Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

No matter how much I try to prepare and get all my stuff together for Christmas, I'm never fully prepared when the day arrives. We were supposed to leave for my dad's house in LA around 1pm and we didn't leave until 2pm.

Before we left, I had to wrap some last minute gifts that arrived in the mail. I had ordered them in time, but the UPS delivery got delayed. I was worried the gifts wouldn't arrive in time, but it came on Christmas Eve! Talk about just-in-time, LOL.

We encountered some traffic on the way up, so we arrived around 4:30pm. Shelly was busy in the kitchen preparing our Christmas Eve dinner. It was quite a feast! We also had some sparkling wine.

I made the Crunchy Asian Slaw that my friend Leslie shared on the Vanilla Bees blog again. But I used sliced almonds instead because I love almonds, and I used less dressing.

We brought our tripod so that it was easier to take photos of all four of us.

After dinner, we went to the choir concert at the church that my dad and Shelly go to, near their house. The music was wonderful! I really enjoyed the jazzy arrangements and the Christmas message.

After we got back home, it was time to open the gifts! Yea, I know it was Christmas Eve, but we're all adults and we make our own rules. Besides, Santa had already brought the gifts.  :p

I am excited about the sewing book "One Yard Wonders" from my sister-in-law Amy. Can't wait to sew stuffs on my sewing machine! And learn. I need to learn first, LOL.

Some neat shots that Todd and I took.

It was a rather enjoyable Christmas Eve at my dad's house. We stayed the night there and left after lunch on Christmas Day, which is my next blog post. :)


  1. I always get excited to hear about your holiday with you dad. It's almost like I'm right there with you.

    I love the photo of your Christmas tree and the one of the bokeh. Your tree is always so beautiful.

    Can't wait to read about Christmas day. :)

  2. like the picture of your beautiful christmas tree.
    Wonderful that you can share these special day with your father


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