Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Project Life | January Part 1

In my last post about Project Life, I talked about my title page and my process for 2014.  I’ve got three pages done and they span from 1/1 – 1/17.

January page 1:  Sort of an intro page for 2014 and for January.

Supplies:  Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste Mini Kit; BH Project Life letter stickers; Evalicious Camera Love puffy stickers; Tree House Studio sequins; April Joy Hill calligraphy calendar card freebie; Studio Calico Valley High Project Life kit.

Closer looks:



I typed a lot of journaling onto my photos before printing them out.  That’s the way I like it nowadays.  :-)

January page 2:

Supplies:  Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party Magic Moments paper; Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic Cartwheel Court paper; Evalicious Everyday Snipsnip Page Tabs; Studio Calico Marks & Co Project Life kit; Alison Kreft for Webster's Pages Recorded Cardstock Sticker Sheet.

Closer looks:



January page 3:  this had the night we met up with Liz, Peppermint, and Kami for ramen at Santouka in Costa Mesa!

Supplies:  Alison Kreft for Webster's Pages Recorded Cardstock Sticker Sheet; Studio Calico Valley High Project Life kit; Studio Calico Marks & Co Project Life kit.

Closer looks:  this is a 4x6 pocket that I divided in half with a long-reach stapler so that there are two 3x4 pockets!  It’s my ghetto super-quick DIY way to alter the pocket, ha ha! 




While I used all Design A page protectors so far, I plan to use various page protectors going forward, since I have them!  I’ve devised a way to remind myself which ones I have so I use them. 


I downloaded the PDF reference file from Becky Higgin’s blog and printed it out.  Then I circled the ones I have and marked on the sheet which binder I have stored them into.  I punched three holes and the reference sheets are in my PL album whenever I want to reference which configurations I want to use. 


Hopefully this will help me diversify and use some of my non-Design A page protectors!

This weekend I will be working on pages for the second half of January.  I’m having fun with it so far!

Other Project Life Supplies That I Always Use:

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Land of Sunshine

About the only thing weather-related we can complain about in San Diego is the lack of rain and a 3-year draught. 

2014-01-19 11.16.22_blog

I can’t complain at all about wearing short sleeves and shorts in January.  Or that the sun shines 300 days per year and I can run outside year-round. 

2014-01-19 11.43.07_blog

I suppose I can complain about the amount of money spent on sunscreen every year, but that’s just getting nitpicky.  It’s even beautiful when it’s overcast.

2014-01-19 11.16.11_blog

The weekend before this weekend, Todd & I went running at the coast.  We are both signed up to run the Hot Chocolate 15K at the end of March, so training has officially begun.  Last weekend the coast run was 3.6 miles for me.  Today we ran at the lake and I ran 4 miles.  After the run last weekend, we went to lunch at Lourdes Mexican and I had their chicken soup.  It’s my favorite, it’s so good!

2014-01-19 12.09.59_blog

On Friday 1/17, Todd’s work had an afternoon celebration in their amphitheater.  It was catered by Stone Brewery, and there was lots of good food and free craft beer.  Todd and his work friends hanging out.

2014-01-17 15.58.53_blog

Free food.



Last Saturday 1/18 we had to take Todd’s car in for new brakes.  Ouch!  But we also got to have lunch with our friends AJ & Meera and their kids at Chipotle.  We hadn’t seen them in a while, so it was a treat.


2014-01-18 13.09.36_blog

Group photo outside.



Afterwards Todd had to go check out the popcorn flavored ice cream at Baskin Robbins.  I guess he felt obligated because he loves popcorn so much.

2014-01-18 14.19.57_blog

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Julio, whom I haven’t seen in like… three years!  Julio used to work where I work, but he’s since moved on to work on the City of SD’s budget.  We met up at Ortega’s.  They have breakfast food on the weekends until 2pm, which was perfect for me since I’m still having a hard time eating with my braces, so I need to eat soft things.  I ordered the chorizo con huevos and it was perfect!

2014-01-25 13.02.15_blog

Julio got a shrimp enchilada.  It looked really good, I might try that next time.

2014-01-25 13.02.44_blog

Me and Julio down by the schoolyard!  Er, I mean down by Ortegas for lunch.

2014-01-25 14.17.06_blog

Then last night we went to Saturday night church.  We sang a couple of my favorite songs so I was excited.  The message was really good too, about how God’s timing is different than ours, and sometimes it seems like God’s delayed in his response to us, but he knows infinitely more than we do. 

2014-01-25 18.12.00_blog

What’s that you say?  You want some Noodle photos?  Okay.

We bought him a new white mouse to play with.  It makes a sound when you shake it.  He loves little boys like this.

2014-01-18 16.22.35_blog

He also loves snuggling on Todd’s lap while we watch TV, or when Todd plays video games.

2014-01-20 21.31.14_blog

On his perch one morning last week.

2014-01-21 11.04.06_edited_blog

Noodle found out about the “cat selfies” that have appeared on the human internetz.  He wanted to contribute a photo.

2014-01-25 11.42.50_blog

Today we went running, ate lunch at Kebab Shop, cleaned the house, and paid bills.  So fun!  I sort of hate how the mundane tasks of life takes up so much of our time.  I should think about outsourcing the stupid stuff I hate spending time on but needs to get done!  Ha!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Keep Smiling

So… this happened on Tuesday.


It didn’t hurt until I tried to eat.  Then it hurt a lot.  I sort of remember this from the first time I had braces.  I’ve been drinking protein shakes and eating yogurt, ice cream, soups, and Frostys from Wendy’s.  The brackets keep rubbing the side of my cheeks, so I’ve got lots of wax in there during non-eating times and during sleeping.  Today I successfully ate my soup at lunch without crying out in pain from the cheek rubbing, so I’ll call that good. 

I marvel at the advancement in braces technology too.  When I got the brackets put on this time, they had already placed the brackets into a clear tray.  The placements were based on the mold they made of my teeth.  Then they just put glue on my teeth, put the tray onto each arch, cured the glue with UV light, and removed the tray.  Viola, the brackets were on my teeth, all at once.  Last time I had braces the brackets were put on one at a time.  Advancements, I tell ya!

When I was leaving the orthodontist’s office, the office manager reminded me to “smile big”.  I intend to do so for the next few months while I’m trapped in the braces.  If only my gray hairs would disappear on their own, then I could almost look like a teenager again.  Almost.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Project Life | Title Page + Process


This is my fourth year doing Project Life!  I’ve actually never completed an entire year of Project Life, which I’ve learned to come to terms with.  The “completist” in me was bothered by it.  But the realist in me is happy that I get any pages done.  So I just do the best I can and enjoy it! 

I started Project Life in mid-2011, so I didn’t make a title page that year.  You can see my 2012 title page here and my 2013 title page here.  For 2014 I decided to keep it very simple.  I also decided to not use an entire 12x12 page protector for the title page.  Instead, I cut a Design A page protector in half so that there’s only 2 4x6 slots and 2 3x4 slots to fill.  It sort of makes the title page stand out more.  I like it!


I decided to make my photos B&W for the title page.  I used Rad Lab inside Lightroom to processed my photos to B&W.  I also wanted to keep the colors very simple, so I decided on white and gold.  The 3x4 “adventure” overlay is from the Studio Calico Valley High Project Life kit last year.  I added some AC Roller Rink gold thickers for the “2014”, on top of white vellum paper.  To tie it all together, I added some asterisks from the same Thickers pack to my photos. 



Along with the title page, I want to share with you my thoughts on my Project Life process for 2014.  There are many different ways to do Project Life.  Some processes may be easier for some but harder for others.  My own process has changed over the years.  It is whatever you make it to be, whatever you want it to be.  I think it’s really important to MAKE IT WORK for you, rather than struggling to do it the way that others are doing it.  You will give up if it’s too hard and takes too much time.  Experiment and do it your own way.  I share my process here to document it for myself, and also for you if you want to take away a thing or two.  :-) 

My 2014 Project Life Process:

  • Keep it fairly simple & flat.  I’m really hoping to fit everything into one album this year.
  • Using a 12x12 WRMK faux leather album.  I’ve used these for three years now and love them.  Very sturdy and well-made, with great choice of colors.  I thought about using a smaller album, but the 12x12 is more versatile for my needs.  One of the main reasons I started Project Life in 2011 was to keep my memorabilia in one place.  I feel like the 12x12 album is best for that.  Plus, I have a ton of different 12x12 page protectors that I need to use up.
  • Work on it at least on a monthly basis.  Sometimes I may work on it every week.  But I will not have weekly spreads with week numbers.  Because frankly, I don’t care what week # of the year it is.  It is superficial and does not add meaning to my album.
  • Upload, process, and tag photos on a weekly basis.  Even if I don’t scrapbook on a weekly basis, I need photos for my blog anyways, so this makes sense for me.
  • Use Lightroom to journal in the metadata of my photos.  That way the journaling is saved with the photo no matter what application I might use in the future.  I will be doing a separate blog post about this.
  • Use Photoshop to date & journal on top of my photos before printing out. 
  • Print photos at home, most of the time.
  • Use supplies that I already have.  Especially the Becky Higgins Project Life kits that I’ve accumulated. 
  • Integrate some 8.5x11 digital/hybrid Project Life pages into my album.  I chose this size because I can print it at home.  I plan to use these digital templates & pockets.
  • No need to be comprehensive with my photos & album.  That’s too much pressure.  One photo from an event is enough to trigger the memories.  I usually have a lot more photos & stories on my blog.
  • Just relax & enjoy the process.

Hope you’ve enjoy a look at my title page and process.  How are you doing Project Life this year?

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Showered With Goodness

This past weekend was full of good times, good food, and good friends.  Basically, my favorite things in life! 

On Saturday afternoon we attended Dejah & Roby’s wedding shower.  They are getting married in Key West in February.  Many of their San Diego friends won’t be able to attend (us included), so this was an awesome celebration of their upcoming nuptials.


There was Indian food from our favorite place, Punjabi Tandoor


Of course there was cake.


Todd made a beautiful and humorous speech about Dejah & Roby.



There were various wedding shower games.




And there was gift opening.


All in all, we’re so excited for them to begin their lives as husband & wife!

Right after the shower, we drove straight to Costa Mesa to meet up with Peppermint, Liz, and Kami for dinner at Santouka!


Peppermint was in town for CHA and Disneyland, so we had to get together.  And she said, “I want to try the real Japanese ramen that you Asians are always raving about”. 

20140111-2014-01-11 17.46.49_blog

After the ramen, we wanted to hang out more, so we decided to go to Panera and hang out.  Of course, everyone got on their phones to find the nearest Panera, ha!

20140111-2014-01-11 18.35.07_blog

I feel super-blessed to see these girls again.  My scrapbooking friends whom I met online and have become good friends with!

On Sunday, we went to Karl Strauss for lunch because the NFL playoffs were on.  Go 49ers!

2014-01-12 11.59.44_blog

I was so tempted to get a burger, but I was good and got a seared ahi salad instead.  It was really delicious!  So glad to find a good salad close to home!

2014-01-12 12.11.16_blog

Todd got a turkey bacon sandwich and he loved it.

2014-01-12 12.11.26_blog

2014-01-12 12.11.41_blog

Some other good things this week…  I got a new laptop at work!  I’ve fully migrated and this beauty is so fast!

20140109-2014-01-09 13.32.55_blog

I spent about three hours on Saturday cleaning up my messy craft room.  This was the before photo.  It was mainly the tabletop that was out of control.

2014-01-12 19.24.58_blog

Now it’s all cleaned up and ready for me to create!

I received my first Ipsy glam bag this month.  It’s a monthly beauty subscription club.  It costs $10/month and they send you samples or full-size of stuff to try, in a cute bag no less!

2014-01-14 08.44.14_blog

Here’s what was in my Ipsy glam bag this month.


So far I like the lip balm, the foundation (happens to be a perfect shade match for me!), the makeup cleansing tissue, and the body balm.  I haven’t tried the pore minimizer yet.

And… we’ve been cooking at home on weeknights for two weeks now.  It’s just easier since I’m back on Weight Watchers.  This Halibut with Bacony Corn Saute is absolutely delicious and only 8 WW points!  Mmm… bacony corn!

2014-01-16 18.40.47_blog

Work has been slightly stressful due to trying to get the budget to fit the target numbers that upper management handed down to us.  I’m trying to make it fit and it’s pretty bad this year.  On the personal finance side, I’m actually looking forward to doing our taxes this year, because I think we’re going to get some good amount of taxes back.  Todd went to a new job in mid-year and I think his withholdings were way too high.  Oh, I had my first orthodontist appointment yesterday.  I got x-rayed and they made mold casts of my teeth.  Next week I get the braces on!  Sigh, my second stint of braces as an adult.  Stupid misaligned bite this time.  So I guess I better take some pretty pictures of myself this weekend before the braces go on, hee hee!

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