Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fashion | What I Wore

20171010-2017-10-10 08.44.08_blog

For this entire year I have been learning how to mix & match clothes and how to wear outfits that look put together.  I have 10.5 months of daily outfits documented in my Stylebook app!  Since I’ve been back to work, these are a sampling of my outfits.  My work is pretty casual and jeans-friendly.  I also work one day a week from home so I’m usually very casual that day.  There are also some weekend outfits in here.

Sleeveless dress, short-sleeve long open cardigan, pendant necklace, peep-toe booties.

20170928-2017-09-28 08.08.39-2_blog

Black tunic, camo jeans, quilted vest, black sandals.

20171003-2017-10-03 08.52.05_blog

Black ruched tee, jeans, statement bib necklace, neutral cardigan, leopard loafers.

20171009-2017-10-09 08.09.22_blog

Printed colored blouse, gray jeans, cardigan, statement necklace, neutral flats.

20171010-2017-10-10 08.40.49-2_blog

Sleeveless dress, taupe cardigan, statement necklace, booties.

20171011-2017-10-11 08.28.10_blog

Striped shirt, bootcut jeans, quilted vest, black booties.

20171012-2017-10-12 08.49.29_blog

Gingham dress, quilted vest, pendant necklace, white sneakers.

20171013-2017-10-13 08.25.36-2_blog

Had a hot spell for a week or so in October where it was 95-105 degrees!

Solid neutral tee, neutral shorts, olive utility vest, short pendant necklace, leopard sandals.

20171018-2017-10-18 11.59.34_blog

Printed colored shirt, denim skirt, colored sandals.

20171023-2017-10-23 09.23.53_blog

Solid neutral shirt, boyfriend jeans, necklace, pineapple slip on shoes.

20171024-2017-10-24 08.57.32_blog

Solid neutral tank, light wash jeans, gray cardigan, pendant necklace, colored flats.

20171026-2017-10-26 09.21.45_blog

Black tee, jeans, gray utility vest, black flats.

20171027-2017-10-27 08.52.02_blog

First cool day in the fall and I was excited to wear long sleeves and quilted puffer vest!

20171028-2017-10-28 09.55.23_blog

Printed colored shirt, quilted vest, bootcut jeans, booties, long pendant necklace.

20171030-2017-10-30 11.21.20_blog

Dark gray hoodie, olive tomgirl jeans, camo puffer vest, black booties.

20171031-2017-10-31 08.44.33_blog

Camo tee, dark olive jeans, black cardigan, statement necklace, black booties.

20171103-2017-11-03 09.10.08_blog

Ohio State hoodie, quilted vest, jeans.

20171104-2017-11-04 10.50.27_blog

Striped hoodie dress, olive utility vest, necklace, black riding boots.

20171106-2017-11-06 08.43.43_blog

Rainbow sweater, navy quilted vest, jeans.  (Hadn’t figured out the shoes yet!)  This is one of my favorite outfits.  I love how the colorful sweater makes me happy.

20171107-2017-11-07 09.02.23_blog

If you hadn’t figured it out yet, I really LOVE vests!  Since I live in a warmer climate, I don’t really need jackets.  Vests are the perfect completer piece for me.

I didn’t take a photo of my outfits every day, but I do have all my outfits documented in Stylebook.

20171031-2017-10-31 08.47.29_blog

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Way Back in August

20170828-2017-08-28 12.36.15_blog

In real life I’ve been back at work for a little over a week and it’s pretty taxing on me.  So I’m just gonna go back to August and document some fun things that I haven’t had a chance to blog about. 

First, a word from Noodle.  “I love to lay on paper.  It’s my favorite.  I do this every day while my catmom works out.”

20170813-2017-08-13 15.59.29_blog

I ate a lot of good food while on leave.  Some cooked at home.  Some dining out.  If I hadn’t been working out every day, I would have gained a lot of weight.

On Sunday 8/20 we went to Lolita’s Mexican for lunch.  If you don’t get there by noon you will have long lines to order and almost no seats.  That’s what happened to us.  But it was worth it!

20170820-2017-08-20 12.36.43_blog

On Saturday 8/26 we checked out Westroot Tavern for lunch.  It was a new-to-us place.  It was pretty good but expensive for what it was.  Fancy bar food!  We got the roasted Brussels sprouts with pork belly and it was really good but really oily.

20170826-2017-08-26 12.33.30_blog

I got ahi tuna salad and it was just meh.  Plus it was tiny.

20170826-2017-08-26 12.44.15_blog

Todd got fish & chips and it was ok.  He said it wasn’t salty enough.  So overall we won’t be back on a regular basis.

20170826-2017-08-26 12.44.06_blog

On Sunday 8/27 Todd went swimming in Del Mar with the SD Tri Club.  He got to wear his new wetsuit for the first time!  He had a wetsuit that he wore for years, but it finally broke down.

20170827-2017-08-27 08.06.38_blog

After that we went to lunch at Kappa Sushi, one of our favorite Japanese places around here.

20170827-2017-08-27 12.19.32_blog

We had an early dinner at Pho Hoang Express.  Then we went to Bernardo Winery for the Ira B Liss big band concert.  We do this every year and it’s always such fun!

20170827-2017-08-27 18.36.16_blog

20170827-2017-08-27 19.49.36_blog

After we got back home, it was time for the Game of Thrones season 7 finale!  I really enjoyed season 7.  Now we are watching season 6 again every Sunday night so we could go back and listen to the recap podcasts.  Long wait till season 8!

Todd took Monday 8/28 off so we went to lunch at Liberty Public Market.  We had sausage sandwiches from Mastiff.

20170828-2017-08-28 12.13.16_blog

After that we shared two small scoops of ice cream from Scoops by Moo Time.  One was Banana Nutella and the other Chocolate Pomegranate. 

20170828-2017-08-28 12.28.47_blog

And now, a word from Noodle.  “I loved to sleep in this cat bed by the window during my catmom’s leave from work.  I just wanted to be close to her, next to the recliner.”

20170830-2017-08-30 15.28.59_blog

Thursday 8/31 was the kickoff game for the Ohio State Buckeyes football season!  We invited our friends Anne & Gilbert over for dinner and the game.  Todd made homemade carne asada, which set off the smoke alarm when he was cooking it.  But man, was it good.  Anne & Gilbert brought jalapeno corn bread and it was divine.

20170831-2017-08-31 17.14.12_blog

Group selfie during the game!

20170831-2017-08-31 17.58.15_blog

Todd made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert.  So good!

20170831-2017-08-31 18.00.18_blog

The Buckeyes beat Indiana 49-21, pulling away in the second half.  It was a great way to kick off the college football season!  The first college football Saturday was 9/2, so of course Todd was prepared for it!

20170902-2017-09-02 08.05.28_blog

I haven’t been sleeping as well since going back to work.  I’ve been still working out every day though, so at least I’ve kept that going.  I’ll be back in a couple of days with more September recaps.  Talk to you soon!

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Before I Went Back To Work

20170924-2017-09-24 11.57.23_blog

(This post is postdated back to 9/24, the day before I went back to work.  Just so most posts are somewhat chronological on the blog.)

Ah, so much fun happened in September before I went back to work.  I guess I should say that we made the fun happen, knowing full well that my time of freedom was limited and the end of my leave was near.

On Saturday 9/2 we tried out the new Mendocino Farms in Del Mar for lunch.  We both got salads.  I got the chicken prosciutto salad.  It was huge and I had to take some home.

20170902-2017-09-02 12.33.10_blog

Todd got this other salad.  (I don’t remember the name, LOL.)

20170902-2017-09-02 12.33.13_blog

This place is know for their salads and sandwiches.  We saw some other people’s food and everything looked good and fresh.

20170902-2017-09-02 12.44.13_blog

On Sunday 9/3, after Todd went swimming in the ocean with the Tri Club, we went out to lunch at Curry & More.  Love this place!  I think we went there three times during my leave!

20170903-2017-09-03 12.17.41_blog

And now, an interlude from Noodle… I love sitting on my catdad when he’s using his laptop in his recliner.  Look at me, king of the house.

20170903-2017-09-03 14.01.40_blog

On Monday 9/4 (Labor Day) we went out to lunch at URBN Pizza.  It’s New Haven style pizza and we really like it.  We had gone there several times before, including for Todd’s birthday this past February.

20170904-2017-09-04 12.29.30_blog

20170904-2017-09-04 12.30.19_blog

We also had the roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon.  Yum!

20170904-2017-09-04 12.37.59_blog

Afterwards we went to Extraordinary Desserts and shared Todd’s favorite cake there, the Trouffe Framboise, and a latte.  This was sort of to celebrate that I finished my 6-week workout program without missing any workouts.  (Yea I know you’re not supposed to reward yourself with food.  I.DON’T.CARE.)

20170904-2017-09-04 13.33.40_blog

20170904-2017-09-04 13.34.46_blog

On Tuesday 9/5, I had lunch with my friend Lauren at BJ’s.  It was a lot of fun!  We chatted and caught up on life.

20170905-2017-09-05 13.10.01_blog

And now, a word from Noodle.  I found this red chair to sleep in, and it was so comfy!  Of course, everything in the house is MINE, so I don’t know why I haven’t slept here in so long.

20170905-2017-09-05 14.14.24_blog

Also, when catdad comes home from swimming in the ocean, and puts his towel on the ground, it’s for me to sleep on too.

20170907-2017-09-07 09.31.39_blog

On Thursday 9/7, I met my friend Anne for lunch at Tofu House. 

20170907-2017-09-07 12.13.42_blog

It was her first time there and she liked it!  We had a lot of fun chatting about our jobs, work life, etc. 

20170907-2017-09-07 12.13.49_blog

On Tuesday 9/12, I had lunch with a bunch of women friends from work.  We went to Pailin Thai.  It was so much fun hanging out with them.  We chatted about work and what’s going on with each of them.  I’m blessed to have friends from work.

20170912-2017-09-12 12.17.38-1_blog

On the same day, right after lunch, I got a text from my manager at work.  I had asked to extend my leave to mid-October.  At first he had said he was supportive.  But two people who were covering for me at work could no longer do it, and they were too overwhelmed.  He said, “If your goal was to make me appreciate you more, I think you have achieved that.”  He offered me a free (off the books) week off in mid-October, if I went back to work on 9/25 and worked the three weeks for quarter-end and the forecasting cycle.  I reluctantly agreed, but I was pretty bummed.

I wrote an Ode To My Shorts on Facebook on Monday 9/18: 

This is the last week of my leave from work. I have agreed to return to work next Monday. This was the first summer in 25 years that I was able to wear shorts all day every day. What a glorious summer it was! I bought a few pairs of shorts to go to Hawaii in April. Little did I know that they would be all I would wear all summer. I loved my Summer of Shorts! I'm sad to return to work next week, but grateful that I had the time of my life the last two months!

Thank you shorts, for the best summer of my life!

20170918-2017-09-18 06.49.15_blog

Todd made carrot cake to bring to his work book club, so I was the beneficiary of carrot cake for breakfast on 9/21.

 20170921-2017-09-21 07.47.59_blog

Noodle has some words to say.  I loved the summer of having a SAHCM (Stay At Home Cat Mom).  It was so great.  I had company at home, and I loved getting snacks and treats during the day.  I also loved watching catmom workout every morning while playing in the papers behind her.

20170909-2017-09-09 14.17.07_blog

Also, the hoomans got a storage bench at the end of their bed.  They put a towel there and I knew it was a place for me to sleep right away.  That first night I spent the whole night sleeping there.  And then the entire morning the next day!  I only took a break to eat!

20170921-2017-09-21 10.19.45_blog

On Friday 9/22, I got a pink color refresh by Mel at Ahura Salon.  I wanted to have super-pink hair for returning to work!  (But I still refuse to cover my grown-out grays on top!)

20170922-2017-09-22 14.21.28_blog

On the same day, Todd’s new iphone 8 Plus came!  He used his iphone 6 for three years and it was starting to be unreliable (rebooting by itself, not charging correctly, etc.), so it was time.  I am still using my iphone 6 because it’s perfectly good, and I’m not paying for a new phone until it breaks!  Todd was really excited though.  And the two camera lenses with optical zoom and portrait mode is pretty spectacular.

20170922-2017-09-22 17.12.23_blog

On this same Friday Todd came home from work and told me the tremendous good news that he had a meeting with his manager at 3:30 that day and she told him he got his promotion!  It is something we’ve been waiting 10 months for!  I loved hearing this good news three days before I myself headed back to work. 

On Saturday 9/23 we went to Tofu House for dinner.  I just went with Anne, but I love it so we went again.

20170923-2017-09-23 17.36.31_blog

20170923-2017-09-23 18.18.22_blog

I finished reading the first Harry Potter book.  (I tried reading it 20 years ago in 1997 but it didn’t take.)  Then we rented the movie off Amazon and watched it on Sat 9/23. 

We spent my last day of freedom (Sunday 9/24) at the beach.  It was a great way to end my leave from work!  It was so clear and the sky was so blue.  Sunny and 75 degrees is my favorite. 

20170924-2017-09-24 11.20.42_blog

20170924-2017-09-24 11.21.15_blog

20170924-2017-09-24 11.25.28_blog

Afterwards we had lunch at Bongiornos. 

20170924-2017-09-24 12.38.38_blog

Then we had our Sunday night ritual of watching Game of Thrones.  We went back to re-watch Season 6.  Todd opened a bottle of his favorite Spanish wine Muga to celebrate his promotion, and we had some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

20170924-2017-09-24 18.15.21_blog

And then my 10 week leave of absence from work came to an end.

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