Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodbye Thirties

Today is the last day of me being in my thirties.  I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on this past decade of my life.

In my thirties:

  1. I became a finance manager for the first time, with people working for me.  It was humbling and annoying.
  2. I added to my collection of gray hairs.  
  3. I got braces for the first time, as an adult, for 21 months.  Very good investment.  I cringe to look at my photos of my crooked teeth from prior to the braces.
  4. I cut my hair very short and regretted it the day after.  Short layered hair + braces made me look terrible for a few months there.  I think I only have one photo of myself during that "awkward period" of my life, when I was 32.  :p
  5. I ran my one and only 26.2 mile marathon in Honolulu, Hawaii, while raising over $3,200 for Team In Training (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).  I got a blister the size of a nickel on my heel halfway through the marathon, but managed to limp to the finish line.  It took me over six hours, but I did it.
  6. I ran the Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon in 2:40:34 - not too bad for a 39 year old.  I wasn't even sore the day after.
  7. I jumped out of an airplane at 13,000 feet in the air.  Freefall was 50 seconds and about 7,000 feet at terminal velocity (120 mph).  I made it and loved it at the time.  Never again.
  8. I welcomed two nephews into the world, who are now 6 and 8.
  9. I survived the saddest ten months of my life, when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, went through surgery and treatment, and passed away.  
  10. I had my first panic attack as a result of the cumulative stress and anxiety I experienced for months.  It has changed my life, because now I am prone to worry and anxiety, and have to actively try to manage it.  
  11. I discovered paper scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking, and now designing.  I enjoy it most of the time.
  12. I made friends on the internet.  Gasp.  One friend in particular, Peppermint, has changed my life.  But there are many others who have impacted my life in the last two years and I'm immensely grateful.
  13. I met Meera and AJ at our small group Bible study, and now they're one of my best friends.
  14. I tried my hand at freelance writing, and was published in several publications.
  15. I snowboarded and surfed on the same day.
  16. I went to Hawaii five times, hitting all four of the major islands.  Enjoyed it every time, except the 2006 trip to Maui, when my mom got very sick.  One good thing about moving to San Diego is that it's much closer to Hawaii than Ohio.  One bad thing about moving to San Diego is that Hawaii seems less exotic now.
  17. I found my own voice for the first time.  I cared less about what others thought of me.  It's liberating.  
  18. I survived Todd's illness in 2005, when he was bedridden for two months and we didn't know when he would get better.  I worked from home to take care of him.  Being together 24/7 made our bond stronger.  I'm so thankful he's healthy now.
  19. I grew in my career.
  20. I was one voucher away from getting my SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card.  I was a background actor on several episodes of the TV show Veronica Mars.  They called me to be the "featured extra" in an episode where I would have played a jury member in a trial and had good screen time, and told me they would give me a voucher for it.  But the role ended up going to an Asian woman who looked much older than me.  Oh well.  Thus ended my short and not-so-illustrious acting career.
  21. I survived a total kitchen and master bath remodel.
  22. I realized I have so much yet to learn and grow.

My friend Becky gave me an "Honest Scrap" award a couple of days  ago.

I'm going to consider that this blog post has fulfilled the 10 honest things about me, LOL. In fact, I doubled it! Becky also has a fun giveaway on her blog, related to me. Go here to check it out!

So now I pass this "Honest Scrap" award to:


  1. I get the first comment here if not on the bookface!!

    Welcome to the world of 40s where you get to still enjoy healthy adult life, but with the life lessons of your 30s already learned!

    I can say for certain that we'll find even more fun in the next decade than the last.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Happy early birthday Christine! I loved reading about your past decade! I wish you lots of more amazing adventures and memories and good health and may your current friendships/relationships continue to flourish and grow while you enjoy building future ones! Continue to do what it is that you do that makes you happy and I feel privledge that you allow us to share a part of that with you through your work and blog!

  3. You really acomplish so many things in your 30's!! They say that the new forties are like the 25's... So...more fun ahead and more new things to do!! Have lots of fun and a Great Happy Birthday Christine!!!


  4. Happy Early Birthday! I ALSO turn 40 this year...on Black Friday...Fitting, NO?!

    Hope your next decade is better and as wonderful as this one was! Sucks about losing a parent. But the rest of the list was honorable!


  5. Happy day before, Christine!

    Sounds like you had a decent decade. I had similar experiences with professionally finding myself, (then finding more school). I also lost my Mom in my 30s and that was really rough for me too. But all in all my 30's was good, so far, my 40s are even better! Here's hoping it's the same for you!!

    Oh, and as a thought you might mention to Todd, my husband took me for a very nice dinner, swordfish and an incredible dessert, on the last night of my 30s. I'm just saying it's something to commemorate...just sayin'. ;)

    Happy Birthday!!

  6. What a fabulous list! I can only hope to fill mine with some of yours! Though I will not jump out of a plane or run a full marathon, though I would love to run a half before I turn 40. Guess I better start training now cause I think it will take me the full 10 years. ;)

  7. Happy birthday tomorrow!!! I'm right behind you in May. My list would be TOTALLY different. LOL But I really enjoyed reading yours, thank you for sharing it. I should work on a list for myself, I think it would be a good exercise.

  8. Happy Birthday Christine! Your 30's have been filled with fun, adventure and unfortunately some sadness. I hope your next decade is lovely. Have an amazing birthday!

  9. Happy happy birthday, Christine!! Have a lovely day tomorrow!! I loved reading your list! :)

  10. Happy birthday to you Christine! Your list is awesome--and if you haven't already, I highly recommend you scrap it! It really shows how much you have grown. Now that I've crossed over to the later half of the 40's. It's not so bad. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

  11. Happy Birthday, Christine! You had a lot of adventures in your 30s. Looking forward to seeing you and Todd this weekend.

  12. Happy birthday to you...
    happy birthday to you...
    happy birthday my supertwinkle-y friend....
    happy birthday to you!

    BTW....#7 and #20 made me LOL and I had to read them to Scott who got a good chuckle out of them too. :D

  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Christine! Thank you for sharing *you* with all of us!

  14. fantastic list - and congrats to the award!

  15. Happy 40th Birthday!
    I love grandma used to make them for me, and I have a pan...but my family just doesn't love them the way I do :(
    I just found your blog via the Simple Scrapper newsletter. I LOVE templates!

  16. You have really accomplished alot in your 30s dear. And trust me, it only gets better from here. I was impressed as I read through your list of accomplishments. I love your blog and found it through your digi files interview. I have joined LDD also and love your templates!

  17. Wow, Christine... After reading this post, it felt like I've known you for a long time! I also lost my mom at the age of 11 to cancer (leukemia) and to this day, it has been such a major event that has forever changed my life. It's been decades since then, now that I'm in my mid-30's, but I still feel her presence. Everything I do now, is done with purpose and meaning and I try not to take anything for granted. I haven't done free falling or ran a marathon...yet, but it has crossed my mind so many, many, many times. I totally adore you and feel grateful that I've come across someone whom I can find inspiration from, not only creatively, but personally and spiritually. Thanks for sharing and may you continue to be blessed in everything you do!

    Warmest Regards,
    Dahlia Co


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