Monday, May 18, 2009

Label Love

I don't often post about things, because I try to make my memories about more important things in life, such as people and experiences. But one thing I do love is labels. Labels make me FEEL organized, even if in reality I'm really not that organized. It is the *possibility* of being organized that makes me excited about my labels. :) I received this Brother P-Touch PT-2430 PC today from Amazon. It connects to your computer via USB port, but there is no software involved. Well, unless you want to do more complicated things like print labels from an Excel spreadsheet. Then you have to install the software that comes with it. Within five minutes of opening the box, I printed the labels you see in the picture. It truly was plug-and-play! The biggest draw for me was that you can use any fonts installed on your PC, plus you can use your computer keyboard to type your labels instead of keying the words into the weird little typepad like other labelers. BTW, the fonts above are Kristen ITC and CK Marissa (the same font that I use to journal on my photos). I'm such a dork, I know, but I'm excited about my new labeler! On the remodeling front... today they stained the cabinets. Well, supposedly they did. The color doesn't seem quite the shade we picked, but they're not done yet, so I'll reserve judgment until tomorrow. It feels like a lot of "hurry up and wait" lately regarding the remodeling. It seems big things only happen every two weeks, then we just wait around. I went to the gym after work tonight. I've been going twice a week for about four weeks now, doing the weights. I am encouraged, because I've noticed lately that my upper arms jiggle less. Less arm jiggling is good. :p I keep forgetting to bring it up, but last week The Daily Digi featured The Digi Dares twice! I got to pick my favorite Dare layout I've made, and answered a couple of questions. You can read it here and here. I made a page this weekend that I'm really excited about. I've been into the artsy look lately and tried my hand at it using all Little Dreamer Designs stuff. Full credits and explanation of technique here.


  1. We have a P-touch at work, also with the any-font feature, and it is really used a lot! Both for work-related stuff as well as not-so-work-related. =) Wish I had one at home, it could sure be handy.

    I made another run last night, and this time the legs doesn't feel as bad as last time. Great that you have kept up with the gym, I think it is a good idea to do both some weights and running.

  2. ooooo..a label maker! Hmmm, maybe I'll ask for that for my birthday (that was in MARCH!) OK, I can't let you think my hubby is a's what happened..He ordered the Blu-Ray Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy off Ebay and someone at the place where you MAIL things took it without paying for, we're waiting for another chance to replace it. (the seller refunded our moo-lah, so no worries)

    Beautiful layout..and I really enjoyed the posts on Janet's site about the Digi Dares!

  3. wow Christine, this page is totally stunning - love it - it turned out really fantastic!

    The labeler sounds interesting!

    Wish you a wonderful Tuesday!!


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