Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Like Things Lined Up

We came home today and most of our kitchen cabinets are installed! Todd got very excited and checked it out. The view of the whole thing: Upon closer inspection of the upper cabinet in the bathroom, we discovered that it's not centered, so they're going to have to re-do that. I like things to line up. Well, we both do. And we noticed that the center of the upper cabinet doesn't line up with the center of the lower cabinet. Umm... that is so not aesthetically pleasing. So then we measured it. And sure enough, one side had 38 inches, and the other side had 36 inches. It's close to mid-month now and some of you may be wondering when the May Project 365 template will be available for download. I will not be making a new template until September, since the first letters of the next few months are the same as the templates that I've already made. For "M"ay, please download or re-use the "M"arch template and just change the "arch" to "ay". For "J"une, please download or re-use the "J"anuary template and change accordingly. For "J"uly, same thing. For "A"ugust, please download or re-use the "A"pril template and change accordingly. I may modify the April template a little bit since August has one more day than April. There will be new monthly templates from September to December! And I am planning on an "09" template, similar to the "08" Year-In-Review one! Speaking of Project 365, I did my layouts for the last two weeks. Here is Week 17 (credits here): And Week 18 (credits here):


  1. OH! I would so be irked about the misaligned cabinets. I can handle clutter and disarray, but I can't handle uneven, crooked, nor misaligned :)

    LOVE your 365 pages this week (I think I looked at those stitches wanting them in fact...but I behaved and bought...bottled organic jasmine tea instead).

  2. Saw you pic on the 365 forum, and had to come visit!

    We have just had our kitchen made over ,and the layout is almost identical!

  3. Wow, you can almost see the final result! =) Must feel good to see what you have planned for so long time evolv. But the off-centered cabinet would have had to go if it was in my home. Such things can really bug me.

    Thank you for explaining about the templates, I hadn't even thought of reusing. I'm a little behind on the monthly ones, so I haden't got to the May one yet. =)

  4. Looks like things are really moving along with your renovations. I am sure you will be happy when they are finished!

    I have a question regarding the templates you have been doing for Project 365. Will you be doing a new template for the month of May or are we supposed to use the M from March? Also for June, July and August, will there be new templates?


  5. Hi Jody - please re-read my post. I explained it all in there. Thanks!

  6. Oh me oh my I am blind! I don't know how I missed the explanation. I was reading through your blog.

  7. Oooohhh...I love your p365 layout! And the house renovations are looking good...well, except for the lining up thing.
    You are handling the "upside down house" very well, I might add!! :)

  8. wonderful weekpages Christine! May I lift them in an other week? They turned out really great!!

    Thanks for the explanation for the month templates. Can´t wait to see your 09 Year-in-Review template.

    Wow the kitchen is almost ready!! It must be a pleasure to cook there.

    I would also reclaim the not centered cabinet.

    Have a wonderful day!!


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