Thursday, October 21, 2010

Norwegian Breakfast

On Monday morning 10/11, the day after Peppermint and Tom's wedding, we went to the town of Osseo, Wisconsin for a Norwegian breakfast at the Norske Nook! We were excited because we had never had Norwegian food before!

The 20 minute drive to Osseo from Eau Claire was so pretty. We saw lots of fall foliage, which was exciting to us southern Californians. I took a lot of phone photos on the trip, because I always had my Blackberry in my pocket and it was so convenient. And also because I could upload the photos directly from my Blackberry to Facebook and Twitter, from anywhere. It's true that the phone photos are not as good resolution and certainly not as clear, but the convenience was very appealing.

Peppermint, Tom, and Tom's family got there before us. So as soon as we walked in we saw their wonderful food. Yum! All of them urged me to order the Ultimate Potato Pancake. So I did.

Wasn't it beautiful? The potato pancake was topped with eggs, bacon, and hollandaise sauce.

Peppermint took this photo of me with her phone.

Todd didn't order the Ultimate Potato Pancake, because he doesn't eat eggs. So he got the regular Potato Pancake with bacon and applesauce.

One of the main attractions at Norske Nook is their homemade pies. They have no less than 20-25 different pies on hand. Todd got some kind of caramel apple pie and he just loved it.

Another Norwegian specialty is the Lutefisk.

Todd and I saw a show on TV once about how lutefisk is made. We didn't dare try it. Sorry to all you lutefisk lovers out there!

Before we left, Peppermint took a photo of us in front of the restaurant.

We spent the rest of Monday hanging out at Peppermint and Tom's house. Now that Tom's family had left, we were staying there for a couple of days. We played with the cats a lot.

You already know Mo. The white/gray one is Sisko, the racist cat.

Tom had to work. But for dinner Monday night, the three of us met up with him at Manny's, the best Mexican restaurant in Eau Claire. They have Peppermint's favorite fish tacos. It was actually quite good, even for the taste buds of us San Diegans living on the Mexico border. I fell down on the job and didn't take any photos. Not even Todd Shots. I fell down on the job quite a bit on this trip in regards to food photos. Not sure why! Now I regret it.

More Wisconsin adventures await... stay tuned for Mall of America and how we got soft hands. Oh wait, that's in Minnesota.


  1. So...when you come to Michigan (hee!) we'll make sure you get pasties from King Arthur's, Flint-style coneys (way better than Detroit style!), gyros from Greektown, and if you come during the summer--pierogies and kapusta from the Polish festival. And we can top it off with a nice slice of Seven Sisters cake from Sweetheart bakery (Scott's favorite cake evah!). See what I'm doing...trying to lure you here with foodie bait. lol!

  2. wow Sherrie, you sure know how to temp me with food, LOL. Those all sound good, especially the Seven Sisters cake, which I remember you talking about before!

  3. That potato pancake looks yummy.


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