Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Happens

here. In San Diego. I guess there really is such a thing as a "sunny disposition", according to our convention & visitors bureau. My fair city has spent a good $8 million on its new tourism campaign, and the catch-phrase is "Happy Happens". After seeing this video, I've decided that *I* personally need to vacation locally and engage in some of these fun activities this summer. Especially the street go-carts, because that just looks like SO much fun! And I love that skateboarding dog, so cute! He also wake-boards at the beach. (Click on the HQ button to see it in high quality.) This collage is just too fun! I found it at here. In an effort to keep supporting the local economy, we sacrificed ourselves and ate cupcakes today. I saw on the local news channel on Friday evening that there is a new cupcake place in town called "Cupcake Love". I thought perhaps we needed to go and check it out, you know, to make sure it's okay for everyone. I declare them okay. Better than okay. Now go get your own! I hope you've had a wonderful Memorial Day today (for those in the U.S.A.). Todd found a treat for you. He loves big band music, and found that you can download all the recordings by the Airmen of Note (the premier jazz ensemble of the United States Air Force) for free online here! That is just awesome! Oh, if you read my blog through a reader, click on over and check out the remodeled blog. It was time for a change!


  1. Oh wow, where to start?
    First, LOVE the new blog design! It is so fun and happy! Sort of like "happy happens" in SD!
    I love that collage ad...looks like good inspiration for a scrapbook page!
    And Cupcake Love....mmmm. That looks delicious even from across the USA!
    Now I'm off to check out the big band music!
    What a wonderful post tonight!

  2. Awesome remodel Christine! And thanks for the jazz link!!

  3. I really would like to go to California, and with that happy movie San Diego seems very tempting! =) (And that tune stuck to my mind immediately)

    Your pictures of the cupcaces just adds to my travel-wish, they looks absolutely fabulous! So yummy, and sweet with those red hearts. Love your new design too, the banner header is very cool!

  4. beautiful place where you live!!

    I wish I could the that sometimes in real

    The street-go-karts seems to spend much fun!!

    Cupcake love is very pink.... LOL nothing for real hard men...

    But the cupcakes are looking so yummy!!

  5. da sind dir wieder beeindruckende Aufnahmen gelungen!!

    Sowohl die Insekten, als auch das blitzende Boot gefallen mir besonders

    Hoffe, dass die Schwüle mit den Gewittern etwas nachlässt und Du Deine Erkältung bald wieder los bist

    Alles liebe

  6. I love the new blog design--very very fun! and the countertops look awesome..I know you can't wait to finally be able to get back into your kitchen (or Todd's kitchen! :) ) and those cupcakes look amazing!

  7. The new look is so cute and fun. I love it. :)


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