Saturday, February 13, 2010

Views From The Other Side

I was excited about today's run with West Coast Road Runners, because I missed this run last year.  Even though the drive is a bit long to get there, which meant that we had to get up even earlier than usual, it was worth it!  Plus, this weekend's forecast is for sunny and blue skies and about 70 degrees.  My favorite San Diego weather.

Driving across the Coronado bridge, you can see the San Diego skyline over the water.

The view just as we were exiting the Coronado bridge onto Coronado Island. Postcard perfect!

There was a big turnout for the run today.

Before my group headed out, we got separated into those training for a full marathon and those training for a half marathon. I went with the half marathon group and there were about 20 of us. I thoroughly enjoyed the run because for the first time since a year ago when I joined the running club, I was running with people with the same goal and same pace! I kept up with the group the whole time, and it really is fun to run together. Even though we got a head start, the faster groups still passed us on the way. I like to say we're the FUN group though, because most of us in this slower group don't get too hung up on our finish times, we're there to enjoy the process.

Looking back on the Coronado Bridge.

Running with my group, with San Diego on the right.

View of San Diego from Coronado Island. Just a gorgeous clear morning!

We ran past Naval Station Coronado and North Island Naval Air Base. I took some photos, but got told by one of my teammates that you're not supposed to take photos of military bases, especially not post them on the internet. Well, I didn't know. The gate is pretty public, anyone can walk by and see it. She said they don't want other people to see photos of military bases on the internet... people who don't live around here. I understand the concern, so I'm not posting my photos here. Is this true of all military bases? What if you live on one? Can you take photos then? I'd love for any experts out there to comment and enlighten me on the rules. :)

Those of you enjoying the snow elsewhere... wanna move here? :p I'll run with ya!

Location: Coronado Island, from Tidelands Park
Distance: 4.03M
Time: 44:21
Avg Pace/Mile: 10:59
Calories: 405

Todd will have his sorta sad running story with a good ending, on his blog soon.


  1. "Those of you enjoying the snow elsewhere...wanna move here?" are killing me. :D

    The photos are awesome! I really believe I could run in San Diego because I would be distracted by the beautiful scenery.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend...I'm off to put my scrapbook pages in my album. ;)

  2. You can take pictures from the outside, just be prepared that the gate guards will be watching you while you are. Its always best to just ask, but since you were on a run, not a huge deal. Beautiful views!

  3. So, we had snow today, but it's all gone now! :( :( It was so pretty when it was falling though.
    I'd love to run in SD. Well, right now, I think I'd just love to run.

  4. Wow! Beautiful pictures! I had to skip today's WCRR run up in Carlsbad (resting my foot)... I think Coronado would have been a better location by far!!

  5. Yea you are making me just a little envious of your beautiful weather. But I still love it around here and would have a hard time giving up my woods and a lake cabin (my dad's) only a few hours away. Besides I don't run (knees don't like it)--but I am missing my bicycling outside this time of year.


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