Friday, May 15, 2009

Animated Running

Gloria, a teammate at West Cost Road Runners (who happens to be a fabulous paper scrapper!) shared this FANTABULOUS animation short on running on her blog. It is SO cool and inspiring.

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.

To watch it bigger at the originator's website, click here. Tomorrow Todd and I will be getting back into the saddle, so to speak. We will get up early and run with WCRR, after a few weeks off. Todd went to see Dr. Rob Rich today and got some insights into his progression of running injuries (calf, knee, then IT band). He over-pronates when he runs and therefore has "bad" mechanics. That's why he has had this rash of injuries. He is going to get some orthotics for his running shoes and hopefully that will improve his running. Dr. Rob said he can run five miles tomorrow. I'll probably try to run eight miles. To carbo-load tonight, we went to Sublime Pizza and I had the Sublime Mac-N-Cheese. We shared a salad, and Todd had the Charming Panini. We are just going to relax tonight and go to bed at a reasonable time so we can get up and run!


  1. Sublime really makes my Gino's look like a dive...that panini looks YUM (so does the mac & cheese, but I'm not so much into that much carb load). The SAUCES are looking pretty tasty there on the table as well...I like dipping things :D

  2. Mm, the food looks so delicious! Both the pasta and the sallad and the panini. Yum!
    Good luck with your running today! We actually made it out before breakfast to try our new shoes. Not a very long run, as it was the first in quite some time, but it was a nice run. Now it is just to keeping it up! =)


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