Friday, May 29, 2009

One Step Forward

Turned out that yesterday one of the floor tile guys, Ruben, had an emergency with his daughter and both him and Ian had to leave because they carpool. So I can understand why there was hardly any progress made on the flooring yesterday. Today Ruben, Ian, Gino, and Mike all came and lots of progress was made. They finished the flooring in the downstairs bathroom, but the toilet had to wait until tomorrow to get put back in so that the floor could set. Yes, they're working on Saturday! They also did the rest of the kitchen backsplash, the part above the cooktop. An overall view, plus you can see the kitchen tile flooring too (although it's not polished and sealed yet).


  1. OK, here's the deal...if your remodel continues down this path, I will have to stop visiting your blog..why?? Because I'm starting to have a problem with coveting all this gorgeous stuff! ;) Y'all did a great job choosing the tile, cabinets, etc....the before and after pictures are going to be so much fun!

    (Feeling a little sheepish about the contractor and his kid emergency...I really shouldn't think the worst of more thing for God to fix in me!)

  2. so glad that they were not slacking on you but I think they should have left a note or called you or the boss on the ride back home. Hopefully next time.

  3. great how your remodeling continues!!

    Great stuff!!

    Wish you a wonderful Sunday and send greetings from Austria

  4. Now is the most fun part, where the progress really shows! The tiles makes it seems almost done. And the tiles above the cooktop looks very cool!


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