Eden Sun Club, which is a nudist camp nearby!)

I thought going on a Tuesday would make it less crowded, but it was still slightly crowded. We got in line to pay and get into the facilities. When you pay at the entrance, you can set up a tab with them for the day, so that any drinks or spa treatments, or lunch, can be charged to your tab. I did that. Then we headed to the lockers to change. The lockers was actually a huge complex with a lounge, lockers, changing area, bathrooms, showers, and a Roman bath. I changed and went to stake out some lounge chairs while Sally and Stacy went to take showers. (They had hiked in the morning before coming to my house.)

I found some lounge chairs by a far pool. Pretty soon all the lounge chairs were taken up. I waited a long time and didn't see Sally and Stacy. So I left the towels on the chairs and went around the complex looking for them. Didn't see them, so I went back to the chairs and waited. By now I'm totally sweating and hot from the heat of the sun. I think in total it took us an hour to find each other again, but finally I saw Sally and Stacy coming towards my area. They said they found some lounge chairs in another part of the complex that was in more shade, so off we went over there.

Glen Ivy had lots of different pools to experience. There was a lap pool, a hot springs mineral area (smelled like sulfur), an epsom salt pool, and various other pools. All the pools were different temperatures, so you can migrate from a hot jacuzzi type of pool to the cooler pool next door. It was fun.

Before we knew it, it was lunch time and we were hungry! Glen Ivy had an on-site restaurant called Cafe Sole. It's cafeteria style and you get into different lines depending on what you want to eat. There was a salad line, a sandwich line, and hot foods line. Stacy and I got salads while Sally got pho noodle soup. I had a smoked salmon salad and it was really good!

After lunch we went in some more pools. Then some space finally freed up in the mineral bath and we dunked ourselves in there. Very soothing! Then we lounged around and read our books. Sally took a nap. At around 4:30 we woke her up and we went to Club Mud, the area where you can put red clay exfoliating mud on yourself and go into a sauna-like area to get the mud baked dry on you. That was really fun and we took some photos, but I've been told that I'm not allowed to show any bathing suit photos of anyone on the blog, so no pictures here, ha ha!

We cleaned ourselves up from the mud, then headed back to the lockers to shower and change back to our street clothes. It was a fabulously relaxing day with just the girls. On the way out, we asked someone to take a photo of all three of us.


  1. Happy birthday! What a fun day at the spa!!

  2. what a fantastic "tradition" to celebrate the whole year!

  3. I think celebrating the whole year sounds awesome! and I about laughed out loud at the "not to be confused with" the nudist camp! sounds like a really fun day!


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