Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slowly But Surely

On Friday night there was some much needed end-of-week relaxation. Noodle joined in as well, although he doesn't really have much job-related stress.

Saturday morning Todd was eating his standard breakfast of popcorn (whirly popped) and Coke, when Noodle tried to eat popcorn out of Todd's bowl. Todd said, "Noodle, now I know you're really my cat!" Now we know. Like hooman, like kitteh.

At my physical therapy session on Tuesday, my therapist Amy said that I can try jogging a little this week. She said to warm up with a 7 minute walk, stretch, then jog. I was excited to try it out, especially since the weather in San Diego was absolutely gorgeous this weekend. Sunny and high 70's.

An outfit I haven't worn in a while.

Ran up the coast of Encinitas and enjoyed the awesome views.

Ran on the beach as well, on the way back.

All my photos while running are now taken with my Blackberry phone. My pouch doesn't have enough room for both my Canon SD850 IS and my phone. I think my phone is more important while running alone, so phone camera it is.

I ran about 1.5 miles in total, while walking even more for a total of 3.65 miles. As expected, I was quite a bit slower than before, after not running for months. And my legs felt tired faster. My right leg still felt a little tight and sore as I went along. I stretched it out good last night. Today it seems fine except I have some slight soreness here and there due to my legs out of running shape.

Todd went on a 20-mile bike ride from Cardiff to Carlsbad and back. He thoroughly enjoyed it. He hadn't ridden his bike since November due to rainy and cold weather. (I know, even in San Diego!) After exercising, we went to lunch at Bongiornos, our favorite NY style pizza place we haven't been in a while. I had one piece of pepperoni and mushroom pizza, and a house salad. It was really quite a treat, but I forgot to take photos.

Yesterday afternoon we went on a house-cleaning spree. With the nice weather, I opened up all the windows for some fresh air. I vacuumed the whole house while Todd mopped all the non-carpeted areas. All the bathrooms were cleaned.  Some laundry got done.  It was quite a productive house-cleaning day.  We found out Noodle is scared of the vacuum, but it wasn't a huge surprise since our previous cats were as well.

With the open window, Noodle took a keen interest in some birds outside.

In the evening, we made the Best Ever Hot Cocoa Mix. We saw the link to this homemade hot cocoa recipe on Lifehacker and wanted to try it. We had never made homemade hot cocoa from scratch before.

The ingredients.

Mixed together.

And how was it?

It really was probably the best hot chocolate I've ever had! The Ghirardelli white chocolate in there really made it nice and creamy. The amount we made is good for about 25 cups, so Todd and I can keep having our hot chocolate dates this winter with this recipe. I'm so excited!

Tonight we're having some friends over for dinner. I'm going to scrap and pay bills until then.


  1. got to RUN!

    I think I'm craving the hot chocolate..too bad it's not on my diet list. Neither is bread, sugar, or anything that really tastes good. Why is that? Why can't brownies be a diet food??

    I love your popcorn-eating cat.

    Thanks for the Evernote're the best!

  2. I have made that hot cocoa recipe before and it is the best!! especially with some Penzey's cocoa! :) glad you were able to run again.

  3. Now I really need to try that cocoa!

  4. Sounds like you and Todd (and Noodle) had an ideal weekend. So glad to hear the PT is paying off. Keep up that stretching.

  5. Enjoy tonights dinner with your friends! yummy cacao!
    Congrats for the first run after month!

  6. It's like I said before, if I had views like that, even I would take up running, OK maybe jogging, heck who am I trying to kid, walking at most!!! I ♥ reading the adventures of Noodle the popcorn eating cat. Question - does Noodle like noodles or would that just be too weird? Mmmmmm, think I'll put some milk onto the heat ... for some weird reason I have a real craving for hot chocolate. LOL! Here's hoping you have a great week / weekend ahead Christine.


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