Thursday, May 7, 2009

What the Font?

Ha ha... I got some questions about my post yesterday regarding font management and de-installing the non-system fonts so that your computer and Photoshop runs faster and more efficiently. I learned a lot about font management through this previous post at The Daily Digi. Take a read and explore the links from there if you like. The article has a link to a list of system fonts that you should NOT de-install. I'm relinking it here. However, this does not include the six new font families that come with Windows Vista, so here is another resource that does include it. As for how I specifically un-installed fonts in Font Xplorer --> I used Font Xplorer to browse the folders where I've purchased or downloaded fonts. I keep folders of fonts in my "Digital Scrapbooking" main folder. In Font Xplorer, all the folders that contain fonts will be bolded in the folder list. I knew that I only have the downloaded/purchased fonts in those folders (and not the system fonts that came with Windows), so I just browsed in there and uninstalled the fonts by right clicking on them and choosing "Uninstall". Even though the fonts are uninstalled, you can still use them in Photoshop by "loading" the fonts in Font Xplorer. However, they are only available for use in Photoshop for that session. After you close Photoshop the fonts won't be available for use, unless you "load" them again. After all the cleaning up of fonts, I only kept a handful of my most frequently used ones installed. I figured that for scrapping purposes, I can always open up my font management program and install them as I need them. Today's photo: Our backyard is pretty dirty. But after we cleaned it up all spiffy, we plan to have dinners out on the patio with friends this summer. :) The back of our house got all fixed up today. At the beginning of the remodel, they tore the master bath window out and put in a long window higher up. I'll let you see the progression. April 21: April 27: May 3: Today: I think they did a pretty nice job of repairing the big hole in our house. Back in February when I was a runner-up in the Wacom Penscrappers contest, I also received a software called Corel Painter Essentials 4. I finally got to play with it today, it is so cool! Photo: Watercolor Sketch: Photo: Oil painting: I'll definitely be playing with it more to see all the stuff I can do with it!


  1. Good morning Christine (it´s 7.30 am in Germany)

    wow fantastic effect with the watercolour sketch - it turned out great!

    Can´t wait to see more pictures of playing with the programm.

    Thanks for the informations about the font - management! It sounds very interesting

    In a quiet moment I´ll read your links quiet

    Your backyard/patio is a wonderful place - sure it will be funny to have dinner there with friends.

    Fantastic how your remodeling is going on - and good the hole is pretty repaired.

  2. Love that oil painting picture of Todd. Thanks for the font info. Love how you titled your post today. LOL

  3. Thank you, thank you!! Off to read links...

    And i've been reading about the software you got there- I even have start thinking about attending a online course. It so cool!

  4. Please tell me the photo of your backyard is the AFTER I don't feel so bad about our rustic red neck backyard (which I won't be posting photos of, because it has things like boat parts and all manner of odd stuff in the back area of our rental AND IT ISN'T OURS for the most part). I love the outdoor patio area - soooo serene :)

    I thought about entering that pen scrappers contest...but I'm so bad about entering things with deadlines and requirements :)

    Looks like you're going to have fun *painting* Todd ;o)

  5. The house is looking good! I need to get better organized too--especially the fonts (I just downloaded 4 more this morning--haha). Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. coole Serie... great photos ...


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