Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dinner at Sally's New House

Continuing with the series on "fun away from the computer"... :p

So in my last post I told you how our Explorer is broken and needs a transmission rebuild. That means the car is at the shop for quite a few days. Todd had ridden his bike to work on Thursday and left it there, because we went to the county fair after work. So on Friday we both worked from home and I drove him to work at lunch time to get his bike.

But first, lunch at Caliente Mexican, aka "Little Yellow House". Pretty good Mexican food for very reasonable price! It was my first time there and I really liked it. Todd's gone many times because it's right by his work.

After lunch, I dropped Todd off and he changed into his cycling clothes and rode his bike home. Our bike rack is a hitch one for the Explorer, we don't have a bike rack for my little Honda Prelude. So we couldn't just take the bike home. Todd took a 10 mile detour and rode 20 miles instead of 10 miles home, so that substituted for his long bike ride on Sunday.


Sally invited us over to her new house for dinner on Saturday night. Her mom drove down from the Bay Area for the long weekend, so we got to see her too. Sally's mom has known me since I was 12! It was really nice to see her again.

Sally's family is from the former Czechoslovakia, or now would be Slovakia. So Sally's mom Zora made us some Chicken Paprikash, with some authentic Hungarian paprika that Sally brought back from a visit to Slovakia. It was the first time I've ever tried this dish and it was SOOOO delicious! There's a similar recipe on Cooking Light.

Todd made the Green Beans with Garlic Vinaigrette. Zora and Sally loved it because the green beans were blanched and retained their crispiness and greenness after cooking.

Some extra paprikash sauce to go around.

Sally has now settled into her beachy bungalow and everything is more decorated than the last time I was there.

Todd in the dining area.

Living room area.

It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday evening in a long weekend!


  1. nice bungalow! Glad you had such perfect days and you could met an "old" friend

    hope you´ll get your explorer back, soon!

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