Friday, May 8, 2009

New Normal

Today we had to meet with Kim in the morning at Bedrosians Tiles & Stone (again!), because the sample tiles that we got for the master bath shower and floor was too dark and tan, so we had to pick something else. Stones can be so unpredictable. It seems like it's easier now for me to roll with the punches when we have to change something in the remodeling process. I think it's because I've gotten used to a "new normal". The "new normal" means that things are constantly changing at our house, and dirty. I expect it now, so I don't freak out as much. That being said, I'm looking forward to the "new normal" of having a finished kitchen and master bath! :) I've also been inspired to scrap now that my hiatus is over. I can't wait to show you some new stuff in the coming days! It's great to take advantage of inspiration while it's there, isn't it? Because inspiration can be fleeting sometimes, LOL.


  1. The project sounds like fun. I hope it is finished soon.

  2. It´s really hard such a remodeling Seems you are always busy in picking up ore changeing stuff for it!!

    No time for running?

    Can´t wait to see when it´s ready - sure it will turn out fantastic!!

    I´m still dreaming of your backyard... and the plants there.

    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  3. It is so frustrating when things don't work out the way you want. Hope you find another suiting tile that will work for your bathroom!It is so fun that you have documented this process of getting a new bathroom and kitchen in the 365-project. =)


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