Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

Today we came home from work and marveled at the total lack of progress in the remodel. Two guys showed up at 7:30 am this morning to tile. I have no idea how long they were at the house, because I went to work. But they didn't get very much done, and I'm pissed. Not necessarily at the fact that they made so little progress. But that they left the downstairs bathroom floor tile half-done. The owner of the tile install company, Mike, had told me yesterday that if they do the floors in the 2nd and 3rd bathrooms, they would take out the toilet, do the floors, and put the toilet back IN THE SAME DAY. I came home to find the floor only half done, and the toilet still OUT. I was SO upset. What the hell were they thinking??? Not only that, but they haven't even STARTED on the kitchen floor, which they were supposed to do today too. I am complaining big time to Mike tomorrow morning as soon as he gets here. I'm very unhappy. This is the third time I've been this unhappy since the remodeling started. I'm the most upset when people use my bathroom, or when I'm without an extra toilet (like today), or when they disregard our house and make an extra mess. I am really unhappy today. My photo today is of a group lunch we had for our coworker Sue, who is taking advantage of an early retirement program at my work. She has one more week of work and then she will be enjoying the retiree life! I'm so jealous. I've got like, 20 more years to go.


  1. In her distress, listgirl totally forgot to mention that the Cavs won! Yaaaaay!

  2. Yay Cavs! Booooo remodel people..

    So your question is "what were they thinking?" Here's my question, "Did you go to work yesterday?" (I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, because there's a picture of you with your work friends...)

    I think it works kinda like my children. Everyone can be working diligently on their school work..until I pick up the phone to make a call. Within 21.6 seconds, my crew abandons ship to take an unplanned 'break'..why? Because the long arm of the law was holding a telephone. In your case, the long arm was at work...and they took unplanned breaks, without a toilet,

    Wouldn't it be cool to do a statistical study of adults that actually grew up?

    You are almost done with this project...really, not too much longer. Have you decided what you and Todd will fix for your very first meal in your new, super groovy kitchen??

  3. i read this last night and I would be so annoyed too.
    I forgot to comment cause I got to your pic and started wondering which is retiring. Then I saw Todd's comment and tried to read his blog. Then I sat perplexed about this mysterious Todd and his friends. Then I forgot to comment. LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. You sure keep them on their toes! ;-) That is right, you've paid for them to do their job, they should definately do their best and with as less hassle for you as possible. But in a couple of weeks hopefully this stress will be forgotten and you can enjoy your beautiful new kitchen and bathroom! =) Have a great weekend!

  5. beautiful picture of the retirement lunch for Sue!!


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