Monday, October 31, 2016

Best of October 2016

It wasn’t until I was looking at my photos today for October that I realized I was a bad photo-taker this month.  We did a lot of things with friends and have no photos of those events.  I just didn’t take very many photos.  Hopefully I can remind myself to take more photos next month!

I went to visit my good friend Sally and her 4.5 years old twins.  I can’t believe they are 4.5 years old already!

20161001-2016-10-01 16.53.13_blog

I brought my Fuji Instax printer and some washi tapes, and we took photos and printed them out.  Then I taught Nina how to scrapbook!

20161001-2016-10-01 17.20.08_blog

Todd went to Denver to visit his “little brother” Aaron.  (Todd was in Big Brother Big Sisters for five years and was Aaron’s Big Brother from age 9 to 14.  Aaron is now 30!)

20161001-2016-10-01 20.32.17_blog

I worked a LOT this month because I had to put the 2017 budgets together at work, on top of my normal job responsibilities.  It kind of sucked.

We made Cast Iron Loaded Beef Nachos for the Buckeyes vs Indiana football game.  It was yummy!

20161008-2016-10-08 12.21.33_blog

We also made all these other yummy dishes that were new.

20161004-2016-10-04 18.42.10_blog

Pressure cooker chicken lentil soup.

20161009-2016-10-09 19.00.27_blog

Todd made this Pasta with Cauliflower, Bacon, and Bread Crumbs from America's Test Kitchen on National Pasta Day. So yum!

20161017-2016-10-17 18.09.16_blog

I casually sent a link of this recipe for brownie cookies from Smitten Kitchen to Todd. A couple of days later, they suddenly appeared from the oven. Granted, they were not all for me. But my husband is magical, there's no denying that.

20161019-2016-10-19 08.11.05_blog

We went running at the beach for the first time in a long while, and it was a perfect day for it!  I actually like going to be beach in the fall the best.  It’s not cold, but all the tourists are gone and it’s not crowded and there’s plenty of parking.

20161009-2016-10-09 09.23.32_blog

We had dinner with our friends Pete & Cass and their family at Fresco’s.  Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos.

I signed up for Stitch Fix (a personal styling company for clothing) and got my first box of five items.  I tried them all on and while they all fit, I didn’t like four of the items enough to keep them. I only kept this pencil skirt.

20161019-2016-10-19 09.18.44_blog

We watched a ton of Cleveland Indians playoff games.  Hoping they will seal the deal tomorrow night in Cleveland.

I had lunch with the girls at work at Macaroni Grill to celebrate October birthdays.  It was really fun and I shared Todd’s brownie cookies with everyone.  I forgot to take photos.

I also took my friend Erecca out to lunch for her birthday.  And forgot to take any photos.

We went to our friends Anne & Gilbert’s house for chili dinner and to watch the VA Tech vs Miami football game.  And I forgot to take photos.  Ugh!

We flew to Ohio for a four day trip to hang out with Todd’s family.  We watched Buckeyes lose to Penn State (sniff).  We ate Donatos Pizza and Penn Station sandwiches.  We bought Cleveland Indians World Series shirts.  We went to Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland to see Manhattan Transfer and Take 6 in concert.

20161023-2016-10-23 21.05.26_blog

We took a walk in the woods and enjoyed the fall scenery, which is quite different than San Diego.

20161024-2016-10-24 14.12.32_blog


On the way home from Cleveland, we flew through Chicago and were subjected to the “Go Cubs Go!” song on our flight.

Todd helped me sold my 17.5 year old Honda Prelude on Craigslist!  He sold it for $2,250 MORE than Carmax was willing to give us.  I bought him (yes, it's a him. His name was Rico) in June 1999 in Dayton, Ohio. He was shipped to San Diego in December 1999 when we moved. He never had to experience a harsh winter. In 17.5 years and 105k miles, he never let us down. I loved Rico. But now it was time to let him go to someone else who will enjoy driving him. Rico lives on!  (But I miss him already.)


Todd had to work a lot this month too, due to a software deployment at work.  He’s worked nights and weekends.  Probably more than me, and I worked a lot too!  Just a month of working hard.

I had my annual physical at my doctor.  He checked this new mole I have on the back of my hand.  It was OK, but he said if it gets bigger or changes, we’ll biopsy it.  Just a reminder to get your annual physicals and see the doctor if anything out of the ordinary happens with your body.  You know your body best!

Noodle gained some weight while we weren’t paying attention.  He needs to go on a diet again to lose a pound.  But he’s still cute, obviously.

20161008-2016-10-08 12.52.35_blog

Found a sunny spot!

20161010-2016-10-10 09.24.51_blog

Noodle guilted me into posting a photo of him by telling me it was National Cat Day and all the other catmoms already posted photos of their kitties. Even cats are susceptible to Internet comparison. Smile

20161016-2016-10-16 10.13.25_blog

I’ll be excited when I recap November and the election is over.  I’m so over it.  I vote by mail ballot and I just voted yesterday and put it in the mailbox.  Lots of state and local issues, not just the big national presidential election.  I think what this election has made me feel is: unsettled. I'm saddened to see how some Americans have acted (on both sides). And personally it's unsettling to see people I like on the far other side from me. I have to reconcile all that in my mind. Obviously I don't just discard friends who are voting differently. And it's good to have different friends and not surround oneself with people like oneself. It's still unsettling. I'm sad this race is so divisive.  I’ll be glad when it’s over.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Best of September 2016

September has come and gone!  We had a more laid-back September, even though work was very busy and it ended with very hot temperatures in the high 90’s.  I’ll be excited for the weather to cool down a bit!

The college football season started and of course we were very excited to watch our Buckeyes!  For the entire summer we couldn’t get the local FOX channel because of a contract dispute with DISH Network.  It was resolved just in time to watch the Sept. 17th game versus the Oklahoma Sooners.  That was a great win!

20160903-2016-09-03 14.00.06_blog

Todd played puzzles again in September.  Of course, Noodle wanted to “help”.

20160903-2016-09-03 21.35.47_blog

We went to La Jolla Shores beach with Sally and her kids.  Hadn’t seen them in a long while and it was fun.

20160904-2016-09-04 13.07.11_blog

20160904-2016-09-04 11.16.17_blog

Beach hair, don’t care.

20160904-2016-09-04 11.16.51_blog

Todd got invited by some work colleagues to go indoor rock climbing.

20160906-2016-09-06 18.24.57_blog


Todd got a new MacBook Pro at work.


I decided to buy some new clothes that fit me.  A lot of my clothes were too small and didn’t look good.  I figured I should still buy clothes that look and feel good, even if I’m planning on losing a few pounds. 

20160909-2016-09-09 13.42.16_blog

I haven’t been able to wear the long sleeves and utility jacket yet, because it’s been so darn hot still!

20160916-2016-09-16 12.16.23_blog

20160923-2016-09-23 08.15.17_blog

Todd competed in the San Diego Triathlon Classic – Olympic Distance.  We got up really early that Saturday and I went with him in the dark.  He got his gear set up in the transition area and I watched his swim start.  Here he is getting out of the water after swimming a mile.

20160910-2016-09-10 07.15.49_blog

On the way out of transition with his bike.

20160910-2016-09-10 07.24.34_blog

At the end of the bike segment.

20160910-2016-09-10 08.52.49_blog

Midway through the run.

20160910-2016-09-10 09.23.30-2_blog

And at the finish line with his medal.  I’m so proud of him!

20160910-2016-09-10 09.55.18_blog

During his 1.5 hour bike ride, I went to Panera to have breakfast.  It was nice because it broke up the hours of waiting for him, since I couldn’t see him on his bike until the end of the bike ride anyways.  Way to go Todd!

We went to lunch at Kappa Sushi and they happened to have their anniversary specials.  So I got an awesome & delicious poke bowl.

20160911-2016-09-11 12.18.09_blog

And soft-shelled crab sliders!  So yummy!

20160911-2016-09-11 12.29.15_blog

We went to see Gordon Goodwin’s Little Phat Band downtown.  Todd loved it!

20160913-2016-09-13 20.13.14_blog

I finished an extensive project at work, getting ready for an audit.  So Todd and I celebrated with dinner at China Max.

20160914-2016-09-14 18.46.03_blog

20160914-2016-09-14 18.45.29_blog

20160914-2016-09-14 18.45.32_blog

20160914-2016-09-14 18.45.35_blog

He also got me a little lemon bundt cake, which was yummy.  I presented to the auditor on 9/28 and it went really well!

We played around with some Halloween costumes at Target.  I think Todd makes a good Captain America!

20160918-2016-09-18 16.07.48_blog

I got a haircut.  (I get a haircut every 3 months.)

20160921-2016-09-21 14.37.25-2_blog

We went to the September Chef’s Tasting Dinner at Veranda at Rancho Bernardo Inn.  It was yummy, but too much food so I didn’t eat it all.

20160922-2016-09-22 19.20.18_blog

20160922-2016-09-22 19.32.30_blog

20160922-2016-09-22 20.09.36_blog

20160922-2016-09-22 20.42.01_blog

We cooked a super-yummy miso ramen soup in the pressure cooker.

20160910-2016-09-10 18.08.29_blog

The leaves started turning!

20160923-2016-09-23 13.13.34_blog

We got a ton of new outdoor furniture at work.  They also expanded the wifi to outside, so people can work outside and have meetings outside if they wanted to.  It’s nice.

20160929-2016-09-29 14.33.45_blog

An extreme close up of Noodle curled up.

20160909-2016-09-09 16.00.46_blog

More Noodle photos.

20160905-2016-09-05 17.16.56_blog

20160916-2016-09-16 09.43.30_blog

He found a patch of sun!

20160924-2016-09-24 09.47.35_blog

20160915-2016-09-14 17.44.38-2_blog

And finally, a double-decker of relaxation!

20160925-2016-09-25 16.50.08_blog

We started watching some new fall TV shows.  So far we like This Is Us, Lethal Weapon, Designated Survivor, and Pitch.

Onwards to October!  I hope the weather cools down so I can spend some time in my craft room! 

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