Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun Day with Friends

I guess you could say my friendship world collided on Saturday.  Old friends met new friends and many different friend met each other.  Plus we saw many friends.  :)

Starting from the beginning.  We got up and went to run a few miles at Miramar Lake.  Todd's triathlon training schedule has the long runs on Saturdays, and this Saturday the schedule called for 58 minutes of running.  So I go along on the long runs on Saturdays, because we're not a part of a running club now, and because it's good for me to still have one longer run per week to aspire to.

We got to Miramar Lake around 9am and it was PACKED already.  I would say that if you rollerblade or bike there, Saturday and Sunday mornings you can just forget about it.  It is packed with people on the trail.  Plus there's nowhere to park!  We had to park on the street outside of the lake.

Parking and crowdedness aside, it was a nice run.  The sun came out about midway through the run and made it warmer than I'd like, but overall it was good.  I pushed the pace a little bit again this week, but I still finished the five miles a little bit slower than last week.  I ran 5 and Todd ran 7 miles.

Location:  Miramar Lake
Distance:  5.01 miles
Time:  53:02
Avg Pace:  10:35/mile
Calories:  498

After the run we went home and showered and then met up with Sally at Nozomi for lunch.  Hadn't seen Sally in about 3 weeks, so we were glad to get together again.  The big news is that Todd eats sushi now. We've been going to Nozomi for about 9 years now, and Todd had never gotten sushi there before. Saturday was his 2nd time getting sushi! It's good to know that a 39 yo man can still expand his palette, ha ha!

I had the Hawaiian roll, my favorite.

Sally had udon noodle soup with chicken.

I seem to have a knack for looking goofy in photos with Sally. I'm not sure why. Probably because we've been friends since we were 12 years old? :p

After lunch, we drove up to the RB Community Park for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. We didn't participate in the walk, but Todd was involved in getting his local musician friends to play in the afternoon in the pavilion, so we went to see that. The Relay for Life was for 24 hours. If you were on a team, you would have to have someone on the team to walk in a circle around the park at all times during the 24 hours! Todd's friend Dejah (whom you've seen on this blog) was one of the chairpersons for the event. She asked Todd if he knew musicians who would volunteer to play, and Todd recruited several. All these talented musicians played for free.

Kenny Ing

J Turtle and Kenny

Jason Yamaoka (aka J Turtle) was one of the first local musicians in San Diego who inspired Todd to pursue playing music again. We saw Turtle and Jane Lui at a Borders a few years ago. Shortly after that, Todd played at a few open mics at Twiggs and played in the bands Taylor Street, The Northstar Session, Blizzard, and with Kim Divine.

Pete Thurston

Not pictured were Lindsey Yung and Aaron Bowen.

Our friends AJ and Meera and their little boy Andon also showed up to enjoy the music and hang out. Meera teaches middle school locally and saw many of her students and ex-students participating in the Relay for Life.

After the music, we had hot dogs with AJ, Meera, and Andon at DiCrescenzo's Chicago On A Bun. They have homemade chips there and it was yummy! We hadn't seen AJ and Meera in a couple of months, so it was super-duper fun to hang out again. Hopefully our next get-together will be sooner rather than later!


  1. Todd was eating SUSHI! YAY! (on a side note...I love reading his T-shirts..and I'm not making that up! :D)

    Friends are the best! Real-life and bloggy ones :D

  2. another great day with Todd and your friends.
    Great to have friends like yours for such a long time!
    Enjoy your food pictures - they are looking so yummy!

  3. Sushi - not so much.
    Friends and music - yeah!


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