Sunday, February 12, 2017

Outfit Roundup | Vol. 1


I blogged back in mid-January about how I’m learning to mix-and-match my wardrobe and participating in the Putting Me Together Winter Style Challenge.  I plan to make this a semi-regular series of posts.  Today is a roundup of what I wore the last week of January and the first couple of weeks of February.  The style challenge ended at the end of January, so my outfits in February have been my own formulas and stylings.  I’m still using the Stylebook App to keep track of my clothing inventory and putting outfits together.

This was everything I wore in January 2017, in calendar form.

20170201-2017-02-01 20.19.21_blog

Monday 1/23 – patterned button-up + jeans + neutral cardigan + black boots

20170204-2017-02-03 21.49.49_blog

Tuesday 1/24 – solid button-up + neutral solid sweater + colored corduroy + cognac leather jacket + cognac riding boots

20170204-2017-02-03 21.48.04_blog

Wednesday 1/25 – solid tee + light colored solid sweater + bootcut jeans + colored corduroy blazer + black loafers

20170204-2017-02-03 21.46.33_blog

Thursday 1/26 – solid dress + neutral blazer + neutral scarf + black tights + black riding boots

20170204-2017-02-03 21.44.12_blog

Friday 1/27 – neutral sweater + neutral corduroy + black vest + black clogs

20170204-2017-02-03 21.42.37_blog

Sunday 1/29 – colored blouse + neutral pants + light tan booties

20170204-2017-02-03 21.39.18_blog

Monday 1/30 – ombre tee + dark skinny jeans + neutral blazer + gray booties

20170204-2017-02-03 21.36.59_blog

Tuesday 1/31 – striped tee + neutral corduroy skirt + neutral blazer + nude heels

20170131-2017-01-31 11.14.58_blog

Wednesday 2/1 – white tank + solid hoodie + neutral skirt + white vest + navy Converse

20170212-2017-02-11 20.41.35_blog

Thursday 2/2 – neutral tee + neutral corduroy pants + white cardigan + cognac booties

20170212-2017-02-11 20.44.05_blog

Friday 2/3 – striped shirt + black jeans + neutral blazer + black riding boots (one of my fave outfits – wore this to interview job candidates)

20170212-2017-02-11 20.45.59_blog

Sunday 2/5 – white tee + bright colored sweater + dark skinny jeans + black vest + black booties (wore this to go out for Todd’s birthday dinner)

20170212-2017-02-11 20.49.17_blog

Monday 2/6 – recycled same outfit above, except with navy vest + cognac Uggs

20170212-2017-02-11 20.51.35_blog

Tuesday 2/7 – striped shirt + colored corduroy skinny pants + neutral blazer + cognac riding boots (interviewed another candidate for our open position)

20170212-2017-02-11 20.53.28_blog

Wednesday 2/8 – striped sweatshirt + skinny jeans + red vest + watch + black Skechers

20170212-2017-02-11 20.55.13_blog

Thursday 2/9 – colored plaid popover shirt + jean skirt + black vest + black Skechers

20170212-2017-02-11 20.57.26_blog

Friday 2/10 – solid tee + striped shirt + light bootcut jeans + pink vest + striped Keds

20170212-2017-02-11 20.59.29_blog

If you are exploring with fashion and how to mix-and-match clothes, maybe the above could give you some outfit formula inspiration.  Obviously winters in San Diego are pretty mild.  I noticed that my go-to formula usually involves a striped shirt and a blazer or a vest. 

I’ve learned a few things the beginning of January about mixing and matching clothes:

  • It’s important to have different colored bottoms!  (Jeans, pants, skirts)  If you only have blue jeans and neutral pants/skirts, it would be difficult to make outfits look different.
  • “Completer” pieces such as blazers, cardigans, vests, and jackets really make the outfit standout.  And make them different.
  • Accessories such as necklaces, scarfs, and watches also make an outfit unique and completes it.
  • Wearing clothes that fit your body is so important.  If the clothes are too small, they actually make you look bigger than you are.  (For a long time I wore clothes that were my old smaller size and was always dissatisfied with how I looked.  Now I’m wearing a size larger but look much better!)  If the clothes are too big, they make you look sloppy.  I still need to learn more about the different body shapes and how to dress to flatter my body shape.

Hope you are having a good February.  Talk to you at the next Outfit Roundup!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Monthly Memories | January 2017

20170121-2017-01-21 11.40.30_blog

I decided on a new name for my monthly recaps, because “Best of” seems to indicate that everything I write about was the best of the month… And sometimes things happen and they really were not “the best” at all, but still worth remembering.  So for 2017 this series will be called “Monthly Memories”.

It rained A LOT in San Diego during January.  So much that we made HUGE progress on eliminating the draught we’re having.  But tons of rain also meant lots of hibernating at home.  I posted this status to Facebook some time in mid_January:

I feel SO cozy right now. I think I'm mastering hygge! I'm dressed in my soft fleece cardigan, pajama pants, and fuzzy slippers. Sitting under a soft blanket in my recliner. Having honey lavender tea with my piece of Dove dark chocolate. Reading free magazines through Kindle Prime on my iPad, while enjoying the scent of birthday cake in my Scentsy wax warmer. The little things ALL add up to make a wonderful warm Saturday evening on a winter's day.

In January the San Diego Chargers decided to move to Los Angeles after being in San Diego for 55 years.  That’s pretty sad.

Our Buckeyes lost badly to Clemson in the NCAA Football championship semi-final game.  Clemson went on to beat Alabama and won the title. 

I was so busy at work in January.  I was basically doing two people’s jobs.  At least my manager got budget approval to hire another financial planning analyst, and the job got posted.  I will be interviewing three people on Friday, after my manager did about 10 phone interviews and narrowed the field down.  So, should I ask the candidates, “Are you the droid we’re looking for?”  =))

At least I had this kind of view on a clear day from my desk.

20170127-2017-01-27 11.56.38_blog

Also, I can sit at my desk.

20170111-2017-01-11 10.33.55_blog

Or I can stand at my desk.  When they remodeled we got all new furniture and the desk has buttons to electronically rise and fall.  Oh and I also have a personal refrigerator.

20170112-2017-01-12 15.14.23_blog

On the weekends we went outside walking whenever it wasn’t raining.  We went to the beach twice.

20170107-2017-01-07 13.11.17_blog

20170107-2017-01-07 13.11.24_blog

20170107-2017-01-07 13.26.16_blog

20170101-2017-01-01 11.32.05_blog

20170101-2017-01-01 11.32.18_blog

And we went to the lake.

20170128-2017-01-28 12.52.27_blog

On one of those beach walks, we had lunch at Bongiornos afterwards.  Yummy.  We hadn’t gone in a while.

20170101-2017-01-01 12.44.20_blog

On the other beach walk day, we had lunch at En Fuego.  Todd gave me a “dining passport” type of book as one of my Christmas gifts, so that we could eat out and BOGO free.  And go on date nights.  The shrimp tacos at En Fuego were really good!

20170107-2017-01-07 12.27.25_blog

20170107-2017-01-07 12.27.37_blog

We also ate at Lourdes Mexican after another beach walk (we must have gone three times!).  I love their chicken soup.

20170121-2017-01-21 12.19.52_blog

20170121-2017-01-21 12.20.00_blog

And before the walk at the lake, we went to Chile Peppers for lunch.  Revisting an old fave!  Plus, we haven’t had a Todd Shot in a while, have we?

20170114-2017-01-14 12.18.19_blog

We had dinner with Dejah & Roby at Amaya at the Grand Del Mar.

20170110-2017-01-10 19.28.26_blog

Oh, the food!


I bought new wood hangers and put all the clothes that are a part of the Putting Me Together Winter Style Challenge (which I blogged about here) on the upper part of my closet. 

20170109-2017-01-09 08.06.20_blog

I’ll be blogging about my outfits that I wore for the 2nd half of January in a separate post.  I actually did not like the wood hangers, so I got some thin velvet hangers and used those for my lighter shirts.

We went out to dinner at Common Theory on a weeknight date night.  It was a rainy day but we went out anyways.  The mussels were delicious.

20170119-2017-01-19 18.31.18_blog

The company was even better.

20170119-2017-01-19 18.31.50_blog

We celebrated the Jan & Feb birthday girls at work.  I love celebrating with these beautiful, smart, and hardworking women!  They are engineers, product managers, financial analysts, event planners, product developers, computer programmers, salesperson, etc.  One of them even holds multiple technology patents!  So proud to call them friends. 

20170125-2017-01-25 12.48.56_blog

We celebrated Chinese New Year at work with some treats.

20170127-2017-01-27 10.41.49_blog

Todd and I discovered a new Indian restaurant called Curry And More.  They have really great lunch specials and the food is delicious.

20170129-2017-01-29 12.27.28_blog

20170129-2017-01-29 12.27.49_blog

We cooked at home a lot too! 

Pilaf with chicken, spinach, and walnuts.

20170101-2017-01-01 18.09.26_blog

Fast chicken chili with butternut squash.

20170103-2017-01-03 18.33.07_blog

Black-eyed pea cakes with corn salsa.

20170109-2017-01-09 18.10.35_blog

Tuscan-style potato soup.

20170111-2017-01-11 18.30.31_blog

Veggie quinoa soup.

20170116-2017-01-16 18.19.55_blog

Bean soup with sausage.

20170118-2017-01-18 19.10.25_blog

Coconut-curry chicken soup.

20170127-2017-01-27 18.16.43_blog

A ton of soups for a rainy and cold January!

Todd got periodontal surgery and was on a liquid diet for a couple of days.  He’s recovering nicely.

Noodle pretty much took naps in his beige bed all month, ha ha.

20170111-2017-01-11 07.42.49_blog

20170112-2017-01-12 08.17.42_blog

On those rare sunny days, he really enjoyed it.


20170108-2017-01-08 09.42.30_blog

Other cute photos.

20170113-2017-01-13 09.25.45_blog

20170113-2017-01-13 09.27.42_blog

20170126-2017-01-26 15.46.18_blog

Lastly… something I’m very sad about and still think a lot about… my friend Monika passed away from brain cancer in January. 

20141206-2014-12-06 08.45.34_blog

We found out she was hospitalized and Todd was able to go to the hospital to visit her and the family the next day, and then the day after that she was gone.  She was a good friend and so inspirational to so many people.  She did so much good with the 38 years that she was here on earth.  I will miss her and think of her often.  You can see her obituary here at Runner’s World.  Her conversation with Katie Couric on “Katie” is here on youtube.  And the interview with SELF magazine’s editor in chief is here.  An inspiring article about her at the San Diego Union Tribune.  I will always remember her and her indominable spirit.

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