Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Digi Cleaning

Today I spent some time cleaning up my digi supplies. I uninstalled most of my non-system fonts so that my Photoshop starts faster and runs more efficiently. I'm using Font Xplorer to organize my fonts. So far so good. I have some REALLY old digi supplies that I just need to completely delete off my HD, because I'll never use that stuff again. Tonight Todd and I went to Lowes after dinner to buy some stuff that we need for the remodeling. We got 2 bathroom mirrors, a faucet for the downstairs bathroom, and that sink strainer thing that goes on the other side of the sink, the non-garbage disposal side. They need that strainer thing in order to install the kitchen sink. Which should be sometime next week. We get our cabinets delivered in 2 days! My excitement is tempered by the large progress payment due at the delivery of cabinets. Right now it is the busy time of the month for me at work. The two weeks after the end of the month is when I'm the busiest, since I work in finance. I have to analyze the month-end results, make accounting entries, etc. So it leaves me very little time to do fun things on the weekdays.


  1. Oh ... very nice it goes forward ... and the picture with the mirror is awesome!

  2. That sounds like a really good idea, to do font management. I'd love to give it a try. Maybe I'll look in to FontXplorer tonight already. Thanks for the tip.

    Really cool picture of Todd and the mirror! So exciting to get the cabinets. And once you've made the payment you can forget about it and enjoy the new kitchen! =)

  3. YAY for font managers, I downloaded some free thing called Font Frenzy? and I defrenzied my fonts (and it sure did make things a little perkier).

    Ohhh, I so need a mirror like the one Todd has (could save potential embarrassment before rushing off to church while shouting, hurry, hurry, hurry, to the children).

    Can't wait to see your kitchen WITH cabinets!!

  4. Help! How do you know which fonts to deinstall and which to remain for the use of the system? I have a system that is SOOOO slow...

    And by the way - I love your blog!

  5. Great shot! Glad to hear the renovations are going well. I need to do some digi scrap organizing as well. I will have to check out the font program you mention - thanks for the info! I hope month end goes well. :)

  6. New cabinets in 2 days ;-) Yah thats exciting. I love Lowes!! I drive further just to go to Lowes instead on HOME DEPOT. ;-)

  7. This photo of Todd is so funny. I love it.

    And ya, how did you know which fonts to uninstall? I have tons and I really need to go through and do that. I use ACDSee to organize all my digi stuff but I might look into your recommendation for the fonts.

  8. it´s great to do font management! Love to the how the remodeling is turning on - it would be fantastic, when it is ready.

    Great shot of Todd and the mirror!


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