Sunday, January 24, 2010

3D Is Evil + Winner of One Little Bird Coupon

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Ok, so yesterday's post said I was going to do something fun last night.
Todd and I got together with one of my best friends, Sally! I hadn't seen her since the Jason Mraz concert back in October. I think this has been the longest stretch that I hadn't seen her. Either she was traveling, or I was traveling, or we were both busy. So we finally got together for dinner and a movie.

Dinner was at Tofu House on Convoy Street. Sally had never been, so I had to introduce her to it, especially since this tofu soup specialty restaurant was perfect for a winter day!



I finally got to give Sally her Christmas gift.


Yes, she was one of the recipients of the recipe book! Don't worry, she doesn't read my blog (she's technology-averse), so she had no idea this was coming. She really loved it! Todd said it's been great watching all the recipients' reactions, it makes all the work that went into the book worth it.  :)

After dinner, we went to see "Avatar" in 3D. The tickets were $15 each! Ouch. We got to the movie theater a little over half an hour beforehand, and the line was already curved around and extremely long. When they finally let us into the theater, all the decent seats were taken by the people in front of us in line. So, we had to sit very close to the front, which I hate.

Things got even worse when the movie started. I had to crank my neck up to see the huge screen in front of my eyes. We were so close that I could hardly take in the whole screen. Then, the 3D made me dizzy. And I couldn't watch the movie without the stupid 3D glasses because then it was blurry. I suffered through about 45 minutes of the movie, then I couldn't take it anymore. I felt so dizzy and uncomfortable that it really wasn't worth it. So Todd and I had to say goodbye to Sally and bail out. This is my second bad experience watching a 3D movie, so I don't think I'll be going again.

We got home and I laid on the couch. After some time, I felt better. Then we went upstairs to bed, and I felt really nauseous and dizzy again. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. Finally I had to run to the bathroom... and I puked. :( After puking, I felt much better and slept for over 10 hours, until 10:30am this morning.

So yea, no more 3D movies for me. Seriously not worth it!


  1. Oh so sorry about the bad 3D movie experience! Glad you are feeling better. I finally got to see it over the weekend. It was my hubbys second time.

  2. Bless your heart! That's just awful.

    Glad you are feeling better. It was good to see Sally again...does she know that she's part of the Digi Dare this week?

    I've been thinking about her techie-adverse do you not use email? Does she use the web for anything?

    OK, that's enough questions for Monday morning...have a great start to the new week!

  3. So sorry about the movie--Micah has the same issue with 3D movies. He was able to make it through Avatar (he didn't know before they went that it was 3D), but it gave him a really bad headache and made him nauseous. No fun!!

  4. So nice to meet up with friends not seen in a long time! And I can understand her happiness with the cook-book, it turned out fabulous!

    Sorry about your bad movie experience. I haven't seen Avatar (yet), but I don't think I'd appreciate it in 3D. Apparently it is not possible for those with a "lazy eye" to see 3D, and as I have very bad sight on one eye I think the same will happen to me. But people says it is a good movie though, so I'll definitely see it (in 2D!).

  5. I've never sat right in front with a 3D movie, but even in the middle-back area the first 15-20 minutes of a 3D movie does a number on my stomach.

  6. That's horrible! Do you think it was vertigo? I've had it, ugh. And it's a really good movie too.

    I think you must've sent your crazy rain all the way to the east coast. LOL I'll take it, cuz it's NOT snow. I can't even imagine how many feet of snow it would be!

  7. What a crummy experience. I can't believe you slept for 10 hours.

  8. sorry about this bad 3D experience - but glad you are feeling now better and you had a wonderful time with Sally before!

    Your recipe book turned out fantastic!! is there sometimes a possibility to buy it in a (your) shop!?

  9. awww, Christine, thanks sooooo much!!

    and big thanks to Peppermint too, of course!!



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