Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elf Party

A few weeks ago, Todd and I were getting excited about the Christmas season. We always watch the movie "Elf" at least once during the holidays, because it's our favorite Christmas movie. I don't like many Will Farrell movies, but I LOVE "Elf"! In the midst of reveling, I suggested to Todd, "Hey, we should invite some friends over for an Elf viewing party!" He thought it was the greatest idea ever. Then I hadn't done anything more to plan the party. Todd totally ran with it. He emailed an invitation to our friends. He bought a blue-ray DVD of "Elf". (He claimed it's worth it because how much we watch it, LOL.) He even decided to make homemade Caramel Apple Cider, from a recipe that I had casually showed him a couple of weeks ago.

Everything was a go. So last Tuesday 12/14, our friends Sally, Anne, Gilbert, Dejah, and Roby came over for the Elf Party. We ordered pizza. Anne and Gilbert brought over homemade bean dip and festive chips too!

We decided to have some veggies, which we know Buddy the Elf wouldn't approve!

Some brownies that Buddy would approve of.

We put out some maple syrup in case anyone wanted to go Elf-authentic and put some maple syrup on their pizza or bean dip, but nobody took us up on the offer.

The gang, minus me.

Finally, a festive cup of the homemade caramel apple cider. It was SO good!


  1. What a fun idea. I love Elf. :)

  2. Hey..the "I don't like many Will Farrell movies, but I LOVE "Elf"" is totally me. Really. Most of Will's movies make me nervous because he acts like such an idiot..I get embarrassed for him. (I know, it's hard to be me. ;) )

    Mr. Netflix will be delivered 'Elf' for our Wednesday night viewing pleasure. Can.Not.Wait!

    Before the movie begins, we will observe a moment of silence and thank our California friends for helping us start this new family tradition.

    Love this post!


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