Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silly Girlfriend Fun

On Monday night Sally and I decided to meet for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant halfway between her house and mine.  We hadn't seen each other since the ill-fated movie Avatar (the 3D made me puke) in mid-January.  We wanted to get together, just us girls, to chat and catch-up.

Sally insisted on a prankster of a photo in which she stuck food in between her teeth.

She made me laugh, which is a good thing nowadays. :)

Us, outside of the restaurant. She insisted we make merriment in front of the cow.

Even though we chatted about some very serious topics, we had such a great time together that it was good for the soul. I'll be honest and say that the last few weeks I've been in a funk. In fact, I've had a difficult time with 2010 so far. In January I worked my butt off at my full-time job, while working nights to get ready to open my store at Little Dreamer Designs. While that was very exciting, I did nothing else. It really wore me down. February did not get any better, as I was apprehensive about Valentine's weekend and the three year anniversary of my mom's death and visiting my dad and Shelly. Then the very next weekend we were out of town again in San Francisco for a family reunion. I just haven't had time to breathe and to process. Silly fun and a good chat with a good friend was exactly what I needed. Even then, I had to push myself out the door on a week night to go meet Sally for dinner. Earlier that day, I thought maybe I shouldn't go because it was a Monday and I had so much to do. But sometimes you just gotta drop some other things in order to do something that's good for you.

When I look back at my blog in January and February 2009, I did so much more stuff outside, with people too. This year I have felt so isolated, which is not a good thing. I really hope that I can make more time to be with friends and go outside and do fun things.


  1. Good to have friends that take care of you! Glad you had fun.

  2. Preach it, sister! Could have written the exact same thing on my blog. Funk doesn't begin to describe my issues. I think it's a combination of super cold weather, tight budget, a tenuous job situation, and nothing 'fun' on the calendar. It's also some character training for me, learning to be content in all things and rejoice in the Lord always. (even when I want to pout).

    Thanks for putting my thoughts into words.

    p.s. loved the 'food in teeth' photo :D

  3. It looks like you had SO much fun! I'm glad you decided to go! Thank you for sharing your heart on that. I think all of us have gone through those times. I am praying you will find balance with everything. It's awesome that you have opened your store at LD!

  4. I'm glad you decided to go out's good to surround yourself with friends that love and support you...I'm sorry to hear that 2010 has been a little rough for you...I hope that things will be better..I love reading your blog and appreciate your candor and honesty and wanted to thank you for sharing your life with us...
    Here's hoping March will bring you more joy and breathing room and that you will be refresh and rejuvenated...:)

  5. I'm a total home body and a loner. I know I should go out more but I don't. It's hard to get going once you get in the funk. Each day is a new day.

  6. I'm having one of those Februaries too. In fact, I'm writing this while I should be at a Brigantine Happy Hour but I get held up by work. And...don't forget that we have to get together for dinner at our house in March!

  7. I don't know if it is the same when you live in warmer climate, but here all social life gets a little put on hold during the winter. In summer we always meet outside with friends, either downtown on a outdoor pub or at someones patio or summer house. But winter requires more planning.

    I'm glad you had a fun night out! And it reminds me to plan a little more happenings with my friends, the snow and winter will stay here for a while. =)


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