Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No Shark Sightings

Most of you know by now that Todd is training for an Olympic distance triathlon in September. He's been training for a while, doing 2 swims, 2 bikes, and 1-2 runs per week, plus weights and stretching. He's in very good shape and I'm amazed at his progress!

On Friday night, Todd embarked on a new journey as he went to the open water swim at La Jolla Cove with the San Diego Tri Club. I drove to his work to meet up with him, then we drove down to La Jolla together. I planned to run/walk a little bit while he swam. My right leg is injured at the moment, so I have not been running my long runs. Just short jogs here and there, mixed in with rowing, walking, and fitness DVDs.

We got to La Jolla Cove and saw many tri club members putting on or taking off wetsuits. You go out into the water in groups, so there was a constant wave of groups of people going in and out of the water.

The grassy area atop the Cove was busy with swimmers getting ready.

Todd getting his wetsuit on.

You may wonder, "Hey, it's summer, why is everyone wearing wetsuits?"
The water temperature in the ocean here doesn't get above 70 degrees, at the highest. Right now the water's still in the 60's.

Wetsuit on and ready to go!

I took a peek at the other swimmers waiting to get into the water.

When I looked back, Todd's group was ready to go.

Todd checking out the water.

Todd getting closer to starting his first open water ocean swim.

Just as he got to the bottom of the stairs and I was taking a photo, I heard a voice say, "Taking photos again?" I looked and it was Anthony, one of the coaches from West Coast Road Runners. He's doing an Ironman triathlon in Arizona in November!

As I was chatting with Anthony, Todd got into the water.

And started swimming.

After Todd started swimming, I took off for my run. Along the way, I saw some beautiful sights.

We're so blessed to live in such a beautiful and temperate place! After about 40 minutes, I made it back to the Cove and saw that Todd was finished and already changed back into his clothes. He was discouraged because he didn't swim very long or very far. He couldn't get used to the salty water and the waves made him slightly dizzy. I had talked to Anthony earlier and he said the first few times swimming out in open ocean water is not easy and you have to keep practicing and get used to it. I told Todd that and to chin up because he will get better with more practice. He can swim 2400 yards in the pool for an hour, but the ocean is a totally different game.

After we left the Cove, we went to one of our favorite places for dinner, which we hadn't been in a long time. BURGER LOUNGE!

We shared a salad

and a burger

and some french fries.

It was a good Friday evening. Todd got to experience his first open water swim, without any shark sightings. :)


  1. I've thought about training for a Tri, but that ocean-swim-shark thing wigs me out. I admire Todd a lot though. Ocean swimming is a whole different animal.

    LOVE the Burger Lounge!!!!!

  2. way to go on his first open water swim!! I am in awe of anyone who can swim in open water at all, it completely stresses me out.

    You guys are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area and I love that you guys take advantage of it too!! Beautiful pics.

    I have been so busy that I haven't been good about keeping up with my blogs, so I am getting ready to get caught up! LOL


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