Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mystery Is Solved

regarding how our credit card number was stolen. We recently received a letter in the U.S. Mail from, telling us that between 2/25/2009 and 4/9/2009, some individual(s) hacked into the server belonging to, which resulted in unauthorized exposure of their customers' names, addresses, and credit card information. They have offered us free credit monitoring for two years with Experian, which we will take them up on. I checked our records in Quicken, and indeed we used that particular credit card to make two purchases from in 2007. Many times people don't know how their credit card number is stolen. We are fortunate that this mystery is solved. I feel some closure regarding the incident, especially since now we understand that it happened due to their server being hacked. This kind of thing doesn't just happen when your credit card data is being transmitted over the internet when you purchase things. The data is stored on a server and hackers look for weaknesses into the servers. I'm glad came clean about it (although it is required in the state of CA), and I'm glad to receive the two years of credit monitoring for free. I slept in until 9:00am today! I am a light sleeper, so it's a very rare treat for me to sleep-in. We had lunch at Zocalo, a new Latin restaurant that I've been meaning to try out. Todd had flautas and I had a soft-shelled crab sandwich. Both entrees were good, so we will be back there some time. In the afternoon we cleaned the house and did some laundry. Then we went to run at Miramar Lake. I ran five miles around the lake in 54:36. Todd was only able to run about 1.5 miles, then his illiotibial band started hurting and he had to walk back. I'm sad he's still injured. Hopefully with some more rest, stretching, and massaging, he will be better. Some photos from Miramar Lake:


  1. Great that you got the closure on the credit card fraud. And that they take responsibility for it!

    You look so sweet in the photo, sounds like you had a wonderful relaxed day. Great photos from the run too!

  2. beautiful photo of you both!!

    Love the surroundings on the pictures of your run!

    Great that the mistery is now solved!

    Wish you a wonderful Sunday

  3. What a relief to figure out how the cc information got stolen!
    What a beautiful day for a run. Hopefully Todd will be back soon! Injuries can be so frustrating.
    Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

  4. Cool...I get to comment under 'The Lord Family' again! You know, when you call her phone and the answering machine picks up..she's says "You've reached the Lord's house" It always makes me smile..and then I feel like I have to leave an eloquent message because I've called "the Lord's house"...anyway, not sure why I'm using up your comment section to talk about Heather's answering machine..

    Love the pictures...wish I could eat at that restaurant..yummy!..and I am so sorry that Todd is still injured.

    Happy Memorial Day!


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